Sunday, November 30, 2008

Senator Tweety? "HA!"

Rumors have been flying about the possibility of MSNBC's Chris "Tweety" Matthews running as a Democrat against Rethuglican Sen. Arlen "The In" Spector in Pennsylvania in 2010. "It is absolutely not true," Tweety said, as he denied the rumors, in an unusually brief statement for him.

It might be entertaining to see Tweety in the heat of a political battle, making one gaffe or inappropriate comment after another. He'd make Joe Biden look like a monk that's taken a vow of silence. But the Dems would need to think hard about his candidacy, given all of the past videotape of Tweety being, well, Tweety.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Siege Ends, But Tension Rising

The three-day siege of parts of Mumbai is over, with Indian commandos killing the remaining terrorists in the Taj Mahal Hotel. The death toll has reached at least 195, according to CNN, with more bodies being discovered as soldiers and police clear the building room-by-room. Many in India are describing the events of the last 3 days as "India's 9/11." Indian security officials are suggesting that the attackers were affiliated with a militant Pakistani group, although the investigations are ongoing. Captured papers and cell phones indicate contacts with unknown sources in Jalalabad, Pakistan (ominous, due to Jalalabad's hosting of Taliban/al Qaeda elements near the Afghan border).

With both India and Pakistan deeply suspicious of each other and armed with nuclear weapons, the need to keep the situation from spinning out of control is urgent. When Joe Biden commented that President-elect Obama would face an international test early in his presidency, a conflict between India and Pakistan was not on anyone's radar. Now, it's the world's main hot spot.

(photo: Getty Images)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Class Warfare

Last year, Austan Goolsbee, economics professor at the University of Chicago and newly-appointed Obama economic counselor, noted that the economic policies of the Rethuglicans were putting America on a course of extreme income disparity between the very wealthy and the rest of us. Under Dumbya, Goolsbee noted that productivity gains have not translated into wage increases for most Americans, saying

"The top income levels have blown off the chart, but that's not the issue. The bottom 95 to 98 percent of income has been stagnant for the last 6 years. . .that is extremely disturbing."

The far right fought mightily during the past election to elect someone who would preserve this pattern of feeding the rich/starving the middle class. They tried to turn the issue around with a dishonest "redistribute the wealth" attack, trying to fool middle class voters into thinking that Obama was coming after them, as opposed to the wealthiest five percent. There has been economic "class warfare" (as the Rethugs like to call it) in the U.S., but it's been waged by right wing Rethugs against the middle class for the benefit of the wealthiest Americans.

Have A Seat On The SOFA, Wingnuts

The Iraqi Congress has approved the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that requires U.S. troops to be out of Iraq by the end of 2011. Among other provisions, the SOFA places limits of our military activity, and makes most foreign-based "security" forces (e.g., Blackwater) subject to prosecution.

Recall that last summer and before, the wingnut fib machine was loudly proclaiming that setting timetables for withdrawal would "embolden the enemy" and be like waving a white flag of surrender. Then, the Bushit Assministration announced that they were in negotiations with the Iraqi government to withdraw, and pulled the rug out from under the wingnut squawkers. After that, you heard virtually nothing about "timetables" from them. So, when it became impossible to use withdrawal timetables from Iraq as a phony "patriotism" issue against Dems, the wingnuts dropped it like an elephant turd. Yes, they're all about "country first."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"The Nexus of Terrorism and Nuclear Weapons"

That would be Pakistan, al Qaeda's main prize. Iraq is now "a rear guard action," according to Marine Corps General James Conway, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pakistan has all the ingredients that were lacking in Iraq: nuclear weapons, an unstable government, and large frontier areas controlled by Islamic fundamentalists allied with al Qaeda and the Taliban. Preznit Dumbya's war was everything al Qaeda could ask for: a diversion so that they could rebuild their forces and bleed ours, and a recruitment poster throughout the Muslim world.

Today's deadly attacks in neighboring India on Mumbai's hotel and commercial district was likely carried out by forces allied to al Qaeda to provoke a military reaction by India toward Pakistan. Chaos is their ally; sadly, so was Dumbya.

Big (Really Big) Loser

Defeated wingnut Congressman Phil "All You Can Eat" English (Rethug-PA) has closed his offices and is turning away constituent casework, following his defeat on Nov. 4. Ungrateful voters! Keep in mind that he and his staff are on full salary until January, when the new Congress is seated.

According to the WaPo, the congressman is not taking his defeat well, and has even short-circuited the process for interviewing and nominating candidates for the military service academies. So his refusal to work is impacting the futures of young people who want to serve their country.

Maybe if a ham sandwich were attached to each application. . .

