Friday, August 31, 2007

Lewd Larry, Goes

Sen. Lewd Larry Craig (Rethug-Men's Room) is purportedly going to resign his Senate seat tomorrow, Sept. 1. (That's because he's been a bad boy, some might even say a nasty, bad, naughty boy. Heh.) The Rethug leadership is determined to clear the decks of this annoying little reminder of what a collection of liars, hypocrites, weasels, and assorted asswhistles they are. By the way, has anyone been pressuring Sen. Diaper Dave Vitter to resign? Why not? (Answered, per Glenn Greenwald's analysis noted here the other day.)

Anyway, is anyone out there taking bets on the next Rethug hypocrite to be exposed? Missy McConnell? Lindsey? Perhaps someone in the lower chamber? Or perhaps more Rethug corruption indictments? Let's give these miserable treadmarks the punishment they so richly deserve.

Drifting Snow

White House Press Suckertary Tony "Snowjob" Snow will be leaving the Bush Assministration effective September 14, according to reports. Snowjob, a former Fixed News celebrity, barely noticed the job change from the Rethuglican network to the White House, but has gotten far more testy with reporters in recent months as the Assministration unravels. This brings to four the major defections in the past couple of months: Dan Bartlett, Turdblossom Rove, Fredo Gone-zales, and now Snowjob.

He Won't Listen

Dumbya is expected to receive a briefing today from senior military officers on next steps for the Iraq war. There is significant unease among the most senior officers about the course of the war and the damaging effect it is having on the military. Coupled with the release this week of a draft report from GAO showing Iraq not meeting 15 of 18 political and security benchmarks, the Bush Assministration is back on its heels playing defense. Will Dumbya listen to his generals? No, he'll cherry-pick the information that supports his views and discard the rest. This will be a preview of the "Petraeus" report in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

GOP: The "Daddy Party" (If Your Daddy's a Perv)

(This graphic never gets old.) Watching MSNBC last night, Dan Abrams was doing a recap of Rethug vs. Dem sex-oriented scandals over the past 10 years, and counted 10 Rethug scandals to 5 Dem scandals. (When you add in the corruption scandals of Abramoff, Cunningham, etc., you really have a Rethug landslide.) The names just roll off the tongue (but then be sure to gargle!): Sen. "Lewd Larry" Craig, Sen. "Diaper Dave" Vitter, Fla. State Rep. Bob "BJ" Allen, Mark Foley, Randall Tobias, Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, etc., etc. The majority of these involved heterosexual "misdeeds," so we're not making the connection the Rethugs do, i.e., solely between gay sexual "misdeeds" and perversion. But we can't help but long for the day when the still-closeted Rethugs are outed: Senate Minority Leader Missy McConnell, Sen. Lindsay Graham, Reps. David Dreier (CA), Jim McCrery (LA), wee Patrick McHenry (NC), Phil English (PA), Dana Rohrabacher (CA)... I'll stop there, my fingers are getting sore.

Glenn Greenwald has a perceptive piece on the Rethug's "family values" double standard, when adhering to principle might cause you some pain.

GAO to Report Surge Failing

The AP is reporting that 13 of 18 Bush Assministration military and political benchmarks to measure the surge (escalation) in Baghdad have not been met. While the Assministration is asking for $50 billion more in Iraq funding, Dumbya is doing photo ops in Louisiana and Mississippi two years after Katrina, making sure to stand in front of the few facades that've been rebuilt and bypassing the blight that constitutes the areas most impacted by Katrina.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Help for Lewd Larry

One of our readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, has pointed us to a more credible explanation that Sen. "Lewd Larry" Craig (Rethug-Men's Room) should consider next. Again, it's courtesy of our friends at the Onion.

Photo: male model demonstrating the "wide stance" so common in men's rooms -- ok, it's Montgomery Clift.

White House Blues

As the days count down to Turdsqueezer... er, Turdblossom's exit (unfortunately not in the more appropriate manner pictured here), Hackwhackers understands, with the help of the reliable folks at the Onion, that the depths of the Presidunce's despair is, uh, deep. Looky here.

Same Old Song

Right wing Sen. Larry "Lewd Larry" Craig (Rethug-ID), center in photo, issued his formal statement yesterday concerning his arrest and guilty plea to disorderly conduct/lewd behavior in an airport mensroom incident in Minneapolis in June. Keeping a straight (no pun intended) face throughout, Lewd Larry refused to acknowledge that he plays the pink piccolo, and blamed it all on a media vendetta by the Idaho Statesman newspaper. He had no explanation for the fact that he had sufficient time between his arrest in June and his court appearance in August to consider at length whether he should plead guilty. He also didn't discuss his flashing of his Senate business card, asking "What do you think about this?" to the arresting officer in an attempt to intimidate him. Lewd Larry has now lawyered up, and faces a Senate ethics investigation.

It's interesting that the first words out of his mouth were, "thank you all very much for coming out today," a Freudian slip if there ever was one.

Heckuva Job

Two years ago today, the most devastating hurricane to strike the U.S. came ashore, causing widespread destruction to New Orleans and the Louisiana/Mississippi coast. Two years later, much remains to be done, despite Preznit Chimpy's promises from two years ago. Fraud, corruption, mismanagement and bureaucratic delays have hampered most of the reconstruction of New Orleans. Families displaced by the flood are still living in trailers, hoping to get their lives back. But Chimpy has had other priorities. The families will just have to wait.

