Friday, November 30, 2007

Your Rethug Base

The reactions of some Rethug focus group members to the candidates' comments at the recent Rethug "debate" are telling: negative to any statement regarding helping the poor, and positive to any statement endorsing torture.

As Kevin Drum notes, "ladies and gentlemen, your Republican base."

The Great Debate

Noted in the Huffington Post: Bill "O'Really?" will be debating TV puppet character Alf on his show tonight.

Not fair. Alf will kick Billo's ass.

Surging Back

Today's New York Times has an article on a problem that will face displaced Iraqis that are returning to their homes: someone else may be living in them. Some one million internally displaced Iraqis are beginning to drift back to their old neighborhoods, only to find that the sectarian cleansing allowed under the "surge" has resulted in new sectarian boundaries for cities and neighborhoods. Officials in Iraq say that the Iraqi government has not adequately planned for this problem, and the result could be a new phase of violence as property disputes grow.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Creative Billing

9/11 Mayor Rudy "Toot Tooty" Giuliani's use of public funds to facilitate his extra-marital affair with current wife Judy Nathan (see our 11/28 post) is starting to grow into a full-blown shitstorm. ABC News says that Nathan used the NYPD as a "taxi service" when Rudy was carrying on an affair with her while married to Donna Hanover. She had a NYPD police officer and vehicle to chauffeur her around, while Rudy was mayor. Rudy had the charges billed to various New York agencies to cover his tracks.

But Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Toot Tooty, so he must be OK with the Lord.

Need To Spend More Time "With The Family"

Yesterday, the brother-in-law and nephew of Rethug Senator Trent "Not A" Lott were indicted by a Federal grand jury for bribery. This comes just a few days after Lott announced his resignation from the Senate at the end of the year to pursue other "opportunities." Heh heh.

The GOPoo's Amazing Anatomy

"The Republican Party is a three-legged stool, and I represent all legs of the stool."

-- Willard "Muff/ Mousse/ Flip Flop Mitt" Romney describing the amazing anatomy of the steaming pile of poo that is the Rethug Party, on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today. Muff, you not only represent the stool, you are
the stool.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"America's Mayor" Billed Love Nest Expenses to NYC

"America's Mayor," Rudy Toot Tooty, had some interesting billing practices while in office, according to Seems when he was schtuping future wife #3 in the Hamptons, Toot Tooty was sending the bills to various city departments to cover (up) the cost of his trysts (he was married at the time to Donna Hanover).

Turns out, this was a bad day for Toot Tooty. First, the billing scam. Then there was the revelation on Keith Olbermann's show tonight (check out the video at MSNBC) that Toot Tooty has business ties to the ruling family in Qatar (the ones who helped Khalid Sheik Muhammad escape FBI's clutches -- and more). Then he got booed at the Rethug YouTube "debate" when he went after Willard "Muff/Mousse/Flip Flop Mitt" Romney a wee bit too aggressively.

The little man may never get his place on that balcony, after all.


Washington Monthly's Kevin Drum has a nice rejoinder to the reich wing's constant focus on supposed "liberal" hypocrisy on global warming. Shorter version: it's not about how much carbon dioxide was used in the manufacture of Al Gore's suit, it's the environmental policies of the most industrialized nation on earth, the United States, that matters most. Not that the reich wing cares. . .

Public Opinion: Get Out Of Iraq

Since the surge started earlier this year, the Assministration, when they're not asking for more time, are pointing to reductions in violence. But remember the whole purpose of the surge was to give the Iraqi government "breathing space" to work out political and economic problems. That hasn't been done. Sunni tribes in Anbar province have decided to work with our military and receive arms and supplies in return; the Mahdi Army has infiltrated Iraqi security forces and are in a self-imposed ceasefire. The civil war has just gone into a dormant stage, it hasn't gone away.

