Monday, November 19, 2007

One Wild and Crazy Guy

Rabid neocon John "Screw Loose" Bolton has a new book out that showcases his dangerous nuttiness. His main targets are Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, for their desire to use diplomacy before dropping bombs. Bolton even states that the Preznit unfortunately has drifted away from his "gut" instincts when it comes to Iran, North Korea and the Middle East, "gut" apparently being a metaphor for his "ass." Screw Loose is hoping that "events in the external world will validate our position" -- meaning he's hoping for another terrorist attack or some calamity -- so that Dumbya can "return to his gut." What is truly appalling is that someone as angry, unhinged and fanatical as Bolton wasn't screened out of any official selection process for a high position, but was (and continues to be) listened to by many inside the Assministration.


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