Maybe he'll bring his fishing gear when he drops in on the Gulf region today for a photo op.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Search For Next Blindly Loyal Hack Begins

With the resignation announcement of Alberto "Fredo" Gone-zales yesterday, the White House has been floating tur, uh, floating names of potential replacements. Some are rather hilarious: Homeland Security Secretary Michael "the Ghoul" Chertoff, who was Michael "Heckuva Job Brownie" Brown's boss during the Katrina debacle. That's even drawing howls from wingnuts, who also count the immigration issue against the Ghoul.

Given Dumbya's history, it's likely to be a loyal hack above all else, who will do the Preznit's mostly illegal bidding without question for the final 16 months of his term. Dumbya doesn't want any boat rocking now at Justice, given some of the questionable and illegal initiatives launched during Fredo's reign, and the need to continue stonewalling Congress.

We Ignore, You Decide

Here's the lead story from this morning's 9 a.m. newscasts:

MSNBC: Sen. "Lewd" Larry Craig's mensroom bust.

CNN: Sen. "Lewd" Larry Craig's mensroom bust.

Fox: Cross-country murder suspect arraignment; Midwest storms; Arkansas bridge closure; Idaho...yes, yes... wildfires! D'oh!

No Sen. Craig? Not even 'Berto? Just what we've come to expect from GOP-TV. (Maybe their graphics department is still working on "Sen. Larry Craig (D-ID)").

UPDATE: Media Matters confirms Fixed News' bias.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lewd Larry's Predickament

Reports have come out today that ultraconservative Rethug Senator Larry Craig (Rethug - ID) was arrested in June in the Minneapolis airport for misdemeanor disorderly conduct for lewd behavior. The mensroom where Lewd Larry was arrested was targeted by police after reports of sexual activity. He pled guilty in August to the charge, and was fined $1000, paid $575 in fees, and given a 10-day sentence. He now says he shouldn't have pled guilty. Riiiight.

As you may remember, during last fall's elections, Lewd Larry was one of the names circulating as a closet gay during the Mark Foley scandal. He was rumored to have engaged in sex acts in the bathrooms at Union Station, not far from the Senate office building. At the time, Craig and his staff dismissed the rumor.

Looks like there'll be a new senator from Idaho next time: they don't understand these things out there.

UPDATE: The web site for Flip/Mitt/Mutt/Mousse Romney's presidential campaign has taken down a video that has Craig praising Romney. "He has very strong family values," Craig says on the video, "that's something I grew up with and believe in." He apparently said this with a straight face.

Suck on This, Ted

You have to see this reasoned, wingnut discourse from Ted "Happiness Is a Warm Di-- ,er Gun" Nugent. Apparently, Ted's been eating too many wild berries and twigs in the woods, or is it the ground-up deer antlers what's been givin' Ted these hallucinations and psychotic episodes?

Fredo Takes The Bullet

"Psst, Junior. Make him say 'I resign', OK?"

Alberto "Fredo" Gone-zales has resigned as Attorney General, effective September 17. In his brief remarks this morning, Fredo thanked the Preznit for his "friendship", without which he wouldn't have likely perjured himself and politicized the Justice Department. Fredo, the Preznit's nickname for him based on the inept son in the Godfather films, will still face questioning and possible perjury charges stemming from several appearances before Congressional committees. Expect a full pardon from Dumbya if any criminal charges are brought, continuing the stonewalling that the Bush Assministration is famous for.

Champagne corks will definitely be popping at the Justice Department, where Fredo was widely despised for his blatant attempts to politicize the justice system.

Gonzo Gone?!

The NY Times and other outlets are reporting just now that "Attorney" General Alberto "'Berto" Gonzales has submitted his resignation to the Preznit, and the resignation's been accepted. Gonzo, who has made the phrase "I don't recall" a term of legal art, purportedly tendered his resignation over the phone to the Preznit. More to come...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not Buying It

Think Progress has an interesting post on the attitudes of non-commissioned soldiers in Iraq, who are not buying their senior commanders' or the White House's happy talk about surge "progress."

Remember this when the Bush Assministration releases it's "report" on the surge in September.

In Iraq, Whistleblowing Blows

There have been numerous instances of whistleblowers being punished for exposing corruption and waste among greedy contractors in Iraq, according to the AP (via MSNBC). Firings, demotions, detention in prison camps, are just a few of the outrages. Clearly, the intent among the officials trying to shut down the whistleblowers is to avoid culpability for their misadministration or outright criminality. These whistleblowers are good Americans who are seeing thugs steal the American public blind, and they tried to do something about it. At a mininum, the Pentagon and Justice Department should go after the crooks with a vengence, and make it clear that whistleblowers will not only be protected, but rewarded for their service.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quote of the Day

"For him, this is it. He's not bigger than this. His entire legacy as President is bound up in Iraq. . . .When you boil all this down, what it comes down to is that the President now has very different interests than the country he purports to lead."
--Josh Marshall, in TPM. Read the whole article.