Meanwhile, 54 percent of the public want us out of Iraq, a level unchanged from last February. The question, as former Rethug Representative Vin Weber says in the article, is not whether we're "winning or losing", but whether it was worth it. And, as Weber says, the public decided that question some time ago.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lying In Wait

Last August, Moqtada al Sadr declared a unilateral ceasefire for his Mahdi Army, and the ceasefire has been observed. But there is increasing evidence that the Mahdi Army has completely infiltrated the Iraqi security forces, and is waiting for U.S. forces to diminish before re-emerging as the major force in Baghdad and southern Iraq. Much of the surge's success in and around Baghdad has been facilitated by the sectarian cleansing of Sunnis from their homes; where there were mixed neighborhoods before, now there are none. Violence is down when all of your neighbors are the same religious sect as you (see Northern Ireland and Bosnia).

This displacement of Iraqis from their traditional homes, neighborhoods, and villages, along with the emigration of 3 million from Iraq, is perhaps the most significant human tragedy of post-invasion Iraq. It's something that this Assministration will be held accountable for ultimately.

Sean Taylor, Dead at 24

Redskins safety Sean Taylor died a day after being shot by an intruder in his home. A Pro Bowl player last season, Taylor had a few run-ins with the law and the NFL, but was turning his life around after the birth of his daughter 18 months ago.

(photo: Washington Post)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Surprised They Actually Located A Heart

Dead Eye is diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Nothing serious, according to his doctors. Lucky for him that he has health insurance.

Don't be surprised if from now on Speaker Pelosi starts sneaking up on him, shouting "boo."

Willard's Willie Horton?

Is Daniel Tavares Willard "Muff/ Mousse/ Flip Flop Mitt" Romney's Willie Horton? Rudy Toot Tooty would like his fellow Rethugs to think (oxymoron alert!) about that.

Trent Lott to Cash In...Er, Leave

Sen. Trent "I'm Going To Make A" Lott (Rethug-MS) will be announcing he's leaving the Senate before the end of the year, according to news sources. Lott, as Minority Whip, is the #2 (pun intended) Rethug in the Senate. It's believed he's leaving the Senate now in order to avoid more stringent future lobbying rules that would inhibit him from cashing in almost immediately on his Washington connections. His seat is not believed to be in any jeopardy for the Rethugs since Mississippi ranks last or near the bottom of all states in most social, economic and educational categories, and thus is prime Rethug territory.

UPDATE: The Onion has man on the street comments.

(h/t to Brian)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Troubles In Rethug City

The Huffington Post has a couple of amusing items to pass along. First, Fred "Foghorn" Thompson got in a snit on Fux News Sunday when some negative commentary from wingnuts Fred Barnes and Charles Krap-hammer was shown. He knows that Fux is squarely in Rudy Toot Tooty's corner, and will skew their programs to help the Mayor of 9/11. Foghorn was, to say the least, indignant and let the smarmy Chris Wallace know it. Heh heh, love it.

The second item reports that Fux fave Rudy is having trouble drawing crowds in New Hampshire, where he has been focusing his efforts. NBC reports that a couple of dozen supporters showed up for a rally in Manchester - - "Kucinich-size crowds" - -and that the mainstream media is beginning to notice. Again, heh heh, love it.

Hate Never Gets Old

The New York Times has a disturbing graphic in its editorial section today. It shows where nooses have been displayed in the U.S. in the past two years to intimidate African-Americans. Most incidents are scattered throughout the South and East, and none occurred in states north and west of Texas. A surprisingly large cluster is depicted in and around New York City.

It would be interesting to research whether the acting out of racist nuts is related to the declining fortunes of the right wing, and to the increasing belligerence of right wing radio talk shows.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ta Ta, Tucker?

The New York Observer is reporting that right wing preppy pundit Tucker "Mothertucker" Carlson may be on the way out at MSNBC. At least MSNBC is being very noncommittal about Mothertucker's future there.


One of the direct consequences of the Decider's decision to go after Saddam Hussein ("He tried to kill my daddy") was to decrease pressure on the core of al Qaeda - - you remember, the ones that actually attacked us - - in Afghanistan and the northwest frontier of Pakistan. Reports are now indicating that the Taliban has a permanent presence in over 50% of Afghanistan, with the frontlines approaching Kabul, despite NATO efforts to root them out. The expressed aim of the Taliban is to retake Kabul in 2008. So as the Bushies are pointing to the surge in Iraq as evidence of the Preznit's profound wisdom, we should also ask them to point to the deteriorating state of Afghanistan and ask why al Qaeda and their Taliban allies are growing in strength.