(photo: The All You Can Eat buffet is now closed)

The Lamest Duck

Time's Joe Klein absolutely eviscerates Dumbya's passive, almost nonexistent role in the last days of his sorry Presidency. He wants to have as little to do with cleaning up the mess he created, preferring to pass it off to the next Administration. Key quote:

"Bush has never understood, or cared about, the delicate balance between freedom and regulation that was necessary to make markets work. He never understood, or cared about, the delicate balance between freedom and equity that was necessary to maintain the strong middle class. . .He never considered the complexity of the cultures he was invading. He never understood that faith, unaccompanied by rigorous skepticism, is a recipe for myopia and foolishness. He is less than President now, and that is appropriate. He was never very much of one."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jawbone Of An Ass Breaks

Right-wing nastie Ann "Adam's Apple Annie" Coulter apparently has suffered a broken jaw and has had her jaw wired shut. (Pause for moment)


Broken how? Eating her own words? Coughing up a hairball? Trying to stuff a huge female hormone tablet in her trap? Inquiring minds want to know.

(photo: With her jaw wired shut, Coulter is only able to communicate with hand gestures, hats and noisemakers)

Hannity To Debate Self, Will Lose

The news that the Fux Channel's token liberal Alan Colmes will be leaving Uberbloviator Sean "Manatee" Hannity's side by the end of the year has us wondering if the Manatee will place a mirror in Colmes' seat, so that he can win those right-left debates for a change.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pro-Palin Ads Hit Airwaves

One of John McSame's lasting gifts is a Gov. Winky You Betcha who won't go back to the frozen tundra quietly. Now supporters -- a group ironically named "Our Country Deserves Better Political Action Committee" -- are airing ads praising You Betcha in Alaska, with a plan to go nationally. Says their "strategist" Sal "Winky's Pal" Russo:

"I worked with President Reagan. . .and I can tell you that I can see so many similarities between President Reagan and Governor Palin."

Let's see. . . . .Good hair, check. Telegenic, check. Has to work from a script, check. Spouts false right-wing platitudes, check. Not much going on upstairs, check.

Yes, the new Reagan!!

The A-Team

President-elect Obama's just-announced economic team strikes us as experienced and first-class:

Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary
Lawrence Summers as National Economic Policy director
Christina Romer as head of the Council of Economic Advisers
Melody Barnes as head of the Domestic Policy Council

Still to come: Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary.

What's also encouraging (but not unexpected) is Obama's jumping into a leadership position, not waiting for others to act. While he has two months before he's sworn in, he's taking the necessary steps to demonstrate that there will be an immediate action plan and that there will be no fiddling while the economy burns.

Kurtz Wanker Watch

WaPo/CNN media "critic" Howie "Get That Job?" Kurtz has a new feature in his newspaper column "Media Notes." Howie calls it "Obama Adulation Watch," as it's intended to show how over- the- top the media are for Obama. Now why would a straight- shooter like Howie want to do that?

Well, what Howie has always failed to disclose is that his misspelled- but- appropriately- named wife, Sheri Annis, is a Republican commentator and strategist. And Howie, along with fellow right-wing water carrier Asshat Halperin, is wasting no time in trying to blunt the effect of Obama's landslide. Minimize it. Delegitimatize it. Whatever he can do to help his ideological brethren. So, look for Howie in the weeks and months ahead to use his column to reinforce post-election Rethug memes (the "librul media" won it for Obama, we're a center-right nation, Obama is just a "celebrity", where's the change?, etc., etc.).

So, henceforth, we'll be running a "Kurtz Wanker Watch" to keep tabs on the fella as he does his best (in his own small, and ultimately futile, way) to undermine the Obama administration.

(Photo: For post-election Howie, the "world turned upside down.")

Quote of the Week

"Right now we are devoid of ideas." Utah Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. Only if by "right now" you mean "for the past 15 years"!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Oh, the Humanity!"

Ohio State, 42 - Michigan, 7
Florida State, 37 - Maryland, 3
Wisconsin, 36 - Cal Poly, 35 (OT)

No doubt Wisconsin scheduled the late-season game with Cal-Poly as a tune-up for a Rose Bowl or other BCS game, back when they actually thought they would have a top-10 team this year. Maybe they'll get a bid for the Underachieving Bowl.

Michigan? Theirs isn't even a top-10 team in the Big Ten. They're only maybe the fourth best team in Michigan! Congratulations to their brain trust for signing Coach Rich "I Blew Up Two Programs at Once" Rodriguez to a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract!

And poor Maryland. They thought they were legit, too. Win against Florida State and against Boston College next week, and they win the ACC. As Poppy Bush would say, "Not gonna happen."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Deep Thoughts," by Mark Halperin

No less an expert on "media bias" than Mark "Asshat" Halperin is now offering up his "thoughts" on the "extreme" media bias in favor of Obama. Asshat was polishing his glass belly button from the inside when the following pro-Obama stories occupied endless media hours: Rev. Jeremiah Wright, flagpin, bitter people clinging to guns and religion, shouldn't Obama be doing much better in the polls, the phone call at 3 a.m., Obama's illegal alien aunt, and of course, Obama: Muslim terrorist, or simply Muslim? John Cole nails Asshat along with some of his fellow snivelers, all of whom demonstrably had man-crushes on McMaverick, or would for anyone with an "R" next to his name.

Just more "working the refs" from the right wing propagandists.

Spare Us The "Forgiveness" Please

Twenty eight years after his murder, the Vatican has "forgiven" Beatle John Lennon's offhand comment in 1966 that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus." Such a Christian attitude, albeit so many years late. As the Church Lady would say, "well, isn't that special."

