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Arizona Certifies Biden Win, Joining Other States (UPDATED)

As expected, the State of Arizona certified the win of President-elect Joe Biden over sociopathic neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump this afternoon:

"Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, certified the election results Monday morning, saying the elections process was the most secure in recent history, 'despite unfounded claims to the contrary.' The state's Gov. Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich, along with Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel, witnessed the certification, as required by state law. These three officials are Republicans.

Ducey, who echoed Hobbs' comments and praised the integrity of Arizona's election system, also said he would sign official documentation on Monday and have it hand-delivered to the president of the US Senate, so that Kelly 'can be sworn in as swiftly as possible.'"  (our emphasis)

Pennsylvania and Nevada have completed their certification processes, and Wisconsin is expected to do so today. Michigan and Georgia certified Biden's win last week. Trump and his enablers are continuing to file frivolous and inept lawsuits in court to overturn the election despite the recounts and certifications.

UPDATE:  Here's a little more texture to the certification signing, with an unhinged caller holding on line one--

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International Group To Russia: Explain Navalny Attack

The global chemical weapons watchdog, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), is calling for the Kremlin to explain the use of the chemical nerve agent Novichok against thug Vladimir Putin's Russian opposition leader Alexi Navalny earlier this year. Navalny became sick in August on a flight in Russia, and was flown to Germany for treatment, where it was determined that his illness resulted from poisoning by a nerve agent developed and used by the Russian military. Tests by labs in France, Sweden and by the OPCW confirmed the German lab findings:

"The organization’s director-general, Fernando Arias, told Monday’s meeting that according to the Chemical Weapons Convention, 'the poisoning of an individual through the use of a nerve agent is a use of a chemical weapon.'

A group of 56 nations issued a statement as the start of the annual meeting of the OPCW’s member states urging Moscow to disclose 'in a swift and transparent manner the circumstances of this chemical weapons attack.'”

Of course, ex-KGB Colonel Putin is hardly likely to respond to their urgings, as this is the favorite method he employs to dispatch political opponents and former intelligence officers who have defected, as in the case of Sergei Skripal, who was attacked in England by Russian operatives in March 2018 using the same nerve agent. 

As his worshipful stooge exits the White (Supremacist) House in January, Putin can be expected to have far greater pressure applied to him by the U.S. for that and other outrages (such as putting bounties on U.S. military in Afghanistan) or face more punishing sanctions and international isolation.


Today's Tomorrow Cartoon: Back To Normal Until Next Time

 (click to enlarge)

If you view the 2020 elections as a "test run" for Republican subversion of our democratic elections, you'd be right. They've identified the weak points that can be exploited in future elections -- leaning on partisan canvassing boards, damaging the Postal Service's ability to deliver absentee ballots, etc. Holding the Trumpist Republicans at bay this time hinged on a decisive Biden-Harris win, their employing an inept, lunatic legal team and on judges who hewed to election law statutes (which may now be modified by Republican-controlled state legislatures).

We're in for a long struggle with the forces of authoritarianism, enabled by a craven horse- race- obsessed media, for the future of our democratic republic.

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Monday Reading

As always, please go to the links for the full articles/ op eds.

Catherine Rampell has the legacy of Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump by the numbers:

261,000 (and growing): If anything is “sacred,” it is human life. This number is the minimum tally of U.S. lives lost to the novel coronavirus as of Wednesday night. By the time Trump leaves office it will be higher. Even by Thanksgiving morning, it will be higher.

$750: The amount Trump reportedly paid in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. He paid the same amount his first year in the White House, too.

14.7 percent: The unemployment rate in April 2020. Also the highest unemployment rate on record since modern statistics on joblessness began in 1948 and likely the highest rate since the Great Depression.

$421 million: The amount of loans and other debts for which Trump is personally responsible, with most of it reportedly coming due within four years — that is, a period when Trump had hoped to serve his second presidential term. [snip]

$130,000: The amount Trump paid an adult-film actress with whom he had an affair; this bought her silence ahead of the 2016 election.

26: The number of women who have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

26 million: The number of American adults who reported that their household didn’t have enough to eat just ahead of Election Day.

Those numbers belong in the Trump Presidential Library.