Pace Breaks Ranks

Reports are circulating that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace will recommend to the Presidunce that troop levels in Iraq be reduced to half the current strength by next year. Pace is said to reflect the concerns of the Joint Chiefs and senior military officers that maintaining troop levels in Iraq will cripple the armed forces and compromise their ability to respond elsewhere in the world if needed. This comes on the heels of Sen. John Warner's statement yesterday that troop withdrawals need to begin in September to signal the Iraqis that our commitment is finite.

Meanwhile the White House and their media network are working overtime to sell the surge in TV ads and appearances on network and cable outlets. They won't listen.

Another Rethug Bids Farewell

Congressman (and soon-to-be jail bird) Rick Renzi (Rethug-AZ) announced that he won't seek reelection next year. Renzi is facing a Federal inquiry into his family's insurance business. In 2005, he also failed to disclose a $200,000 payment from his business partner in a real estate deal. He's also been linked to the Abramhoff scandal and other Rethug passtimes.

That brings to 5 the number of Rethuglican House members announcing retirement, some pending indictment. Heh heh.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Progress, cont'd.

The latest declassified version of the National Intelligence Report was issued today, and has dim hopes for the Maliki government ever leading a unified Iraq. Sectarian violence continues, al Qaeda is still launching high-profile attacks, regional governors have been assassinated, and necessary reforms have yet to be accomplished. The report says sectarian violence is expected to remain high, and that "Tet offensive" -like attacks are likely to occur in September - - when Petrae, uh we mean, the White House reports on the surge's inevitable progress. Which, of course, we're making. Despite a worsening political situation. Despite intense sectarian violence. Progress. Of course.

UPDATE: Prime Minister Maliki scolded his American critics for suggesting that he should step aside. On a trip to Syria, Maliki said that he could "find friends elsewhere" if he was abandoned by the U.S.

Translation: "Eat this, bitchez!"

Quote of the Mid-Week

David Gergen, former adviser to Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Daddy Bush, and Clinton on Dumbya's Vietnam/Iraq histamatorical analogy:

"If you learned so much from history, Mr. President, how did you get us involved in another quagmire?"

(h/t to FDL)

Oh, The Horror

We turn to our friends at The Onion for news from Congress, specifically the bill "Rep. Benjamin Sinclair (R-OH)" is proposing, the "Ocular Penetration Restriction Act of 2007."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tweety, Mothertucker are MSNBC's Bottomfeeders

Seems Tweety has let his "Slimeball", er "Hardball" producer, Tammy Haddad, go. Tweety's show is #3 out of 4 primetime MSNBC programs (our man Keith Olbermann is #1, followed by Dan Abrams, then Tweety, and last but certainly least Mothertucker Carlson. Maybe the cheap suits at MSNBC will figure out that the sleazy, snarky duo are not exactly what the MSNBC audience is looking for (after all, there already is a Fox Opinion Network to serve as the GOP's cable media outlet). Please, please drop these two vile growths on your network's heinie!

Note to the dolts at CNN: the above also goes for the execrable Glenn Beck, who is also so low in the primetime ratings he barely rates a mention. For the sake of what little dignity and honor you have left...

Dumbya, Iraq, and Vietnam

Apparently one of the many books Dumbya didn't read (see item below) was a book on the Vietnam War. (Of course, he wouldn't have to read such a book if he'd lived the experience instead of spending the war, thanks to Daddy's influence, snorting coke and skipping out on Air National Guard duty in Alabama.) Dumbya cited Vietnam in a speech today to the Veterans of Foreign Wars to make the case for staying longer in Iraq to avoid what Dumbya said was the fate of millions who suffered or died when we left Vietnam...after 10 years and nearly 60,000 American dead!! Historian Robert Dallek responded best:

"What is Bush suggesting?...We've been in Iraq longer that we fought in World War II. It's a disaster and this is a political attempt to lay the blame for the disaster on his opponents. But the disaster is the consequence of going in, not getting out."

(h/t to the LA Times, via Rising Hegemon)

Hey, He Read "My Pet Goat" in 2001

Think Progress looks at an AP-Ipsos poll which indicates that liberals read more than conservatives. Some 34 percent of conservatives have not read a book in the past year, versus 22 percent of liberals. Liberals also outpace conservatives in the number of books read in the past year: 9 versus 8.

Seeing these poll results, Dumbya has decided to get some additional reading in.

Morning Cup of Irony

Headlines of seperate stories on page A10 of this morning's Washington Post (no link):

Iran Frees U.S. Scholar From Prison

And right below it:

Al-Qaeda Suspect Released by Pakistan

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dems Gone Wild

While Rethugs have cornered the market on hypocritical, thieving turpitude, stray Democrats are not immune from Rethug-like behavior. Our two recent cases in point:

Kristian Forland, one of Bill Richardson's Nevada organizers, left the campaign a few days ago after it was learned he had managed Mona's Ranch (a legal brothel) and was also wanted on a felony arrest warrant in California for writing bad checks. (Oh well, Richardson is one of our least favorite Democratic candidates anyway.)

Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA), was charged with assault and battery after manhandling a person at Dulles International Airport the other day. Seems Rep. Filner was upset that his luggage didn't arrive when it should have (welcome to the real world, Baggage Bob!), and he took it out on a baggage claim official. He has an Oct. 2 court date.