As Lennon explained numerous times, he didn't mean it in a boastful way, but as an ironic commentary that the pop music culture was rivaling religion among young people in popularity.

Perhaps less focus on dead rock stars and more focus on rooting out pedophile priests would be in order.

"Obama's Vetting Could Chase Away Candidates"

That's CNN's headline. But they're not thinking about Obama's welfare. CNN and others would prefer much less vetting, so that they might pounce later on Obama officials for old jaywalking tickets, second cousins serving jail time, or some inane "gotcha."

The mainstream media needs to feed on swill constantly; after all, Drudge rules their world. Glad the Obama team isn't playing.

Dumbya's Gift That Keeps On Stinking

Before administrations change in Washington, political appointees about to lose their jobs scurry for cover. The practice of political types slipping into Federal career jobs is known as "burrowing," and it's usually achieved through political pressure on the hiring agency, not merit.

Some of that has drawn the attention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Dr. James McCarthy. He notes that recent selections of Bush Assministration political hacks to career scientific positions is "ludicrous." By putting non-scientists in career positions that require scientific expertise, officials in the Energy Department's Office of Science, and the Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will undermine the scientific missions of these agencies, according to McCarthy. He adds,

"You'd just like to think people have more respect for the institution of government than to leave wreckage behind with these appointments."

Aw, come on, Dr. McCarthy. These agencies need to spend less time on science, and more time on know-nothing, Bushie politics. Dumbya will see to that even after he's left the White House.

(photo: Bush appointee Jimmy Joe Wheedle expresses joy at his selection to be the main scientist overseeing atomic weapons design)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wingnuts "Can't Handle the Truth"

David Neiwert has a good piece on the continuing, misguided navel-gazing going on in the right-wing alternate universe. I hope they never figure it out.

We're Gonna, I Say, We're Gonna Miss Ya, Fred

Former Rethuglican Presidential hopeful Fred "Sleepy" Thompson announced his retirement from politics today, surprising many who thought Sleepy had retired some years ago. Nonetheless, Sleepy will return to his "acting" career, where he always played himself holding different jobs.

His campaign for President was seen at first as the salvation for the Rethuglican Party, but quickly deteriorated when Sleepy proved to be a less than energetic campaigner. He also put his audiences to sleep, which is not smart politically. He will be missed by Democrats everywhere.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Department of Unintentional Humor

"More than anyone else, you have taught me the meaning of representing my state." - - retiring Sen. Pete "What's My Cut?" Domenici (Rethug-NM).
"That's right, Ted." - - Sen. Robert "Porkie" Byrd (Coal-WV), shouting his agreement.

Two of the very worst pork barrel politicians, giving praise and shoutouts to a third, defeated felon Sen. Ted "Payoff" Stevens, father of the bridge to nowhere and other fiscal follies. Ted said his good-byes today in the Senate.

Uh, Ted? Before you leave, we need to inventory the silverware. Thanks!

On The Good Ship Sucker

It's that time of year again, when the wingnuts over at National Review pass the plate to the rubes and wannabees and set sail on the good ship Sucker. Who could pass up mixing with the likes of Jonah "Doughy Pantload" Goldberg, or Victor Davis Maximus Gluteous Eruptus Hanson, or Rich "Sarah Starbursts" Lowry? Or sharing witticisms with Mark "Brown" Steyn, or with John "Sit on my Lap" Derbeyshire? Rising Hegemon has ongoing reports and photos that are bound to amuse.

It would probably resolve a lot of the Rethuglican Party's problems if the ship drifed into the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared.

Rethug Woes Continue

A new Gallup poll indicates that the Rethuglican "brand" has fallen to new lows. Sixty one percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of the party, vs. 55 percent of Americans having a favorable view of the Democratic Party. The Rethug low is the worst in the 16 years that Gallup has been measuring public attitudes toward each party.

What the Rethugs need to do now is to unite behind the Wasilla Winker and American Ayatollah Dobson to stay on the true path, gosh darn it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying The Friendly Skies

The big three auto CEOs got raked over the coals today by Congress for each flying to D.C. in private corporate jets, vs. commercial flights. Members of the House Financial Services Committee ridiculed the big wigs, who are in Washington to ask for a multi-billion dollar Federal bailout of their failing companies. Rep. Gary Ackerman observed:

"It's almost like seeing a guy show up at the soup kitchen in high hat and tuxedo."

The clueless CEOs apparently don't have a problem cutting their workforces, as long as they retain the perks they've become accustomed to. If the bailout goes through, we're betting Congress will insist that their corporate jets are sold.

Sen. Hagel Fires at Large Gas Balloon

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel (Nebraska) is feeling more comfortable expressing his opinions of late, now that's he's retiring from the Senate. Huffington Post has this piece on what Hagel had to say about his own party and one particularly gaseous, self-described "water carrier" for the Rethugs: Rush "Pills" Limbaugh. Here's what Hagel's take on Limpballs was:

"We are educated by the great entertainers like Rush Limbaugh...[The truth is] they try to rip everyone down and make fools of everybody, but they don't have any answers."