UPDATE: Apparently the National Security Council has taken note of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. Wide ranging strategic goals for 2007 have not been met, and there is deep concern about the political situation in neighboring, nuclear-armed Pakistan.

Quotes of the Week

"President Bush is encouraging scientific advancement within ethical boundaries" -- the White House statement on the breakthrough in stem cell research, attempting to give the Preznit some undue credit.

"My feeling is that the political controversy set the field back four to five years" -- Dr. James Thomson, the University of Wisconsin researcher responsible for the breakthrough, adding in reference to Bush's research funding cuts that they are "very bad public policy as far as I'm concerned."

Are We Going Steady Now?

Next week's Middle East conference in Annapolis likely won't bring any meaningful change to the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Condi "Minute" Rice is not highly regarded in that region for her diplomatic skills, and most realize that this is an attempt by lame duck Dumbya to create something of a legacy, after 7 miserable years of foreign policy debacles. The conferees will go through the motions, issue bland statements, and adjourn with little accomplished beyond burning a lot of jet fuel.

Interestingly, the Saudis were nearly the last to accept an invitation to the conference. The royal Saudi foreign minister has also vowed not to shake the hand of any Israelis. Maybe Dumbya can act as an intermediary, since he's held so many Saudi royals' hands in the past.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Tom, Not Now. . . Later"

It's nice to see that the Senate won't permit the Decider to make recess appointments during this Thanksgiving holiday. The Democrats have convened the Senate in pro forma session so that Dumbya can't pull an end-run and appoint various turkeys to high positions. Recess appointees in the past have included the neocon nutjob John "Screw Loose" Bolton to the U.N, and Sam "Swift Boat" Fox, who funded the notorious Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry, as ambassador to Belgium. Among other key appointments, there are numerous judges waiting for Senate confirmation, and the concern was that the Decider would appoint some horrifically bad ones to the bench.

(photo: Frustrated Bushie Tom Turkey, center, pulls out all the stops in seeking the Decider's support for a position in his Assministration.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stem Cell Breakthrough At UW

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believe they have developed a means to create stem cells without having to use embryonic stem cells. Similar advancements have been reported today at Kyoto University, as research labs rush to develop viable alternative technologies for stem cell development. Using cells generated from the foreskin of a newborn, the UW researchers, led by Dr. James Thomson, have been able to use viruses to cause the cells to regenerate, creating younger stem cells. The breakthrough has potential implications for treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease victims, and more wide ranging medical applications.

Good day to be UW alumni.

No Surprise: Dumbya Involved In Plame Case

Media blogs are reporting on the upcoming book by former White House Press Suckertary Scott "I Had My Fingers Crossed" McClellan, in which McClellan states that Dumbya was involved in passing along false information after the leak of CIA official Valerie Plame's identity. McClellan said that he was misinformed by Rove, Libby, White House Chief of Staff Card, Dead Eye Dick, and the Decider himself, and passed on the false story that neither Rove nor Libby were involved in leaking Plame's identity. "I stood at the White House briefing room podium. . .and publically exonerated two of the senior-most aides in the White House. . .", McClellan writes. "There was one problem. It was not true."

That lie was a fairly simple one for the Bushies to concoct. After all, they've had so much practice in seven years.

Why They're Called "Yahoo"

A Yahoo poll just out shows us again why the media -- in this case the internet tubes service provider -- will downplay every characteristic needed in a future president in order to emphasize the one superficial quality that they can get their wee brains around: "likability." In their poll, Hillary Clinton beats Democratic rivals Obama and Edwards, as well as the Rethugs' Giuliani, McCain and Thompson in every category except "likability." Decisive? 72%. Strong? 78%. Honest? 65%? Experienced? 76%. Ethical? 67%. But how does Yahoo play the story? By emphasizing the one quality that voters put much lower than any of the above qualities; oh, and it happens to be the one category in which Clinton does not thump her rivals. Nicely played, boys.

CBS News Writers on Strike?

But who will write "Katie Couric's Notebook" for her?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Are They Nuts?