Tucker Carlson, Chickenhawk Expert

On last night's "Tucker" broadcast, host Tucker "Mothertucker" Carlson criticized the enlisted men from the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, who wrote the recent New York Times op-ed piece. Saying he distrusted the soldiers' statement that the Iraqis were feeling less secure and seeing us as an occupation force, he went on to say that they were squandering their moral authority by taking "political" positions. What Mothertucker failed to note was the June 2007 national opinion survey of Iraqis conducted by a consortium led by ABC News. That survey indicated that only 39 percent think their lives are going well, 26 percent feel safe in their neighborhoods, and 69 percent feel that coalition forces are making things worse.

Mothertucker needs to spend some time embedded with the 82nd Airborne Division. Lots of time.

Anyone Seen Bill Bennett?

Normally, I don't bother to read the free, Rethug-promoting Examiner newsrag that's tossed into my driveway every morning. But boredom overtook me, and I noticed this item from a casino in Indiana: "Gambler Complains of Urine-Soaked Seat." Immediately, I thought of right wing moral scold and gambling addict William "Aces" Bennett as Mr. Free Pee. Witnesses said a woman had just been on the seat, but it could have been Aces in drag to conceal his identity. Just saying.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mayor Rudy, Tireless Rescue...What?! Yankee Fan?

Seems like Mayor Rudy, the man who was at Ground Zero more than the rescue workers, had an even higher calling in the months after 9/11: Salon reports that Rudy spent 58 hours at or flying to Yankees games from Sept. 25-Nov. 4, while only logging 29 hours at Ground Zero from Sept. 17-December 16 (mostly photo ops with visiting dignitaries). (Although it hasn't been calculated yet, it is presumed either total far exceeds the time Rudy spent with his children in the past 20 years.)

Photo: Kilroy --er, Rudy was here (but not at Ground Zero!)

Progress, cont'd. cont'd.

A second provincial governor in Iraq has been assasinated, the second in 10 days. This signals an intensification of Shiite - Shiite internal struggles in southern Iraq, as Shiite factions vie for control of that region as the British continue their pullout.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Sunnis continue to resist the feelers of Prime Minister Maliki to rejoin the Iraqi government, which has invited President Ahmadinejad of Iran to Baghdad. You mean that Iran? Axis of Evil Iran? The Decider won't be happy.

Oh, and Bushies? Please don't read the latest issue of Foreign Policy. You'll get a tummy ache.

Quote of the Week

From Rethug Florida State Rep. "BJ" Bob Allen, notorious loudmouth homophobe caught soliciting an undercover cop in a Florida park restroom recently:

"I'm waiting for the politics [sic] to say it's OK to hug Bob Allen again - and they will."

Er, "BJ" (if we can call you that -- and we will!), only with a full-body prophylactic!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Embarrassing Uncle"

Gary Younge has a piece in The Guardian entitled "Bush is the embarrassing uncle the Republicans can't hide." The smell of Rethug defeat has even reached the UK's shores! Younge notes that Turdblossom's leaving the Assministration effectively marks its end, and that from here on, "Bush's tenure is about keeping the troops in Iraq and as many of his administration out of handcuffs as possible." As far as Bush being invited to the Rethug convention next year? Rethug Pollster "Fat Tony" Fabrizio is quoted in the article as saying, "If they're smart, no...The question becomes: where do we hide the president." Ummm, in the attic, under a dunce cap?

(h/t to Brian)

A Rove Family Heirloom

What does a cock ring have to do with Turdblossom? Check this out! (h/t to Sadly, No! and Jesus' General)

Turning Left

In an article in today's WaPo, "Permanent Republican Majority? Think Again," Andrew Kohut and Carroll Doherty of the Pew Research Center paint a gloomy picture for the Rethugs and a relatively bright one for progressive Democrats. Contrary to the wishful musings of Turdblossom and Abramoff bag man/"peewee league intellectual" Grover Norquist, the trending on a variety of social and policy issues is leftward; for example, more support for anti-poverty programs and more skepticism about the tenets of religious fundamentalism. In the question of party support, 50 percent connect with the Democrats, and only 35 percent with the Rethugs. A similar trend is apparent among Independents, who trended heavily (57 percent) to Democrats in the 2006 elections.

The writers caution that Democrats must not assume a permanent majority of their own is theirs for the asking, but rather to present themselves to the American people as the leaders and achievers, in contrast with the incumbent small-bore bunglers.

"No End In Sight"

More and more people are talking about the documentary, "No End In Sight," playing in select theatres around the country. What makes it especially damning to the Bushies is the cool, analytical tone it takes in looking at the lead up to war and subsequent occupation of Iraq, and the credibility of the senior officials interviewed. People are coming away from the movie more shaken than ever at the deadly incompetence, arrogance and stupidity displayed by the Assministration, and the devastating impact it's had on Iraq, the Middle East region, and on this nation. A must see movie, as we await the inevitable spin on the "surge" report.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Kennebunkport Cowboy Objects!

Why can't the mainstream media show Dumbya as he wishes to be shown? A manly, brush-clearin' cowpoke from "don't mess with" Texas. Why? Because Dumbya's as phony as a weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. He got all pissy when a newpaper columnist commented on his new look being more "Walker, Texas Ranger" than a sweaty Texas cowhand.