First, let me say, "Hey, that's our m.o., too!" But more seriously, we hope Sen. Hagel has a large mailbox, because just like others who have run afoul of the crackpot right's hegemony, he should expect to get a blimpful of hate mail from Rush's "dittoheads."

(Photo: Limpballs: "Since I can't have my young Dominican lads, this'll have to do.")


Everyone wave buh-bye to Fux News' E.D. Hill, of the infamous Obama "terrorist fist jab." Hill, whose contract was not renewed, later apologized for the remark. At the time it was unclear whether the dolts at Fux really thought the fist bump was something radical and un-American and/or simply wanted to rile their sheep, er, viewers, many of whom have never met a person of the Negro persuasion. The comment gave rise to the problematic New Yorker cover cartoon showing President-elect Obama and his wife in the White House garbed in "terrorist" outfits bumping fists.

You know, she might have a future with Drudge.

Quote of the Day

"It is likely that we really do want universal health care and some measure of wealth spreading, and even would like to see it become easier to organize a union in the workplace, however misguided such ideas may seem to the nation's institutions of higher carping." -- the excellent Thomas Frank, writing in the Wall Street Journal, about resistance in the pundit world and among corporate fat cats to the vote for change on November 4.

Democrat Begich Wins Alaska Senate Seat

Last night, the Associated Press called the Alaskan Senate race for Democrat Mark Begich, currently mayor of Anchorage. He accumulated enough absentee ballots to surge ahead of incumbent felon Ted "Payoff" Stevens, who was the Senate expert on both the internet tubes and graft. That brings the count to 58 Democrats, with the Senate seats in Minnesota and Georgia yet to be determined.

It's also a mild blow to Alaskan Gov. Winky You Betcha, who many observers believed was prepared to resign as Governor and have herself appointed to the seat if Stevens won and was expelled from the Senate. As much as Winky hates Washington, she wants to get there in the worst way.

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Dead-eye, Gonzo

A grand jury in Texas has indicted Dead-eye Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto "Gonzo/Berto/Fredo" Gonzales on charges related to prisoner abuse at Federal detention centers. Apparently Dead-eye is an investor in a company that manages the centers, and Gonzo halted an investigation into abuse at the centers as Attorney General.

Although the district attorney bringing the charges appears to be a loose cannon with only a few weeks left in office, this is a welcome annoyance to the duo that repeatedly undermined or ignored U.S. laws. And hopefully just the beginning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bushies Wave The White Flag

The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) recently signed by the Iraqi government and Bushit Assministration requires the total withdrawal of U.S. forces by the end of 2011, regardless of "conditions on the ground." The "white flag of surrender" horsecrap peddled by the Bushies and McSame was Rovian politics all along, designed to stir up the base and divert attention from the fact that the Iraqis wanted our forces out by a specific date.

Oh, and someone in the Obama transition team needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with Bushie Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike "Sullen" Mullen, who wants to fudge the agreement between the U.S. and Iraq and base the withdrawal on neocon "conditions on the ground." Sorry, Admiral Mullen, that decision's above your effing paygrade. Shades of "Seven Days In May."

Boo Freaking Hoo

Wingnut holy roller group "Focus on the Family", run by American Ayatollah James Dobson, is cutting roughly 18% of its workforce, following a drop in revenues. "Focus on the Family" is one of the major right-wing organizations that fronts as a "religious" group, and has successfully influenced the policies of the Rethug Party by mobilizing hard core wingers.

(photo: Dobson and wife praying with Dumbya for capital gains tax cuts)

Gain Without Pain

Indications are that Senate Democrats will cave and allow Joe Lieberliar (Party of Me-CT) to retain his chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee. He's likely to be stripped of at least one subcommittee chairmanship, a slap on the wrist considering his behavior over the past year in opposing President-elect Obama's candidacy.

The Democrats will hold at least 57 seats in the Senate by January, so Lieberliar's not essential to hold a majority in the Senate, and he'd be totally unreliable if needed to break a filibuster by Rethugs. So why give him the satisfaction of knowing that he could slime the Democratic candidate (and campaign for Senate Rethugs up for reelection) and get away with it? They're going to regret letting Lieberliar off the hook.

UPDATE: As expected, Senate Dems voted to allow Lieberliar to retain his Homeland Security committee chairmanship; he was booted of an Environment and Public Works subcommittee as "punishment." He didn't apologize for campaigning for McBush. Moral: The Rethugs show up to play football, the Dems show up to play badminton.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Center-Right Nation" Indeed

The Rethugs have very little in the way of emotional comfort food following their thrashing at the polls nearly two weeks ago. But that doesn't mean they haven't been munching. The main source of comfort? The canard that America is still a "center-right" nation. As we've already noted, the wingers think what just hit them wasn't really what it was: a shift of political gravity away from the right. Now, we have one of the few reality-based conservative thinkers writing that there has been a shift to the left-center. The writer, Tod Lindberg, is a fellow at the Hoover (!) Institution and former McSame adviser, but he'd better be ready for the angry mail he'll be receiving as a result of his letting reality intrude into the magical world of the far-right.

Quote of the Day

"But she's going to be one of 20 or 30 significant players. She's not going to be the de facto leader." - - Newtie Gingrich on "Face the Nation," commenting on Gov. Winky You Betcha's future role in the Rethuglican Party, which he doesn't think is big at all.