Just a rhetorical question; of course they are. Neocons Michael O'Hanlon and Fred Kagan have suggested that the U.S. should take military action against Pakistan to secure their nuclear weapons. Pakistan has a population of 160 million, roughly five times that of Iraq. It wouldn't be pretty.

Kagan was the "intellectual architect" of the surge in Iraq, and has advocated military strikes against Iran and Syria. O'Hanlon visited Iraq for a short period earlier in the year, and came back repeating talking points provided by the Assministration. Both are "experts" who have never served in the military.

At this rate, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey might expect calls from this duo for an attack on them shortly.

One Wild and Crazy Guy

Rabid neocon John "Screw Loose" Bolton has a new book out that showcases his dangerous nuttiness. His main targets are Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, for their desire to use diplomacy before dropping bombs. Bolton even states that the Preznit unfortunately has drifted away from his "gut" instincts when it comes to Iran, North Korea and the Middle East, "gut" apparently being a metaphor for his "ass." Screw Loose is hoping that "events in the external world will validate our position" -- meaning he's hoping for another terrorist attack or some calamity -- so that Dumbya can "return to his gut." What is truly appalling is that someone as angry, unhinged and fanatical as Bolton wasn't screened out of any official selection process for a high position, but was (and continues to be) listened to by many inside the Assministration.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quotes of the Week

"... the notion, beloved of political pundits, that we can make progress through bipartisan consensus is simply foolish. To be a progressive...means being a partisan -- at least for now." Paul Krugman, in his book "The Conscience of a Liberal," after noting that the Republican Party is under the control of ideologues who themselves are bitterly partisan movement conservatives. Got that, Broderella?

"The core of their rule is a bulldozer approach to reality -- belligerence as an all-purpose style, whether facing domestic critics or the rest of the world...[a big Democratic tent must form] of secularists and moderate evangelicals, budget-balancers and Keynesians, fair traders and free traders... The denizens of the tent will need to remind themselves that outside there dwell barbarians." Todd Gitlin, in his book "The Bulldozer and the Big Tent: Blind Republicans, Lame Democrats, and the Recovery of American Ideals."

A Gathering of Eaglets

The annual retreat for college (and some high school) Rebunglecan eaglets is being held at Ronnie Raygun's Rancho del Cielo in California. The 400-odd (oh, they're odd) students are attending the forum sponsored by the Young America's Foundation. The future Rebunglecan nimrods/ activists/ bullys are there to see the artifacts of Ronnie's glorious rule, listen to the likes of John "Let the Eagle Soar" Ashcroft and crackpot Dinesh D'Souza, and (we're guessing) trade Star Wars memorabilia.

As the WaPo reports today, one of the "rock stars" of the Rebunglecan eaglets is one Daniel Lipian, chairman of the Bowling Green State University Republican Club, whose contribution to political discourse heretofore was a stunt he pulled to spark a debate on illegal immigration. He and other Bowling Green eaglets put up a fence in the campus plaza and hosted a "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day." Republican club members were kept on one side of the fence with t-shirts saying "Illegal Immigrant." Lipian says, "We were attacked over and over again by the left."

One dreams that the next time Li'l Lipian and his fellow nativists pull such a stunt, "the left" comes with t-shirts saying "Minuteman," with 2 x 4's swinging.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Deserting the War

News Item: Desertions from the Army are up 80 percent since the Iraq invasion in 2003, as soldiers feel the strain of multiple extended tours.

They might also have heard of the treatment they'd get from the VA if wounded (see next story).

Our Vets and the VA

Wounded vets returning from Iraq or Afghanistan should not have to fight another war on the homefront against the Veterans Administration for treatments or benefits. Marine Sgt. Ty Ziegel sustained severe head injuries and burns in Iraq in 2004, and was struggling with the VA to obtain needed disability payments, which are based on a ratings system. At first he was stiffed for disability payments due him for his traumatic brain injury. After pressing the VA, and after CNN covered his story, the VA finally increased his payments. Ziegel said he was "ready to beat down the White House door if I need to." A day late and a dollar short, Dumbya appointed a commission to look into the treatment of vets' disabilities. The commission reported last July that the antiquated disability ratings system required overhaul. Another part of war planning that was overlooked by the folks who supposedly "support our troops."

