Monday, August 27, 2007

Lewd Larry's Predickament

Reports have come out today that ultraconservative Rethug Senator Larry Craig (Rethug - ID) was arrested in June in the Minneapolis airport for misdemeanor disorderly conduct for lewd behavior. The mensroom where Lewd Larry was arrested was targeted by police after reports of sexual activity. He pled guilty in August to the charge, and was fined $1000, paid $575 in fees, and given a 10-day sentence. He now says he shouldn't have pled guilty. Riiiight.

As you may remember, during last fall's elections, Lewd Larry was one of the names circulating as a closet gay during the Mark Foley scandal. He was rumored to have engaged in sex acts in the bathrooms at Union Station, not far from the Senate office building. At the time, Craig and his staff dismissed the rumor.

Looks like there'll be a new senator from Idaho next time: they don't understand these things out there.

UPDATE: The web site for Flip/Mitt/Mutt/Mousse Romney's presidential campaign has taken down a video that has Craig praising Romney. "He has very strong family values," Craig says on the video, "that's something I grew up with and believe in." He apparently said this with a straight face.

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