Newtie's playing the "Emperor-has-no-clothes" role (except for the ones Winky got from Nieman-Marcus). Also, Winky will be sending Newtie a moose costume for hunting season.

(photo: If looks could kill . . . )

Fair is Fair

The wingnuts are in a helpful mood these days. Witness the most recent suggestions from culture warrior and former Bush speechwriter Michael "Mushroom Cloud" Gerson in Saturday's WaPo. MC Gerson advises President-elect Obama to steer clear of three tripwire issues that could ignite the mouth-breathers who occupy a certain spectrum of the electorate: abortion and bioethics, the "card check" union voting issue, and reimposing the Fairness Doctrine. Let's just look at the last issue at this time.

The Fairness Doctrine, requiring broadcasters to give equal time to opposing political viewpoints, was a federal regulation until it was overturned by the Raygun assministration. Why? Well, because the plutocrat right wanted to buy up all the radio networks in order to establish a right-wing propaganda empire and didn't want to be deterred by any "fairness" issues. And it's worked wonderfully well for the reactionaries, if not for American political civility. You have Clear Channel, Sterling, Bonneville, Fox, ABC and other wholly owned subsidiaries of the Republican National Committee freely broadcasting their hate radio programming into every rural hamlet from Ashtabula to Fargo, where there's no competing viewpoint ever expressed. Coincidence you say? No. These broadcasters all get their talking points from the same RNC/ Grover Norquist/ Matt Drudge sources and all belong to the same professional conservative networks. Most often these broadcasters (Limpballs, Manatee Hannity, "Wiener" Savage, Hugh "Manboobs" Hewitt, Dennis Prager, etc.) aren't discussing political philosophy as much as they're inciting their easily-led listeners to hatred and violence.

Among MC Gerson's concerns? Regulating via the Fairness Doctrine "would destroy the profitability of conservative talk radio..." To which we would respond, "Regulate, baby, regulate!"

(Photo: talking points being prepared for hate radio broadcast)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Ominous Sign

Threats to President-elect Obama are increasing, according to law enforcement officials, including the Secret Service. The threats started to increase as Sen. McNasty's and Gov. Winky You Betcha's slurs during the campaign grew (Obama's a socialist, he's "not like us", he "pals around with terrorists" etc.), which prompted calls from their extreme wingnut audience to "kill him", "off with his head", and "terrorist." This was echoed endlessly by the wingnut Wurlitzer and the Fux News crowd.

Now, we're seeing the results of their demagoguery, and God forbid some sick winger would attempt violence against the President-elect. However, we know who should be charged as accessories if violence ensues.

Another Year Older

We celebrated a birthday a couple of days ago, which partly explains our failure to blog. Thanks to family and friends for wishing us happy birthday.

We had to disable the smoke alarms when the candles were blown out. (ta da boom)

So It's Milestones After All

Iraq's cabinet has voted on a pact with the U.S. that would have U.S. troops removed from Iraqi cities and towns by next June, and would have all troops removed by the end of 2011. The security pact goes to the Iraqi parliament today for a vote, and is considered very likely to pass. The agreement is "not subject to the circumstances on the ground," a favorite cliche of those wanting to drag out our occupation indefinitely.

So, after years of posturing about "artificial milestones," "victory" or "waving the white flag," the Bushit Assministration is getting ready to sign off on an agreement that would have our troops withdraw at a date certain, no wiggle room. Any chance the neocons'/Rethugs' posturing was for domestic U.S. political consumption, to hammer Democrats as being "weak on terrorism"?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quote of the Day

". . .the Republicans still seem to be listening to Bill Kristol, the Wile E. Coyote of political strategems, and are intent on foisting this national punchline on their party in 2012. Please. Do it. When has Bill Kristol ever been wrong?" - - tbogg, commenting on the Winking Wonderwoman of Wasilla's bizarre hold on Wee Willie Kristol's and the neocon right wing's fantasies.

Right Wing's Pants On Fire

Over at the Huffington Post, Michael Giltz responds to the dishonest story lines that the right wing is peddling in the aftermath of Obama's election. Among them, that America is "a center-right nation", that Gov. Winky You Betcha is the future of the Rethuglican Party, that McSame ran an honorable campaign, etc.

Expect the right wing and their facilitators in the barbeque mainstream media to continue to downplay the impact of Obama's election on the direction that voters want to take this country in.

A Tale Of Two Senators

It's looking like Senate Democrats may let turncoat Joe Lieberliar off with a virtual slap on the wrist for campaigning all out for McSame and frequently slandering candidate Obama. With Obama extending an olive branch to him, Lieberliar may only lose a subcomittee chairmanship, as opposed to losing the chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Government Operations Committee. Lieberliar won't return the favor to the President-elect if he does retain the committee chairmanship. He has no incentive to, since, as Chairman the past 2 years, he was up to his flabby lips in protecting the Bush Assministration's incompetence on Katrina and its failure to respond to al Qaeda's threats in the months before 9-11. He was part of the problem and he knows it, so count on him being a thorn in Obama's side.