Friday, November 16, 2007

Iran Coming Around?

The Washington Monthly notes a report from U.S. military officials in Iraq that apparently the flow of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from Iran has significantly diminished. A promising development, and one that will hopefully get diplomatic activities going in earnest with Iran before Dead Eye and his crew manufacture another false casus belli. And you know he's working on one.

Fuxing Around In Presidential Politics has a thorough write up of the links between Rudy "Toot Tooty" Giuliani and the Fux Network, and its parent company, the Rupert Murdock-run News Corp. In essence, what is being alleged in Judith Regan's lawsuit against News Corp. is that some of their key executives asked her to lie to the FBI during investigations of Giuliani buddy Bernie Kerik to protect Giuliani's presidential ambitions. Regan and Kerik had an adulterous affair (including using an apartment in lower Manhattan reserved for 9-11 rescue workers), and she may have surmised some of Bernie's mob connections at the very least. Fux News President Roger Ailes is a former Rethug media consultant, and a close personal friend of Rudy Toot Tooty's, as is Rupert Murdock.

This would seem to be a big story, certainly among the Fux Network's competitors, and some are covering it. But there are Giuliani fans embedded elsewhere in the media, who are pretending not to notice. For example, Tweety Matthews can't seem to get what on earth could be wrong here. The News Corp. should just pay Regan to go away, Tweety believes. Then he could go back to his unabashed man-love of the Mayor of 9-11, and stop pretending not to understand the problem there.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

"The Cookie and Buzzy Show"

(Note: the nicknames in this account are hard to believe, but real . . .and strangely appropriate)

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has been curious as to why the State Department's Inspector General Howard "Cookie" Krongard hasn't been cooperating with the Justice Department in their probe of the trigger happy Blackwater outfit's abuses in Iraq. Yesterday's hearing before that committee shed some light on the mystery: Cookie's brother, Alvin "Buzzy" Krongard, is a member of the "Blackwater Worldwide Advisory Board." A testy Cookie told the Committee, "one thing just came up [in the questioning] that really does bother me, and that was an allegation concerning my brother. . .I do not believe it is true that he is a member of the advisory board." Later, after a recess, Cookie backed down, and said brother Buzzy never told him about the conflict of interest. But Buzzy later told the blog site TPM Muckraker that "I had told my brother I was going on the advisory board", and he has been on that board since September 5. It looks like Cookie intended to give false testimony about the conflict of interest. This will only get better.

(illustration: The Simpsons' Itchy & Scratchy, role models for Cookie and Buzzy)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Polish That Pulitzer!

In the latest example of campaigning masquerading as "reportage," the WaPo's Michael Shear has a front page collection of seemingly every lame anti-Clinton joke and jibe uttered since the 2008 campaign began. Thanks, Michael! Why bother spending time and ink on boring things like candidates' positions, policy statements, etc., when you can do several column inches on campaign hyumah! Thank you for uncovering the secret plan that the Rebunglecans have for running against Hillary! It had passed our notice and that of 300 million Americans up until your piece!

The jokes are gold, Michael, gold!!

The Case of the Autographed Jockstrap, Cont'd., Cont'd.

In testimony, two co-defendants in the O.J. Simpson trial have acknowledged that Simpson asked them to carry guns and look menacing when they stormed a Las Vegas hotel room in September. Simpson had previously stated that he had no idea that weapons were involved, except for the knife he was carrying (OK, we made that last part up for old times' sake).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paris Hilton to Help Alcoholic Rethugs?!

Whaaa?!? The headline is a grabber, even if the story is phony!

An Armey of One

Former House majority leader Dick Armey had some unusually candid comments about Hillary Clinton at a luncheon last week, as reported in today's WaPo "In the Loop." Armey, who has been critical in recent times about the influence of the Christian far-right in politics (not to mention the failings of his fellow Texas Rethug, Tom "Bug Spray" DeLay), said:

"[Clinton] is the most able politician in America... I don't think Hillary Clinton is going to make a mistake. She's going to win that election."