We can't tolerate those misperceptions of the Decider, now can we? The Andover-Yale educated son of Connecticut bluebloods doesn't want his image changed to the wealthy, fratboy, failure of a good-for-nothing son of privilege that he just so happens to be. Everyone's finally coming around to the image of him as being all hat and no cattle.

Hi Melanie, Here's Your Broomstick

There's an exclusive rogues gallery of extreme right wing sociopaths that plague America's media today: (M)Ann Coulter, Michelle MalKKKin, Dirty Debbie Schlussel, and Melanie "You Smell-a-nie" Morgan, who's vying for recognition as the nastiest one of all. Crooks and Liars has a clip from Countdown's "Worst Person In the World Segment" that quotes the "Worst" Morgan as sneering that Iraq veteran and war opponent Jon Soltz "needs to be stomped on and neutralized" for his anti-war dissent. So much for reich wing respect for our soldiers.

She also appeared earlier on Tweety's "Hardball" with progressive Naomi Wolf, and proceeded to screetch that despite Cheney's opposition to invading Iraq in the 1990s, he was perfectly correct in his misguided invasion in 2003, despite the lies leading up to the war. It got so bad at the end that even Tweety was cutting her off, rolling his eyes, and telling her she wasn't answering his questions. Then, Morgan's feed went out, and we saw a set of color bars where the raging winger had just been. Which reminded us of the scene in "Wizard of Oz" - - "I'm melting. . . melllltiiiinggg."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rudy, Meet The Truth

Rudy "The Mayor of 9/11" Giuliani keeps reminding us of his photo opportunities on 9/11 as his city was attacked, but can't keep his foot out of his large mouth. For instance, he was quoted as saying that he spent "as much or more" time at the World Trade Center site as the emergency and rescue workers. Only in his dreams. Actually, from September 11 to the end of his term as mayor three months later, he spent a grand total of 29 hours at the site. Most rescue workers were working 12 hour shifts each day in conditions that they were assured were healthy by Giuliani. Only later was it disclosed that the workers were operating in dangerous conditions, due to toxic air.

And if you think the firemen and other rescue workers have any love for "America's mayor", check this out from Firefighting News.

When Wingnuts Murder

A chilling post yesterday on Orcinus features an account of some cowardly Minuteman vigilantes shooting an illegal border crosser sniper-style at night, and later exulting over his grave. This is simply murder. It's far beyond arguments about "border enforcement" or anger about "illegal aliens." The recorded conversation of the vigilantes is vicious; they acted like they were shooting a prairie dog and not a human being.

If the authorities catch the cowards that did this, they should be marched over the border to let a few dozen Mexicans take shots at them. This is what happens when wingnuts feel empowered to take the law into their own hands, whipped up by the wingnut media machine.

Max Roach, 1924 - 2007

Max Roach, perhaps the greatest jazz drummer ever, died yesterday at the age of 83. Roach played with every major jazz artist of his day: Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, and many more. He pioneered major innovations in drumming, and was considered the architect of bebop. He was also a leading voice among his peers for civil rights, and was the receipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, the so-called "genius grant." One of the true greats of all time.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

All In The Family

It looks like Bush Twin Jenna (the one unfortunately resembling her father) has gotten engaged to a Mr. Henry Hager of Virginia. He seems to have all the right attributes for a Bushit in-law: son of the Virginia Rethuglican Party chairman, working on a masters degree in "bidness" at UVA, used to work for Karl Rove, had a. . . .uh, wait. Used to work for Karl Rove? So Dumbya says goodbye to Turdblossom at the end of August, but says "howdy" to a young Rove clone who's going to join the family political "business" one day. Slime is in their DNA.

(photo: Jenna frolicking with sister Barbara at, of course, a frat party)

Rich Lowry Rogered

National Review editor and chickenhawk pundit Rich Lowry is the subject of a well-deserved rogering by the good folks at Sadly No! If only we could find the cave these wingnuts have crawled out from and hire Bob "Seismic Sez I" Murray to mine it, we'd be much better off.

Mine Safety and "E. coli conservatism"

Crooks and Liars has a nice piece linking the conservative agenda with mine safety issues. The piece also links to an article by Rick Perlstein in .commonsense, entitled "E. coli conservatism." Perlstein's article provides another glimpse of Bob Murray, the blowhard Utah mine co-owner, whom Perlstein rightly describes as a "poster child" of the E. coli conservatives, i.e., those right-wing bidnessmen and their Rethug enablers who put profit over public safety. (When they attain public office on their no-tax platforms, we refer to them as "bridge collapse conservatives.") Take the time to look at the picture and you'll see, as we noted earlier, the face of Republicanism.

We're still waiting for the brain-dead MSM to remove their collective lips from Murray's arse and start acting like they have some neural activity in their beautiful heads.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rethugs Head for the Exits

Following the exit of Turdblossom from the White House, more Rethug pols have decided they've had enough. Tub o' goo Dennis Hastert, former House speaker, is expected to announce his retirement Friday. Fellow Illinois Rethug Ray LaHood announced his retirement a few weeks ago. Oh, and same goes for Ohio Rethugs Deborah Pryce and Ralph Regula, future California cons Jerry Lewis and John Doolittle, and Rick Renzi. Hastert, who resembles someone who literally fell into the pork barrel and decided to stay until the entire content was consumed, represents a district that has drifted Democratic in recent years and will certainly be targeted for pick-up in 2008.