And speaking of olive branches, what about Sen. Clinton, who got 18 million primary votes, and who did everything and more that the Obama campaign asked her to do? Obama campaign officials are playing coy about when and how they'll help Clinton retire nearly $8 million in campaign debt. He'll need Sen. Clinton on issues ranging from health care reform to bringing our troops home from Iraq.

Maybe she should have campaigned for McSame, too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barone = Moron

Right wing pundit Michael "Baloney" Barone commented at a conference of 500 academics that, "the liberal media attacked" Alaska Gov. Winky You Betcha because "she did not abort her Down syndrome baby. . .they wanted her to kill that child." A number of people at the conference walked out after hearing that disgusting lie. Baloney sheepishly said later that he was "attempting to be humorous." Riiiiight, Baloney. His smear didn't go over so well with the audience, so he decided to lie through his yellow teeth.

You Betcha was "attacked" because she clearly lacked any qualifications to be Vice President, and she showed that on her own by her nasty demagoguery and her clueless responses to simple questions from the likes of Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. Only hacks like Baloney refuse to see it, despite sixty percent of the American people seeing it.

Wingers like this sick clown are self destructing before our eyes, knowing that they bet on the wrong side and lost big.

Quote of the Day

"You ensure the ongoing Palinizaton and marginalization -- electorally, the terms are synonymous -- of the Republican Party. And to think that you're doing all this not on the Democratic National Committee's dime but on Rupert Murdoch's." - - Harold Meyerson, writing in the Washington Post, about Fux News' reinforcing the myths that are marginalizing the Rethug right wing. Read his whole column.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Veterans Day

Let's never forget the sacrifice and courage of those who served and are serving in our armed forces. We need to see that our veterans are given the best benefits and care possible.

The GOP's "Very Sad Road" Ahead

Analysis by the Cook Report indicates that the Democrats are looking to pick up even more seats in the Senate in the 2010 elections. That would make 3 elections in a row that the Rethugs lose ground in Congress. Several vulnerable Rethugs are up for reelection: Bunning in Kentucky, Voinovich in Ohio, Martinez in Florida, and Specter in Pennsylvania to name some. Also some Rethug retirements are in the offing: McAncient in Arizona and Brownback in Kansas, paving the way for Democratic Governors Napolitano and Sebelius, respectively, to potentially win those seats.

Looking at the Senate picture for Rethugs in 2010, one Cook analyst said, "it's a long, very very sad road, if you're in the GOP." Yes, but we're not. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Seeing Dumbya's Legacy

A northern Baghdad neighborhood was the scene of three explosions, killing 28. It's the deadliest attack since June 17.

Talks between the Bush Assministration and the Iraqi government are stalled over conditions for continued U.S. troop presence in Iraq. Iraq is looking for complete withdrawal of U.S. combat troops by 2011.

A Hearty Handclasp

President-elect Obama told a story in his book about meeting Dumbya for the first time. Dumbya's worried about catching colds, so he uses a hand sanitizer after shaking hands. After greeting Obama, Dumbya turned to an aide and got a squirt of sanitizer, as did Obama.

Obama might want to douse himself with sanitizer today, since the two are meeting at the White House, presumably for the President-elect to get Dumbya's keen insights into deciderin' and Presidentin'. Sort of like an elementary school basketball player giving tips to Kobe Bryant.

Actions Have Consequences

Democrats are their own worst enemies when they appear to back down on an important matter. That's one thing that the Rethugs always count on. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid looks like he's getting shaky about what to do with Joe Lieberliar, based on yesterday's interview on CNN. Lieberliar not only campaigned actively against President-elect Obama, he shared the stage with Rethuglican Senate and House members up for election or reelection and lent his tacit support to them. He has no business chairing the Homeland Security/Government Operations Committee; he held no hearings in the last 2 years to hold Dumbya's feet to the fire, and he would only be a thorn in President Obama's side were he to continue to chair the committee. Allowing him to remain in the Democratic Caucus would guarantee that none of their deliberations would remain confidential. Democrats can harvest votes from moderate Rethugs such as Sens. Snowe, Gregg, Specter and Collins if needed. If Lieberliar wants to vote with Democrats from time to time, fine, but he needs to know that his actions have consequences.

Friday, November 7, 2008

More Kool Aid, Brothers and Sisters?

Right wingers are in denial about the elections returns, with some of the more delusional saying that the McSame campaign was too moderate! Holy roller Christianist Tony (The One in "Psycho"?) Perkins said that the reason for the Rethug loss was that they tried to appeal to moderates, rather than go full bore wingnut. Yes, that would have been fun to watch: go with the hardcore 15 percent right wing mouthbreathers, because they're "mainstream" America. The polls say that the McSame/You Betcha campaign lost ground with every "Socialist", "terrorist", "Jeremiah Wright" attack that they launched. So, yes, wingers, by all means, go full bore wingnut. That will keep you on the margins of politics for generations to come.

Toot, Toot!

With North Carolina finally called for Obama, we feel it's time for a little horn-tooting: WE NAILED IT! -- meaning our prediction that Obama would get 364 electoral votes was right on the money. (We had Indiana and Missouri, both with 11 electoral votes, switched.)