Armey also said Rethugs should keep their distance from the likes of James "My God is a Vengeful God" Dobson, head of Focus on the Family: "You could probably hurt yourself electorally by making Jim Dobson happy."

Rethug Campaign Roundup

The Thompson "campaign": the WaPo has a front-page article today on the implosion of Foghorn's campaign thanks, in no small measure it would appear, to Foghorn's meddlesome daughter, er, wife Jeri "Jugs" Thompson. Foghorn did get a boost from the crackpots at the National Right to Life Committee, who endorsed Foghorn despite his recent declarations that he wouldn't support a Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion and his lobbying work on behalf of a family-planning group.

The Giuliani campaign: aides to Rudy Toot Tooty were working hard on damage control, following the indictment of his protege, Bernard "Love Nest" Kerik, on multiple Federal corruption and tax evasion charges. Walnuts McCain's campaign manager said, "A president's judgment matters and Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly placed personal loyalty over regard for the facts." Flip Flop Mitt's minions were also taking pot shots at Tooty's personnel screening skills. If Tancredo, Hunter, and the other pygmies had press operations, we're sure they'd be taking their shots, too.

Ronnie Raygun's Racial Politics

There's been a heated back-and-forth among a three New York Times columnists over whether Ronald Reagan was appealing to Southern white bigots when he opened his 1980 Presidential campaign at the Neshoba County, Mississippi Fair, not far from the site of the murders of three civil rights workers in 1964. Neocon putz David Brooks wrote in his column the other day that we should accept a benign explanation ("innocent mistake") of Reagan's statement at the Fair that "I believe in State's rights", a code phrase for segregation. Bob Herbert takes the argument apart in his subsequent rebuttal, as did Paul Krugman a couple of days ago. The "Southern Strategy" has been a fixture in Rethug politics since the 1960s, and was intended to appeal to the white racist vote. Ever since, the Deep South has been reliably Rethug in Presidential elections.

(photo: Reagan for President rally)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Court to Bushies: Save E-Mails

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered the White House to preserve its e-mails, a position that the Bushies had strenuously argued against. An estimated 5 million e-mails are missing from the White House, but back up tapes exist that would preserve a record. The Bushies, of course, want to destroy evidence of their criminality during the Valerie Plame leak, the U.S. attorney subversion scandal, the Abramoff corruption case, and other activities. Starting to smell like Watergate?

(image: ABC News)

Brass Vs. Chickenhawks

U.S. military leaders are under no illusions about the disaster that would befall our military if the neocon chickenhawks in the Administration were to launch an attack against Iran. Admiral William Fallon, commander of all U.S. forces in the Middle East (and Gen. Petraeus' boss), told the London Financial Times that the Pentagon is not preparing a pre-emptive strike against Iran. In a not-so-thinly-veiled shot at the neocon chickenhawks calling for an immediate attack, Fallon indicated that the loose talk pushing for another war "was just not where we want to go." Fallon also once famously referred to Petraeus as "an ass-kissing little chickenshit" so he doesn't mince words. He also knows that Preznit Chimpy and his boss Dead Eye have wrecked the U.S. armed forces with the Iraq screw-up, and doesn't want to have further damage done before Chimpy leaves town.

The fault line within the Administration is breaking roughly between DOD (Fallon/Secretary Gates) on one side and Dead Eye and his gang on the other. Preznit Chimpy will be told what to do at some later point when the grownups have fought it out. If the consequences weren't so deadly, it would be fun to watch.

Quote of the Week

"The Hollywood writers are on strike, and Fred's kind of hurting for some lines. And that's the best he could come up with." Rethug presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Fred "LawnOrdure" Thompson's crack that Huckabee was a "pro-life liberal."

"Corrupt Bastards Club"

A front page article in today's WaPo, "I'll Sell My Soul to the Devil," is a fine recap of the nexus of money and Rethug politics in Alaska. Two corrupt Rethug state representatives, Pete "I'll Sell My Soul to the Devil" Kott and Vic "Whoring" Kohring, have already been convicted of various bribery and conspiracy charges, as has a key influence peddler, Bill Allen. Three Rethug pols, Sen. Ted "Internet Tubes" Stevens, Rep. Don Young (pictured here), and Stevens' son, former Alaska state senator Ben "Didn't Fall Far from the Tree" Stevens, are under investigation, with Allen cooperating with Federal officials about the pols' sticky fingers.