Leonard Pitts, Jr., writes about the craven Republicans unwilling to defend democracy:

Almost three weeks later. Trump retreats ever deeper into his delusions about election fraud — the resemblance to Hitler in his bunker, ordering non-existent armies into action, cannot be denied — yet it is still news whenever some lonely Republican musters the guts to refer to the president-elect as the president-elect. Even more so when some still-serving party member rebukes Trump.

New York Rep. Peter King said it was inexcusable, in the summer of 2014, for President Obama to wear a tan suit. Yet about Trump’s subversion of democracy, he has said nothing. Monday, on Twitter and CNN, respected reporter Carl Bernstein named 21 GOP senators — including McSally, Grassley, Cornyn, Collins, Rubio and Rick Scott — who in private, he says, “have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump and his fitness to be POTUS.”

Yet almost none has been willing to say so publicly. Why? Well, they’re scared Trump might tweet at them. That could even cost them an election. But if fear of losing your job keeps you from defending your country, you don’t deserve the job. Frankly, you don’t even deserve the country.

Read more here:

Here's the insanity they're complicit in.  "20 Days of Fantasy and Failure: Inside Trump's Quest to Overturn the Election" is, as they say, the first draft of the history of this inflection point:

The facts were indisputable: President Trump had lost.

But Trump refused to see it that way. Sequestered in the White House and brooding out of public view after his election defeat, rageful and at times delirious in a torrent of private conversations, Trump was, in the telling of one close adviser, like “Mad King George, muttering, ‘I won. I won. I won.’ ”

However cleareyed Trump’s aides may have been about his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, many of them nonetheless indulged their boss and encouraged him to keep fighting with legal appeals. They were “happy to scratch his itch,” this adviser said. “If he thinks he won, it’s like, ‘Shh . . . we won’t tell him.’ ”

ICYMI, here's a small part of the "60 Minutes" interview last night with lifelong Republican Chris Krebs, former head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the DHS (you can view the full interview here):


Infidel 753 has an interesting, and hopeful, essay about deprogramming the Red Hat Cult, and the significant role that mass pop culture, among other forces, could play.  Here's a brief excerpt:

It's a slow process.  It has to be subtle, because people react to being preached at by putting their guard up.  Any hint of explicit politics or argumentation would kill the effect.  It works because pop culture is light, fun, colorful, entertaining, and non-political.  And its reach is nearly universal.  Fundies and Trumpanzees actively avoid MSNBC, CNN, liberal blogs, or anything else that explicitly reminds them of the reality outside the bubble -- but except for those few who are in literal cults, nearly everyone consumes some kind of pop culture.  The global reach and popularity of American (and Japanese) mass culture has even helped foment such changes in attitudes in regions like the Middle East, Latin America, and parts of East Asia.  [snip]

I believe the people who create and shape mass culture know exactly what they're doing and have a fairly consistent agenda, even if there is no overall leadership or coordination.  It's not a conspiracy; shared values and aesthetics make a conspiracy unnecessary.  Dismantling the wingnut alternate-reality bubble hasn't been a priority, but now that the Trump episode has made clear the magnitude of the danger lurking in the hinterlands, I expect that we'll start to see the same kinds of influences and imagery that have been eroding homophobia and fundamentalism brought to bear against the various delusions and attitudes which comprise that threat.  It won't be fast.  It won't be obvious.  It will hardly be noticeable.  But over time -- not with all of them, but with many -- it will work.

While you're there, check out his link round-up for great leads to interesting posts from around the Internet.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Across The Universe, Cont. -- Dark Rays

(click on image to enlarge)

From NASA/ ESA, November 23, 2020: Some of the most stunning views of our sky occur at sunset, when sunlight pierces the clouds, creating a mixture of bright and dark rays formed by the clouds’ shadows and the beams of light scattered by the atmosphere. Astronomers studying the nearby galaxy IC 5063 are tantalized by a similar effect in this new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. In this case, a collection of narrow bright rays and dark shadows is seen beaming out of the blazingly bright center of the active galaxy, shooting across at least 36,000 light-years.

Astronomers have traced the rays back to the galaxy’s core, the location of an active supermassive black hole. The black hole is feeding on infalling material, producing a powerful gusher of light from superheated gas near it. Although the researchers have developed several plausible theories for the lightshow, the most intriguing idea suggests that the shadows are being cast into space by an inner tube-shaped ring, or torus, of dusty material surrounding the black hole.

IC 5063 resides 156 million light-years from Earth.

