Saturday, January 20, 2007

Outgoing Rethuglican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman stated that the 2008 elections will not bode well for his gang if they do not reach out to minorities and address ethics. Hold on, excuse me for a moment. . .

Bbwwwwhaahaaahaaahaaahaaa. Whew! OK, I think I'm ready.

Let's see, reaching out to minorities: how about Ken Blackwell in Ohio and Michael Steele in Maryland in 2006? Or the gang's mostly nativist position on immigration, alienating Hispanic voters? Yeah, that worked out well for the Rethugs, didn't it? Ethics? The Rethugs will be dragged kicking and screaming, when they're not overtly blocking, ethics reform legislation with poison pills like line item veto authority for the Decider. Reform is akin to a crash diet for them. How about Rethug focus on a more, shall we say, pressing matter, like IRAQ? No, they just want to run out the clock on that one.

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