Other hits: Dole and Sununu out

Near hits: Sen. Coleman awaiting recount in Minnesota; networks called the election at 11:00 EST rather than the predicted 10:30 (although they knew at roughly 10 that Obama was the winner, thanks to victories in PA and OH)

Misses: Rep. Bachmann ("The Minnesota Loon") reelected

Joe the Loser

Joe Lieberliar (Party of Me-CT) cast his lot with a loser in the Presidential elections. He could have just endorsed McSame and remained away from the campaign, which would have been merely awkward for his Democratic colleagues. No. He campaigned every day for him, delivered a vile speech at the Rethuglican Fib Fest in St. Paul that disparaged President-elect Obama, and said nothing when the McSame campaign and its allies on the far right tried to smear Obama as an anti-Semite to Jewish voters. In other words, he aggressively stuck a finger in the eye of the Democratic Party.

Speculation is that he'll certainly lose all of his committee positions, and will likely be booted from the Democratic Caucus. The Democrats are waiting to see the outcome of Senate races in Minnesota and Georgia before acting. Lieberliar says he's considering some "options," meaning that he's likely to caucus with the Rethugs. That should seal his fate in overwhelmingly Democratic Connecticut if he's delusional enough to run for the Senate in 2012.

(photo: Lieberliar emerges from a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, saying "Harry has a mean left hook.")

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Merkley Wins Oregon Senate Seat

Jeff Merkley has defeated Oregon Rethug Sen. Gordon Smith for reelection. The votes from the Portland and Eugene jurisdictions put him over the top. That makes 57 Democrats in the Senate.

Good work to our Portland, Oregon contingent.

North Carolina Won By Obama

The Associated Press is reporting that the final count in North Carolina has been completed, and that President-elect Obama carried the state by a slim margin, roughly 13,000 votes. That brings the electoral vote for him to 364. (Missouri is still out, and it's also very close there with McSame having a slight edge).

Fire. . .Ready. . .Aim!

The Rethug post-election circular firing squad has begun in earnest. As indicated in our post yesterday (Winking Wasilla Wonderwoman), leaks from McSame's loyalists are spilling out at Gov. You Betcha's expense. Newsweek magazine will be carrying a full account of behind-the-scenes backstabbing and disfunction in the McSame campaign. A McSame staffer told Fux News that You Betcha was so clueless that she thought Africa was a country, and that she refused to prepare for the disastrous Couric interview. You Betcha's far right winger fans are furious at the McSame staffers, and are preparing to blacklist them from future Rethug hatefests/campaigns.

What fun! Let's sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

Wingnuts Bemoan Obama's Victory

As to be expected, the hard right blogosphere is in furious spinning mode after Tuesday's decisive win by President-elect Obama (that has a nice ring to it). The 101st Fighting Keyboarders are brushing the Cheetos dust off their fingers, asking their moms not to disturb them in the basement, and getting ready for 4 years of battle with the Godless Socialist enemy by stockpiling Mountain Dew.

Honest appraisals of why American voters turned against the Rethug brand are for wussies, they believe. They know why. The Rethugs weren't viciously right wing enough; some cross-burnings and a treason trial or two would have helped. Get a load of some of the "commentary" that's been offered by the wingnuts, and you'll understand that they need to be kept as far away from civil society as possible.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Ode to Joe

(To the tune of the "Roto-Rooter" ad song)

Call Joe the "Plumber"
That's the name
And away goes your party
Down the drain!
Joe the "Plumber!"

For a party that's fallen between the cracks.

Quotes of the Day

"This is a total repudiation of the Republican brand. This is a party that is out of touch not only with the American electorate but their own base." - - Former Rethuglican congressman and MSNBC pundit Joe Scarborough, waxing indignant.

"I think, frankly, that we could be on the cusp of a new era." - - Paleoconservative Pat "Pitchfork" Buchanan, in a rare moment of lucidity.


The Winking Wasilla Wonderwoman

Now that the McSame campaign has gone belly-up, reports are leaking out of their campaign of Gov. You Betcha's odd behavior and expensive taste. This is to be expected, as the McSame loyalists are pointing fingers at Caribou Barbie as part of the reason for their demise. Here are some choice tidbits:

-- You Betcha greeted McSame senior advisors in her hotel suite during the Rethug convention wrapped only in a towel. Hmmmmmm. Maybe You Betcha was mistaking their visit for an episode of "Big Brother" or an audition for a Hustler magazine spread.

-- You Betcha spent a whole lot more than the reported $150,000 on her glad rags; she also ran up the tab for her husband and kids, prompting a McSame aide to describe the shopping spree as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Nieman Marcus from coast to coast. . ."

One only hopes that we've seen the last of this crew, but with the Rethugs as delusional as ever, that's not likely.

Night To Remember

Courtesy of Huffington Post. . . .

Newspaper headlines announcing Obama's win.

Scenes from the Obama celebration last night. Tears of happiness flowing from Jesse Jackson sums it up.

The reaction around the world that's being broadcast by news organizations is unbelievable; people in China and Japan, Africa, Europe, and South America jumping and shouting, and waving American flags. After eight years of destructive arrogance, they're hungry to love America again and what it stands for.