The presumption of corruption has become such a given that several Alaska lawmakers have taken to wearing ballcaps with the initials "CBC" (for "Corrupt Bastards Club").

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Give O'Really? His Dhue

Poor widdle Bill O'Really? of Fux News is upset because those mean "libruls" are writing into his show and spoiling his fun. Call the waaaaaaambulance for Bill-O! He has Laurie Dhue as his show's "ombusdman" for viewers who want to write in and tell him what a great job he's doing. She then pitches the softball comments to him. But apparently, the comments have been overwhelmingly naughty of late. So Bill-O wants Laurie to censor them, so he just gets the pats on the back. Actually, he needs to grow a thicker skin (to match his skull), and some balls wouldn't hurt either.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Here We Go Again

Recent reports indicate that Dead Eye Dick has been surpressing a National Intelligence Estimate on Iran because it doesn't conform to his road map for war. The report, which has been held up for over a year, won't be released by the Cheney clique simply because it contains dissenting views on Iran's nuclear capabilities and intentions. Think Progress' article has a nice comparison of how this approach is identical to the manipulation of intelligence prior to the Iraq invasion.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Known By The Company You Keep

The day after receiving the "blessing" of crackpot talibangelist Diamond Pat Robertson, Rudy Toot Tooty Giuliani's former protege, Bernard Kerik, is expected to be indicted by a Federal grand jury on tax evasion and other charges. Kerik, whom Giuliani recommended to Dumbya as Homeland Security Secretary, is a former NYC police commissioner and Giuliani gofer who shares Rudy Toot Tooty's penchant for extra-marital affairs.

Rudy is currently polling a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton (45 to 46 percent, respectively). When a larger number of Americans remove their heads from their asses and start paying attention, one would think (hope?) the associations Rudy has had, and continues to cultivate, would cast some doubt over the man's judgment and ethical underpinnings.

UPDATE: Kerik has been indicted on tax evasion and corruption charges. Maybe Rudy Toot Tooty can get his new American Taliban friend Pat Robertson to say a little prayer for him.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dems Enter Silly Season

Exhibit A: Desperate to get traction, Sens. Obama and Dodd took a remark of former President Clinton's and tried to parlay it into a campaign kerfuffle. Clinton, who was clearly referring to Rethugs' and the MSM nimrods' impact on the 2000 and 2004 elections said he "had the feeling that at the end of that last debate we were about to get into cutesy-land again... We saw what happened the last seven years when we made decisions in elections based on trivial matters. When we listened to people make snide comments about whether Vice President Gore was too stiff [eg., MoDo, Tweety]. And when they made dishonest claims about the things that he said about all he'd done in his life [ditto]. When that scandalous Swift-boat ad was run against Senator Kerry." Obama's campaign tried to turn this into Clinton purportedly attacking his wife's rivals, while Dodd echoed the same theme. Good God, if these pissant tactics come back as Rethug tv ads in 2008, we will know which short-sighted pols we can blame.

Exhibit B: Rep. Dennis "Teeny Weeny" Kucinich introduced an 18-page, rambling resolution on the House floor yesterday calling for the impeachment of Dead Eye Dick. While that's the least punishment we can think of for Dead Eye (something involving waterboarding and electric wires comes to mind), Kucinich knows his own party's leadership has said impeachment was off the table and wouldn't be considered. Thus, Teeny Weeny knew full well his move was only for the purpose of garnering a few minutes of desperately-needed air time for his nearly imperceptible campaign. Who would benefit from such a fruitless waste of the House's time? Hmm.. let's see who supported Teeny Weeny in his effort... why it's the Rethugs, who would have liked nothing better than to have a silly debate in front of the cameras and then get their talking points out saying, "See how the Democrats have been captured by the moonbats? They're wasting time on this when they could be doing the people's business."

Exhibits A and B show what happens when ambition and poor judgment rule over the good of the party, and the country.