Don't let the screen door hit ya where the dog should've bit ya!

250 Dead and Climbing

Terribly sad news that the bombings in two villages in northwest Iraq have claimed at least 250 lives, with an additional 300-350 injured. This is the deadliest bombing since the 2003 invasion began.

Wonder if it will earn a footnote in the September "surge is working" report.

Now This Is Funny

Fux News' attempt at humor, "The Half-Hour News Hour", won't be back for a new season, as reported by the Huffington Post. Hold on a second . . . . .


There. That was more laughter than the right wing "comedy" show received in its lame run. Somehow, they didn't figure that bigotry, smears, and lying weren't funny.

Listening to the Generals, Dumbya Style

As noted by Think Progress, the LA Times reports that the upcoming Petraeus report on the surge will be written by the White House, with "inputs" from other government sources. Riiiiight. Ah'll be listnin' to mah Gen'ruls, says the Preznit. Would that be General Confusion, General Mess or Field Marshall Cheney? Wonder what the report will say? The suspense is killing us.

This, of course, contradicts what the White House has been saying, namely that Petraeus, with help from Ambassador "Crock" Crocker, will deliver their independent assessment. Anyone that really believed that Dumbya would allow a change of course at this point in his failed Assministration needs to check into adult day care. This mess is being handed off to his successor.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's Play Slimeball

Almost every broadcast of Hardball showcases Chris "Tweety" Matthews' unerring cluelessness about women. Either he's yukking it up, making demeaning remarks at Hillary Clinton's expense (while giving fawning ass kisses to Rudi McRomney or Good Ol' Boy Fred "Aqua Velva" Thompson), or he's leering at female guests, correspondents, etc. It's not an occasional occurence, either; it's a continuing problem of his.
This goofy, arrogant loudmouth got a major gig on a cable network not by any discernable journalistic skills, but by ass-kissing the right people along the way at the right cocktail parties. Eventually, he's bound to have his Imus moment on the air, and then we'll be able to wave goodbye to Tweety. The moment can't come too soon.

The Face of Republicanism

Robert Murray, that loudmouth bully we've been seeing talking about the mine disaster in Utah, continues to claim it was "seismic activity" that caused the collapse of the Crandall Canyon mine, despite seismologists who say there was no seismic activity recorded. Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Corporation, is a heavy contributor to the Republican Party and Dumbya in particular. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he has only a glancing familiarity with the truth. But, it seems his operations have been fined for numerous violations and, as recently as April 18, his company was warned about mining operations at Crandall Canyon, specifically that the operators were engaged in "retreat mining," a dangerous technique that Murray steadfastly denies was taking place at Crandall Canyon.

The technique Murray has been employing to date seems to be the "act of God, nothing to investigate here, move along please" smokescreen. He's blustered and bullied his way through tight spots before, hoping his Rethug contributions and connections will protect him. Maybe not this time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Still More From the Rethug Crime Blotter (Or, News You Won't See on CNN)

This is getting so tiresome, but... the latest name on the Rethug crime blotter is Alan B. Fabian, Willard "Mutt/Muff/Mousse" Romney's national finance committee co-chairman, who was indicted last Wednesday by a Maryland grand jury on 23 counts of mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice. Why are we just reporting this now, you ask? Has it been on the news? No. Has it been in the papers? No. The tv news and newspapers are far too busy pressing their lips to Rethug asses to have time to note the pattern of indicted Rethug operatives and campaign hacks that anyone actually paying attention might have noticed. (Hints: Thomas Ravenel, Michael Flory, Glenn Murphy, etc., etc.)

I'm a Republican; Don't Talk About No Stinkin' Ethics!

Rethug political operative/ token Hispanic, Reagan official, and would-be Bush Secretary of Labor Linda Chavez is the subject of a rogering in today's WaPo. The article, "In Fundraising's Murky Corners," details Chavez's use of several "fundraising" scams from January 2003 to December 2006 to shakedown over $24.5 million from clueless wingnuts. Her "family business" employed herself and four family members, while only distributing $242,000 to Rethug pols and $151,236 for political activities. An example of how one of Chavez's four manufactured PAC's, the "Stop Union Political Abuse" committee, operated can be summed up in the following excerpt from a 2003 fundraising letter the group sent seeking contributions, promising to work for the passage of the anti-union "Workers' Freedom of Choice Act": "If we stop now, the terrorists win." (my emphasis) Terrorists? Would that be union members?

Simply appalling, even considering the source and the target audience.

Turdblossom Exits, Stage Far Right

Karl "Turdblossom" Rove (was one ever more appropriately nicknamed?) will be leaving the Bush Assministration at the end of August, having created more foul odor in American politics than any other single hack in the past 50 years. We may have more in the coming weeks on "Number 2's" legacy of toxic politics (others are already assessing the damage), but for now suffice it to say, "what took you so long?"