The Change We Need

Sen. Obama's election as the 44th President was history in the making. Having lived through the civil rights era and seeing racial prejudice even today, we're somewhat in disbelief this morning that America has chosen an African-American as its President, and by a healthy margin. The sheer joy of millions here and throughout the world was clearly visible in watching election night coverage. Obama spoke to at least 100,000 people in Chicago's Grant Park last night, saying:

"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer."

While the final tallies in Missouri, Indiana and North Carolina are incomplete, Obama can count on a minimum of 338* electoral votes, winning such Rethuglican states as Ohio, Virginia and Florida in the east, and Colorado and Nevada in the West. Obama appears to have beaten McSame 52 to 46 percent in the popular vote, the first time since Carter that a Democrat has topped 50 percent.

*UPDATE: Indiana (!!) goes for Obama; make that electoral total so far 349. What's going on in North Carolina?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"I Didn't Vote For Obama Today"

It's not what you think. Let's see if you can get through this post without choking up. The majority of voters won't know the pride -- and a burden lifted -- that African-American voters feel in today's election. But we can all celebrate how far we've come.


This ad began running locally here only a couple of days ago, but it's a powerful message.

Now, go vote.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Just saw an anti-Obama ad on MSNBC by some sleazy bunch of reptiles calling themselves "The Republican Trust PAC." The ad's content? Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Yeah, they went there in the last 6 hours of the campaign. What a classy bunch.

It'll make the ass-kicking they're going to get tomorrow all the more enjoyable.

"Path to Victory"

"Top Republicans still see path to White House victory."

1) They must not have seen our "Fearless Forecast."

2) In any event, we would like to order whatever it is they've been ingesting.

Fearless Forecast!

After close consultation with our polling firms and independent analysis of our own internal numbers, Hackwhackers is ready to make this fearless forecast for tomorrow's election:

Obama/Biden: 364 electoral votes

McSleazy/You Betcha: 174 electoral votes

Newsworthy notes:

Obama carries most of the "tossup" states (VA, MO, NC, FL, OH) but misses carrying Indiana and Montana by less than 2% (BFD).

The networks will call the election by 10:30 p.m. EST.

Noted Rethugs going down: Rep. Michelle "I See Anti-Americans" Bachmann; Sen. Elizabeth "Niagara" Dole; Sen. "Norm" (Short for "Normally I'm a Republican, Except When I'm Up for Reelection") Coleman; Sen. John "Boo-Hoo" Sununu.

C'mon Virgil, Be Goode!

We nearly fell over laughing at this news item from Daily Kos: Virginia Rethuglican Virgil (Not So) Goode is linked to a gay erotic film. (Pause for a moment) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Not that there's anything wrong with that. . . but Goode, a turncoat Democrat who switched parties in 2002, has been one of the most reactionary members of Congress, voting with the pro-tobacco group and against the economic well-being of his south Virginia constituents in favor of corporate interests, and in favor of "family values" Rethuglicanism.

(photo: "Not So" Goode railing against "teh gays" at a Christian "Love Thy Neighbor" rally.)

Polls -- One Day to Go

The ABC News/WaPo's daily tracking poll has Obama leading McSame 54 to 43 among likely voters, an increase over Friday and Saturday's numbers. The latest CBS News poll has Obama leading by 13 points, 54 to 41, and the USA Today/Gallup poll has Obama leading by 11, 53 to 42. All of the polls show an increase for Obama since last week.

The similarities in the polls point are striking, even as McSame pours on the fibs about taxes, "socialism" and leadership. His right wing supporters are putting out Swift Boat-like ads in battleground states on the Obama/Jeremiah Wright connection, trying to link Obama with Wright's nutty outbursts. It's all part of the "he's not a real American" innuendo that is failing mightily with the American people.

McSame Throwing You Betcha Under the Bus?

St. Maverick McSame turned in a pretty funny performance in Saturday Night Live's opening skit, with the set-up being McSame and Gov. You Betcha pitching their campaign on the QVC channel. However, Tina Fey's You Betcha was portrayed as an opportunistic climber, selling her 2012 campaign tee shirts and displaying her ambition for bigger things a few steps from McSame. An interesting dynamic, because McSame obviously knew that was in the script, since it had him calling "Sarah, where are you?" off camera.

Does anyone now think the "diva" and "whack job" quotes of McSame's staff referring to You Betcha weren't at least tacitly approved by McSame himself?

Dead-Eye Endorses McSame

In what must be one of the most undesired endorsements short of bin Laden's, Dead-eye Dick Cheney endorsed McSame on Saturday. McSame will be sending Dead-eye a bouquet of poison ivy.

Sen. Obama's reaction: "I'd like to congratulate Sen. McCain on this endorsement because he really earned it." Hee hee hee.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reagan Endorses Obama

Ron Reagan, son of the late President, has "officially" endorsed Sen. Obama. It would be hilarious if he made some TV ads of his endorsement ("Hi, I'm Ronald Reagan and I endorse Sen. Obama for President"). McNasty (a "foot soldier in Reagan's revolution") would go ballistic. Heh heh.