Credit:  NASA, ESA, and W.P. Maksym (CfA)

(Ed.:  So, just keep in mind since this galaxy is 156 million light- years from Earth, this image represents what that galaxy looked like 156 million years ago.)

Today's Cartoons

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Salting The Earth, Sabotaged Diplomacy Edition

While Israel is routinely denying responsibility for Friday's assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the strike is likely the work Israel's renowned intelligence service Mossad. Writing in today's New York Times, the Atlantic Council's Iran expert Barbara Slavin writes that the killing was less about stopping nuclear weapons development and more about hamstringing President-elect Biden's diplomatic efforts with Iran:

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, with the support of President Trump, seems intent on scorching the earth to make it harder for any return to diplomacy under President-elect Joe Biden.

Israel and the Trump administration apparently fear that a Biden administration would seek a quick return to the nuclear agreement, which could revive Iran’s struggling economy and make it harder to contain its influence in the Middle East. Killing Mr. Fakhrizadeh makes that all the more difficult.

The Israeli government, as is its wont, has not taken responsibility for the assassination, but numerous published reports — and the audacious manner in which Mr. Fakhrizadeh was killed — strongly point toward agents of the Mossad. For its part, the Trump administration may or may not have known about the plot in advance, but Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, was recently in Israel, and the administration has not condemned the killing so far.

The killing of Mr. Fakhrizadeh, the reputed mastermind of Iran’s past weaponization efforts, will not dent Iran’s nuclear expertise, which is considerable. According to American intelligence, Iran did have a program aimed at producing nuclear warheads that ended 17 years ago, after it was detected by the C.I.A. and revealed by an Iranian opposition group."  (our emphasis)

In addition to limiting Biden's diplomatic options regarding Iran's nuclear programs, it also constricts the Iranian regime's ability to engage in diplomacy, for fear of appearing weak to the most militant elements inside the regime. The assassination happened at the worst time for the incoming administration, which is apparently what both Netanyahu and his close ally, the vindictive Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump wanted.

Pardon Me, I'm Alan Dershowitz

Disgraced lawyer and play pal of Jeffrey Epstein, Alan "Tighty-Whities" Dershowitz, has been buttering up his friend, sociopath and neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump more than ever lately. There's speculation that  Dershowitz may be angling for a pardon from Mango Mussolini, given this odd tweet:

That was preceded by some over-the-top bootlicking:

Both tweets prompted some spirited replies:


(photo: "Tighty-Whities" and Epstein. New York Magazine) 

Sunday Reflection: Occupying Yourself

"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can." -- Iconic star of Hollywood's Golden Age, the debonaire and witty Cary Grant, was a fount of quotable sayings. The elegantly handsome actor was often amused by his appeal, and was able to put his fame in proper perspective, as demonstrated in this oft-quoted witticism:

"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant."

(photo: Getty Images) 

Another Pennsylvania Coup Attempt Goes Down In Flames

They are who they are:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has dismissed the lawsuit from Congressman Mike Kelly and congressional candidate Sean Parnell to declare universal mail-in voting unconstitutional in the state and deny the votes of the majority of Pennsylvanians who voted by mail in the Nov. 3 election.

The state Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, threw out the three-day-old order, saying the underlying lawsuit was filed months after the law allowed for challenges to Pennsylvania’s expansive year-old mail-in voting law.

The state’s attorney general, Democrat Josh Shapiro, called the court’s decision “another win for Democracy.”

The week-old lawsuit, led by U.S. Rep. Kelly of Butler, had challenged the state’s mail-in voting law as unconstitutional.

As a remedy, Kelly and the other Republican plaintiffs had sought to either throw out the 2.5 million mail-in ballots submitted under the law — most of them by Democrats — or to wipe out the election results and direct the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature to pick Pennsylvania’s presidential electors(our emphasis)

That's the un- American, anti- democracy, racist Republican Party operating in plain sight right there.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Pic Of The Day: Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers face off in a simmering confrontation as they line up for an electronics store in Tysons, VA, to open. The young crowd, while wearing masks, is packed in like sardines, just asking for a dose of COVID-19 as they yak at each other.