Straw Men

Another sign that the Rebunglecan "brand" is going to be a stinker in '08: Saturday's Iowa straw poll managed to attract 30% fewer participants than the 2000 poll. The underwhelming response to the crop of crap that is the Rebunglecan field (roughly 25% of Rebunglecan voters want "none of the above" in poll after poll) is ominous for this party of hypocritical fudgepackers, liars, crooks, cowards, and incompetents. Mitt "Muff/Mousse/Mutt" Romney, "the only candidate named after a glove" (Jon Stewart), "won" the poll, paying over $800 per vote cast for him. I guess you can buy some peoples' love. Tommy Thompson, who finished in sixth place, announced he's dropping out, prompting the response, "Who's Tommy Thompson?"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Afghanistan Unraveling

The Sunday New York Times has a penetrating article on how we lost the initiative in the war in Afghanistan against al Qaeda - - the al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11, not the phony al Qaeda in Iraq that Bushit is trying to paint as the major insurgent force there.

Presuming that al Qaeda and its allies the Taliban were a spent force, major intelligence and special forces resources were shifted to the attack on Iraq by the Bush Assministration. Now, the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating fast, and the Karzai government is in fragile shape. Karzai was recently praising Iran for being "a helper" in Afghanistan, a clear sign that they're hedging their bets. Additionally, the U.S. doesn't have the reserve units or National Guard troops to assign to Afghanistan, with the Army and Marines stretched to the breaking point, so there's little to be done.

Heckuva job, Dumbya.

(h/t Rising Hegemon)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Kennebunkport Cowboy

Regardless of what is actually happening in Iraq (stronger militia insurgency, Iraqi Parliament disintegrating along sectarian lines, sustained violence, etc.), Dumbya sees a pony in this pile of crap. Speaking in a radio address from his mommy and daddy's place, the Preznit said "Our new strategy is delivering good results." That will undoubtedly be the opening sentence in next month's "report" on surge "progress."

He also said we're killing "al Qaeda" terrorists at an average of 1,500 per month since January. Of course, you can probably take that number and subtract 1,400 Shiite faction insurgents, bystanders, various Sunni/Baathist deadenders to get the true number of "al Qaeda" killings. But the White House figures it has to get the American public thinking we're fighting the same people that attacked us on 9/11, rather than factions in a sectarian war.

More Progress, cont'd.

Some recent reports from Iraq: a province governor and his police chief were killed by a road side bomb, the Mahdi army's growing stronger and bolder in incidents against government officials, and 3,684 of our soldiers have died in Iraq as of Friday, August 10.

And Dumbya seems to be having trouble keeping the Iraqi Prime Minister from visiting and talking nice about axis of evil member Iran.

But the surge is working.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

OK, Why Haven't Your Boys Enlisted?

An audience member at a recent Iowa campaign event wondered why Willard Mousse/Mutt/Mitt Romney's five sons, all of military service age, had not chosen to enlist for fighting in Iraq. 3M swiftly searched his mental talking points, came up blank, and had to go with this howler:

"My sons are all adults and they've made decisions about their careers and they've chosen not to serve in the military and active duty, and I respect their decision. . .One way that my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president."

Yes, campaigning for me is as good as wearing your country's uniform in battle.

It' worth noting that the 5 Romney lads are following in the footsteps of their dad, who ducked service in Vietnam, choosing to spend his time in France preaching to the heathens. If all of the patriotic Yellow Elephants that are cheering on the war from the sidelines actually enlisted, we would have no problem meeting our quotas. But that would degrade the quality of our armed forces.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Walnuts' Campaign Hits the Ditch, Part III

The Onion has the latest on Sen. Walnuts McCain's campaign woes. (H/t to Brian!)

Rethug Sex Blotter

A police report has been filed charging Glenn Murphy, newly elected president of the Young Republican Nazi, er, National Federation, with sexual assault. The police report, filed after the July 28 incident, details the alleged assault, in which a 22-year-old fellow Young Rethug awoke to discover his little republican in Murphy's mouth, and Murphy's little republican in Murphy's hand. Shown here: schematic of Murphy, in GOP attire, searching for (wing?)nuts.

"States Feel Left Out of Disaster Planning"

"A decision by the Bush Administration [sic] to rewrite in secret the nation's emergency response blueprint has angered state and local emergency officials, who worry that Washington is repeating a series of mistakes that contributed to its bungled response to Hurricane Katrina nearly two years ago." (-- August 8 WaPo article by Spencer Hsu.)
Hmmm... the article also notes later that the Bush Assministration will let the state, local and private sector partners get their say during a 30-day review when the draft is formally released later this year. The Cheney School of Gummint Management at work again!

Bush Found "Fit for Duty" in Annual Check-Up

... but did the check-up include the neck-up? We think not.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Guess Karzai Didn't Get The Talking Points

Apparently, Dumbya didn't especially like something he heard from Afghan President Karzai yesterday during Karzai's visit. Karzai said that Iran "has been a helper" in Afghanistan, a point of view that the Preznit disputed since it conflicts with the script that Iran (used to be Iraq) is the regional menace. As far as who's supplying arms to the insurgents, Dumbya's own Assministration can claim credit for that, since 190,000 U.S.-issued assault weapons and pistols have disappeared in Iraq since 2004 and are presumed to have gone to the insurgents.

But who can argue with a foreign policy expert like Dumbya?