Talibangelists Under Scrutiny

Iowa Rethug Sen. Charles Grassley, after evidence of rampant greed and lavish spending among prominent talibangelists became impossible to ignore, has now begun an investigation to determine whether such entities should continue to receive tax-exempt status. The specific holy-rollers being asked to turn over financial records by December are: "faith healer" Benny Hinn, Christian book author Joyce Meyer, Randy and Paula White (Without Walls International Church), Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (Kenneth Copeland Ministries), Eddie Long (New Birth Missionary Baptist Church), and Creflo (!) and Taffi (!) Dollar (!) of World Changers Church International (perhaps that's supposed to be Money Changers Church International?).

Allegations include the groups' leaders dipping into contributions to fund lavish lifestyles, with amenities such as private jets, Rolls Royces, cosmetic surgery, and multi-million dollar homes. The preachers mostly claim these as "blessings from God." Meanwhile, let us recall the Biblical injunction that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven.

Ooo, Somebody's Cranky This Morning

It looks like right wing blogger Ann "I'm a Moderate" Althouse is upset that her local Starbucks ran out of ceramic cups, and had to suffer the indignity of being offered a paper cup for her venti! The noive! She insisted on downsizing so that she could get a ceramic cup for the aesthetic experience, holding up the line and certainly pissing off other patrons who just want the damn coffee!! Our guess is what prompted this tantrum is that she's upset at losing Kevin Drum/Washington Monthly's Golden Wingnut award to a fellow Bush sycophant John "Assrocket" Hindraker. Don't lose heart, Annie! The Ol' Perfesser is still going to link to your blog.

Photo: Althouse before her a.m. coffee (top), and after her a.m. coffee (bottom). h/t

Election Returns: Rethugs Rejected

In yesterday's off-year elections in several states, Rethug candidates didn't fare well for the most part. In Kentucky, incumbent Gov. Ernie "And Bert" Fletcher was soundly defeated by former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear, despite pop singer has-been Pat Boone's ads calling on voters to re-elect Fletcher so that Kentucky didn't become "another San Francisco." In Virginia, the State Senate reverted to Democratic control after years of Rethug dominance, and the Virginia State House of Representative picked up some Democratic seats also. Unfortunately, Mississippi re-elected Rethug insider and pantload Haley Barbour, demonstrating why Mississippi remains the most backward state in the nation.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Colbert Bows Out

It's over. The campaign everyone in the MSM wanted to cover ("all fun, no deep thinking") has come to an end. The South Carolina Democratic Executive Council voted 13-3 last week to deny Colbert a place on the primary ballot.

"Although I lost by the slimmest margin in presidential election history -- only 10 votes-- I have chosen not to put the country through another agonizing Supreme Court battle," Colbert said in his statement withdrawing from the race. Colbert was attempting a run only in the Democratic primary because the cost to enter the Rethug primary ($35,000) was a bit too rich for the blood, except for the likes of millionaire Rethugs like Flip Flop Mitt.

A Laugh Riot At Immigration

At a Halloween costume party at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), some staff members dressed up in what was later termed "inappropriate" costumes. One clever guy, likely a Rethug political appointee, dressed up in a prison uniform with dreadlocks and heavy dark makeup. ICE head (heh heh) Julie Myers, who initially praised the "originality" of the costume, later backed off and apologized. Myers, the niece of former Joint Chiefs Bush Butt Kisser Gen. Richard Myers, was criticized by Senators in 2006, including Rethug Senator Voinovich, for her lack of experience, and is still awaiting comfirmation. She had previously worked as a "special assistant" to Dumbya for personnel matters ("Hey, I can do that, Mr. Preznit!!"), and for Presidential semen sleuth Kenneth Starr.

More Progress, cont'd.

CNN reports that 2007 has been the deadliest year as far as U.S. casualties are concerned. Thus far in 2007, the U.S. has lost 854 men and women, compared to 849 in 2004.

Unfortunately for those still serving in Iraq, there are 440 days left in the Commander Guy's sorry term.

Friday, November 2, 2007


We'll be on hiatus for a few days, until Tuesday November 6.

Behave yourselves.