(photo: Hannah McKay / Reuters)

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QOTD -- The Main Show

"Trump’s attack on the election wasn’t and isn’t a sideshow. As far as American democracy is concerned, this is the main show. A democracy at grave risk one day cannot be pronounced healthy the next. The precedents Trump has set, the doubts he has sown, and the claims he has made will linger. Restoring faith in the democratic process will take time and effort—and a favorable result is by no means guaranteed." -- Uri Friedman in The Atlantic, on the damage to American democracy that Trump and the vast majority of two- legged Republican rats enabling him are doing in their desperate attempts to hold onto political power.  It's all of them, in their Dominionist, minoritarian, eliminationist fury to hobble majority rule and a functioning democracy.

(Photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters)

Salting The Earth, Assassination Edition

We've touched on the multiple ways that neo-fascist demagogue and bitter election loser Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump is tacitly acknowledging his decisive defeat by fouling up everything he can on the way out the White (Supremacist) House door. From court appointments, to reckless troop withdrawals, to degrading the environment and more, he's creating messes for his successor to clean up, and he's apparently gotten help now from abroad.

Friday's assassination of Iran's leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh east of Tehran was a blow to Iran's nuclear weapons program, which was given a new lease on life when Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement. Although Israel has not claimed responsibility, they are the prime suspect, given the reach and skill of their intelligence agency Mossad and their fierce opposition to Iran. The action will set back any attempts by President-elect Joe Biden and our European allies to calm tensions and perhaps restart negotiations over Iran's nuclear weapons program. Many see Israel's far-right Prime Minister and Trumpist Bibi "Bomb Bomb" Netanyahu's likely motives at play in the attack:

"More recently, speculation has risen that Netanyahu has pushed the Trump administration to strike against Iran’s nuclear assets before Biden’s inauguration.

In a column posted early Saturday, [Israeli journalist Yossi] Melman said the loss of Fakhrizadeh is unlikely to derail Iran’s progress in producing enriched uranium, while at the same time ramping up tensions and making Biden’s diplomatic hurdles more difficult to overcome.

'The messages from Netanyahu and Trump could be interpreted as warmongering against the backdrop of Trump losing the presidential election this month,' Melman wrote in the Israeli daily Haaratz.

If Israel’s involvement in the killing should be confirmed, the action could seen as a 'deliberate attempt to exacerbate the situation, which is already extremely tense amid reports that Trump has considered bombing Iran as a parting gesture before he leaves the White House.'”  (our emphasis)

Last weekend's meeting between Netanyahu, Saudi despot Mohammed bin "Bone Saw" Salman, and the corrupt and incompetent Secretary of State Mike "Pom Pom" Pompeo adds more intrigue to the plot. The timing of the strike, in the context of Bomb Bomb's closeness to Trump, gives the President-elect a major national security crisis right out of the gate. "Allies" are not supposed to salt the earth for their friends.

(photo: Fars News Agency via AP)

Trump Paid For Wisconsin Recount That Increased Biden's Votes

The loser Trump campaign and the bug-eyed Wisconsin Republican Party recently demanded a recount, only of the state's heavily Democratic Milwaukee and Dane counties, in another attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters.  They paid $3 million upfront for the recount, which has to be completed by Tuesday, December 1, in order for the state's vote to be certified.

Well, one of the jurisdictions has completed the recount, and the results?


 In other words,


Once again, to paraphrase the old saying, fools and their money are soon parted.

We eagerly await Dane County's recount to see how much more the loser Trump campaign paid to add more Biden votes to the total.

Friday, November 27, 2020

The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library -- Virtual Reality Edition


As we eagerly await the booting of malignant wannabe autocrat Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump from the White (Supremacist) House at noon on January 20, 2021, we need to look forward to the establishment of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library.

Fortunately, an historically accurate vision of such a library is already here.  Here are some screenshots of the effort (click on images to enlarge):

The Wall of Criminality

Tax Evasion 101

Criminal Records Room

The library also features a Hall of Enablers, a Twitter Gallery, a Grift Shop and so much more. Go to the donations page to check out where you're being directed.

Today's Cartoons

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(Stuart Carlson,

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(Tim Campbell, Washington Post Writers Group)

(Robert Ariail,

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(Marc Murphy, Louisville Courier-Journal, KY)

(Kevin Kallaugher, Counterpoint)

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Appeals Court Slams Trump Pennsylvania Coup Attempt

Another one goes down in flames:

President Donald Trump’s campaign suffered yet another humiliating loss in its efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election — and this time it came at the hands of one of the president’s own appointees.