"This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating." President Dumbya, April 23, 2002

Brownback, Huckabee Look for "Deliverance" in Iowa Straw Poll

Saturday's Iowa Rethug straw poll could be a make-or-break time for two candidates ardently wooing the same Rethug Christian right - Sen. Sam Brownback and former Gov. Mike Huckabee. Iowa has more evangelical Christians, proportionately, than any State outside of the South. Both men, who favor Genesis (the Book, not the band) over evolution, are low on money and need to finish second or third in the straw poll in order to maintain any movement.

The struggle has turned increasingly nasty between the two, with a Huckabee supporter recently e-mailing two Baptist Brownback supporters telling them to switch their support to Huckabee because he's a fellow Baptist. Brownback is a convert to Roman Catholicism. Ah, yes, you can always count on the Rethugs to revert to the lowest common denominators of fear and emotion in the course of the campaign! Willard "Mutt/Muff/Mousse" Romney's Mormonism has already been made an issue in Rethug evangelical circles (see Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land). Will Giuliani's free-wheeling form of Catholicism be next up?

(Photo: Sen. Brownback and Gov. Huckabee in friendlier times.)

Monday, August 6, 2007

This Is Pathetic . . .

The GAO reports that an estimated 30% of arms supplied to the Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005 are missing and unaccounted for. That's 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and assorted pistols. Great. Another chapter in Dumbya's glorious adventure in Iraq. Tragically, these weapons are almost certainly going to be used against our forces there, or somewhere else.

And we're selling $20 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. . .home of the 9/11 hijackers. Bushit "strategery" in action.

Rudy And Family Values

News item: McMitt Giuliani, America's (for one-day) mayor, won't be getting the vote of his 17 year old daughter, Caroline. She's supporting Barack Obama. Over to you, Rudy.

(h/t to Huffington Post)

Pot, Meet Kettle

The Rethug candidates for President were having some kind of fun in yesterday's debate. As they were trying to distance themselves from Preznit Dumbya, they were uncorking some yukkers at Democrats for their base. One of our favorites was this one from Willard Mousse/Mutt/Mitt Romney:

" one week (Obama) went from saying he's going to sit down...with our enemies, but then he's going to bomb our allies. He's gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week."

See any irony? Obama changing his position! That's probably not the best shot for Willard 3M Romney, who hasn't been the poster boy for consistency of positions on women's rights, gun control, gay marriage, etc. etc. The Mittster is the weathervane of American politics, turning whichever way the wind blows, saying what he needs to say to stay on the good side of the far right wing base.

Bonus irony: Willard 3M Romney's book is entitled "Turnaround." And around, and around, and around, as many times as it takes to win elections.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Reads

Today's WaPo has several items worth noting: a front page article "The Rise of Jeri Thompson," which profiles Leghorn's "trophy" second wife; and "The Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make," an op/ed by Michael Tomasky on the politics of impeachment.

First, the article on Mrs. Leghorn reveals a few tasty tidbits that should endear her to the "true conservatives" that ex-Sen. Leghorn hopes to rally to him. Following her 2002 marriage to the then-59-year-old Leghorn, 35-year-old Jeri Kehn returned to her hometown, Naperville, IL:

"It was a triumphal return for Kehn, who had left Naperville for college and spent most of her 20s biding her time in Nashville without a clear career path, living with a boyfriend whose main claim to fame was getting arrested in Red Square for unfurling a pizza-parlor banner in the last days of the Cold War. Kehn left three court judgments behind her in Nashville, one of which remains unpaid today, and a court twice garnished her wages."

Whooo-eee! A would-be Rethug First Lady scofflaw, fornicatin' an' all! Love them Republican values!

The Tomasky piece lays out the case that attempting to impeach Chimpy and President Dead-Eye Dick would not only fail, but be far more damaging to the progressive movement:

"Bush and Cheney -- and conservatism in general -- have wrecked our civic institutions and darkened our civic impulses. Nothing is beyond politicization...When everything is subordinate to politics, civic institutions and impulses suffer. But impeachment isn't the way to rebuild civic culture; indeed, it would do its own kind of harm...It would damage liberalism's prospects in the long run because unlike conservatism, liberalism depends on and is predicated on civic trust."

It's an op/ed well worth reading and for Democrats to seriously consider when talk of impeachment arises.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Chimpy Does Minneapolis

The Preznit did his obligatory compassion "tour" of the I-35W bridge rubble today, saying that he was praying for the victims' families and rescue workers.

That's nice, but the Chimpster was full of compassion, promises and heartfelt statements after Katrina in New Orleans nearly two years ago, where over 1,800 people perished, and we know how that's gone. The problem is that Chimpy sees these as political photo ops -- or at worst, damage control for his leadership failures (almost seven years of infrastructure decay, while he pushes huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans - his campaign contributors). So while the bridges and tunnels continue to deteriorate, Chimpy pledges that the I-35W bridge will be reconstructed quickly, but says nothing about the 70,000 bridges that are rated "structurally deficient." Must be waiting until January 2009.

Quote of the Week - Post Facto

"The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail, and so far it's working for us. The Democrats are the ones taking the blame for not getting anything done."

-- Minority Whip Sen. Trent Lott (Rethug-MS), in Roll Call, April 18, 2007. (One can only imagine he thought he was off the record... or he was off his meds.) Not reported in the MSM, since it would spoil their script about do-nothing Dems; h/t to DWT.