In a ruling released on Friday, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas shot down the campaign’s appeal of its Pennsylvania lawsuit seeking to nullify the state’s entire election results.

In his ruling, Bibas chastised the Trump campaign not only for failing to present evidence, but for failing to even make specific allegations of voter fraud.

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” Bibas wrote. “Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

The Elite Strike Force strikes out again.

Weekend Music

O.K.  Today would be Jimi Hendrix's 78th birthday, so of course we're not going to miss an opportunity to play our favorite recording of his, Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower," from the "Electric Ladyland" album.  Hendrix's version of the song was released six months after Dylan's version, and was ranked in the top 50 of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" by Rolling Stone in 2004 -- so we're not alone in our admiration.  Hope you enjoy.

Trump's "Secret Classified Server" And Biden

We've posted before about the national security threat posed by sociopathic narcissist and Russian asset Donald "Tovarich" Trump once he's booted from office. He possesses all the classic elements of someone who's ripe for compromise: financial need and excessive debt, sympathies with a hostile foreign power, and a grudge against America by being resoundingly denied a second term. It's not inconceivable that a con man like Trump might trade national security information he's been privy to for money, particularly lots of it to retire his massive personal debts coming due in the coming few years.

We're also seeing the flip side of that being discussed, namely the review of transcripts of Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders, especially the ones with America's decline as their goal. The infamous secret classified server in the White (Supremacist) House that Trump and his lackeys used to hide sensitive conversations with foreign adversaries will be inherited by the Biden Administration at noon on January 20, 2021:

"A person close to the Biden transition team told CNN that no decisions have been made about how these sensitive materials will be handled when the President-elect takes office on January 20, and that it's likely they will maintain the Trump administration's close hold on such information, at least at first, until they are settled in and Jake Sullivan, Biden's pick for national security adviser, can assess their information security needs.

A senior US official said that the Biden team will be given access to a secret server containing sensitive information related to President Donald Trump's more controversial conversations with foreign leaders on a need-to-know basis and the Trump administration is prepared to share any information that they deem to be relevant to their future decision-making process." (our emphasis)

We shouldn't have to remind anyone that the "need-to-know basis" is meaningless when Trump's still in office. He and his counsel won't share compromising transcripts comparable to the Ukrainian extortion call that led to his impeachment. It's a given that he'd rather violate fairly weak Federal records management laws and destroy the records than make public any potentially treasonous statements or deals with foreign adversaries. As a service to the American people and to history, the Biden Administration needs to err on the side of disclosure when it comes to the Trump regime's dealings when they're in a position to do so.

BONUS: More on why Trump shouldn't be trusted with secrets post-Presidency.

Donor Sues To Get Money Back From Trump Vote Fraud Scammers

A fool and his money are soon parted:

A major contributor to a group backing President Donald Trump’s fight to overturn the presidential election sued to recover $2.5 million in donations after the campaign failed in several court cases and was unable to prove any fraud.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Texas by North Carolina venture capitalist Fred Eshelman argued that the nonprofit group True the Vote promised to keep him informed of how his millions were being used in what was pitched as a strong case against alleged election fraud. Instead, the suit alleged, he was fed “vague responses, platitudes and empty promises of follow-up” that never occurred.

He was kept in the dark when weak cases filed in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania were voluntarily withdrawn in a decision the investor claimed was made in “concert with counsel for the Trump campaign,” the suit said. [snip]

A fed-up Eshelman last week ordered True the Vote in an email to immediately wire back his contribution. When the organization failed to comply, he filed the lawsuit. 

Eshelman is a major Trump backer who has twice donated the maximum allowable individual contribution of $2,700 to Trump’s campaign, as well as a $100,000 contribution to the Trump Victory PAC, according to records.

So, not only is he a sucker for not discerning an insanely bogus fraud scam, but he helped bankroll Mango Mussolini's loser campaign to the tune of $102,700.  If you're looking to invest, make sure you don't take any advice from Fred.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Bidens' Thanksgiving Message

 What a human, real President and First Lady sound like:

Tweets Of The Day -- Fate, Infamy, And Legacy

From Tuesday, actually --





Thanksgiving 2020

Please have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving, so that you can celebrate safe and healthy future Thanksgivings.

Light posting today as we observe the holiday.

This video by The Lincoln Project is a fitting tribute to those heroes among us that we should be especially thankful for: