Saturday, May 31, 2008

What, Me Worry?

One of the Decider's pipe dreams was to establish a permanent strategic "relationship" with Iraq, which most observers interpreted as military bases and a heavy-handed relationship over the Iraqi government and people. However, Dumbya's best laid plans for such a future relationship, much like those for the original occupation, seem, uh, half-baked. The Shiite majority in Iraq is showing its opposition in the form of large street demonstrations. As such a strategic pact nears completion, expect the demonstrations to grow and new violence to erupt.

Also, having a Western power - - a predominantly Christian one at that - - establish a permanent presence in the heart of the Arab world would seem to be just the action that al Qaeda would love to exploit for recruiting throughout the Muslim world.

Is January 2009 here yet?

(photo: Abu ben-Bushie, great Middle Eastern strategic thinker, and future ruler of Iraq)

Disingenuous Disenfranchising

As the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee meets today to hash out a solution to the Florida and Michigan primaries debacle, it's worth noting that there were a considerable number of Democratic voters in Florida and Michigan that didn't go to the polls because they were told their primaries wouldn't count: as many as a million voters in Florida and a half million in Michigan. So when the cry goes up that not fully counting the votes in those states is disenfranchising them, ask yourselves what about the voters that didn't vote because they were told the primaries weren't sanctioned.

Everyone was fine with ignoring the primaries in these two states, until the Clinton campaign found itself behind in delegates. Then, it was time to change the rules.

Friday, May 30, 2008

C'mon, Time To Move On

Eleanor Clift has an interesting article in the latest Newsweek on the growing rumblings of Sen. Clinton's supporters that "sexism" derailed her candidacy (notably the despicable Geraldine Ferraro). It's well worth reading in total. In it, Clift writes,

"Blaming gender bias may help some women vent about an outcome they didn't want, but there are more mundane reasons for what looks like a failed nomination fight. . .the sense of grievance that permeates the Clinton campaign is out of proportion to reality."

In fact, it appears that age and income factors may have played more of a role, with younger more affluent women (and men) preferring Sen. Obama. Also, the Clinton campaign itself failed to organize in the states after Super Tuesday, and spent themselves into a ditch while their fundraising lagged. Bill Clinton's clumsy campaigning often backfired, too.

Her angry supporters who are thinking about voting for McSame or sitting home in November should reflect on at least 4 more years of the domestic and international mess we're in, and a Supreme Court that would be overwhelmingly right-wing for a generation.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Broken Media, Cont'd.

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new book has caused a small firestorm over his allegations that Dumbya and Co. created bogus rationales for going to war in Iraq, and encouraged perjury over the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plames's name in revenge for her husband's exposure of Bushie lies about Iraq seeking uranium cake in Niger.

Now CNN reporter Jessica Yellin confirms McClellan's opinion that the White House press corps was complicit in the selling of the war to the public. CNN executives killed negative stories about the White House, and were intimidated by public opinion polls after 9-11 showing Dumbya riding high. Her bosses told her to go after positive stories that supported the Assministration's policy toward Iraq.

Most of the mainstream media is in a "who, me?" mode today, after McClellan's charge that:

"The collapse of the administrations's rationale for war. . .should never have come as a surprise. In this case the 'liberal media' didn't live up to its reputation. If it had, the country would have been better served."

Don't expect the media to linger on the charge that they didn't do their jobs. It's clear that most of them don't even know what their jobs are.

Update: As we expected, the Rethug chorus has now received its sheet music and is wailing away in unison. Once again, shocking!

Our Hero, Raymond Kitchell

It seems wingnut blogger Steve Gilbert was trying to nail down some intel on Sen. Obama's great uncle, Charles Payne, who served in WWII in the 89th Infantry Division. As you may know, wingnuttia is trying to make a flap out of Obama misnaming the concentration camp that his uncle helped liberate (Obama said Auschwitz, but it was actually Buchenwald... woooo!). So, Gilbert contacted the Division's webmaster. As Sadly No! reports, Raymond Kitchell, who is an 89th Infantry Division veteran and keeper of the Division's web site, had just the right response for the poor fella. (It ranks right up there with "Nuts!")

"Makin'" Bacon - Concern Wanker of the Week

"Obama has not emphasized any signature domestic issue, or signaled that he would take his party in a specific direction on policy, as Bill Clinton did with his 'New Democrat' proposals in 1992 that emphasized welfare reform or as George W. Bush did with his 'compassionate conservatism' in 2000, when he called on Republicans to focus more on issues such as education." Perry "Makin'" Bacon, in today's WaPo. Yeah, Perry, and how did those assministrations turn out for us? Clinton's was noted for its fragmented, boutique approach to policy after the Dems lost Congress in 1994; welfare reform was, along with NAFTA, heavily compromised. And Bush's compassionate conservatism and edumacation focus? 'Nuff said.

(Photo: This is so wroooong! PS - Perry's the one in the middle.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On the Eve of the DNC Rules Committee Meeting

This Saturday is when the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee will meet to determine what to do with the Florida and Michigan delegations. That, and the outcome of next week's final (at last) primaries should provide the final pieces for the as-yet undeclared "superdelegates." If, as expected, the steady trickle of these supers toward Obama becomes more of a stream now that "all the votes have been counted," Obama should shortly thereafter be able to claim a majority of ALL delegates (he already has a majority of pledged delegates, and will continue to, no matter how Florida and Michigan are decided). Then, what ephemeral new rationale will HRC have to remain in the race? We shudder to think, since it's becoming clear that magical (apocalyptic?) thinking is all she has to fall back on.

In the meantime, check out Harold Meyerson's op/ed in today's WaPo on Clinton's posture toward the seating of the two miscreant delegations.

Quote of the Day

"The truth is I honestly don't remember whether I tried it or not. We had some pretty wild parties back in the day, and I just don't remember." - - Preznit Coke Spoon, on whether he used cocaine, as quoted in former WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new book.

He must have been too busy "flying" with the Alabama Air National Guard. Bwahahaha.

A Bushie Tell-All Too Late

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has come out with a book that details the deceptions and incompetence of the Bushit Assministration over the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, and other events. In "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception," McClellan says that Preznit Chimpy's Assministration made "a decision to turn away from candor and honesty when those qualities were most needed." The former press secretary (2003-2006) says that Chimpy "convinces himself to believe what suits his needs at the moment," and was not "inquisitive" enough. He goes on to write that the White House press corps were "complicit enablers" in the "carefully orchestrated campaign to shape and manipulate sources of public approval" in the run up to the war. It was a propaganda operation, when what was called for was transparency and honesty.

Should be good reading, but there's always the frustration: these tools should have spoken up when it counted.

UPDATE: As might be expected, there's a full-on damage control effort on the airwaves today, with Bushies saying "Gosh, what happened (pun intended) to Scottie?" and "That's not the way I remember things!" Shocking! McClellan is scheduled to be on the Countdown with Keith Olbermann show Thursday, and will also appear on other venues if only to stand up for himself against the revisionist onslaught underway.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Take The Money And Run

It's funny to watch Sen. McBush try to distance himself from Dumbya and his policies. It's appropriate that McBush/McSame be called that, given the fact that he has voted with Preznit Chimpy 95% of the time.

Now, he's forced to do closed-door fundraisers with Dumbya, like the one tonight in Phoenix, because he doesn't dare be photographed with the Preznit. As Rethug congressional leader Tom Davis said recently, Dumbya is "radioactive" with his current approval level at 28% (vs. Raygun's 51% and Bubba's 57% at a comparable time in their administrations).

(photo: Looking for love -- and cash -- in all the wrong places)

"We Get the Media We Deserve..."

Two items well worth reading from yesterday's blogosphere:

Glenn Greenwald on the trivial, gossipy, buck-chasing pursuit inappropriately termed "journalism" by practitioners such as Politico's John Harris, and

tbogg on "Wowie" Howie Kurtz' lamentation on the buyouts at the Washington Post and whither the print media in the age of the internet tubes (shorter: Howie's met the enemy, but he doesn't know it's him).

And one from today's WaPo: Attaturk on Richard Cohen's crisp analysis of the essence of the Obama/McBush world view dynamic (shorter: Obama's too soft, McBush is too hard, McObama is juuuust right!).

Mitch In The Ditch

Senate Minority Leader Mitch "Rhymes With B___" McConnell is running behind his Democratic opponent for reelection. Most Kentuckians view their senator's close ties with Preznit Dumbya as toxic, and McConnell is running a few points behind his challenger in this normally red state. If McConnell's seat is not among the "safe" Rethug seats, that, on top of recent losses in Illinois, Louisiana and Mississippi, has got to make party leaders pretty shaky.

(photo: Sen. McConnell, left, with Sen. Larry "The Tapper" Craig, as he listens to Craig describe his bathroom stall exploits)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Short Break

We'll be away until next Monday, unable to whack any hacks. Behave yourselves.

St. Paul Prepares For Rethug Convention

As this year's Rethuglican convention approaches in St. Paul, Minnesota, folks there are gearing up for the commercial boom that the convention will bring. We like the enterprising minor league baseball team, the St. Paul Saints, who are promoting a miniature bathroom stall, (pictured) with legs visible below. One of the legs is spring-loaded, and taps when activated.

Don't get any ideas, you horny Rethugs!

McSame's Minister Problem, Again

Straight-talkin' Sen. John McSame has decided to dump Pastor John "Hater" Hagee's endorsement, which he now "rejects." Hagee, who has called the Catholic Church a "whore" and said that Hurricane Katrina was a result of God's wrath against sinful New Orleans, was caught on tape making some, uh, "controversial" statements about the Holocaust. As in, Hitler was God's instrument ("hunter" in Hagee's term) in driving the Jews out of Europe to Israel. Your brown shirt is showing, Pastor.

We're awaiting a reaction from Sen. Joe Lieberliar (Likud-CT), who has embraced Hagee's "support" for Israel in the past - - or more precisely, support for a Middle East Armageddon, after which the Jews will either convert to Christianity or be burned in hell. Joe must have missed that last part.

(photo: Hagee: "So you're dumping me, McSame?" McSame: "Just turn the other cheek")

UPDATE: That was fast. McSame has rejected the endorsement of another nutbag minister, Rod Parsley, whom he had earlier called a "moral compass" and "spiritual guide." And we thought Lieberliar had checked McSame's bearings a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Low-Information Voter Primary

(Pictured here are candidates "Mr. 'Moran'", Jethro Bodine, Cletus Spuckler)

Cast your vote now for your favorite low-information voter (you know, the one who thinks the country is moving in the wrong direction and is voting for McBush, or thinks Obama = Osama = Muslim, or --in short-- someone to whom the following would apply: "If you're not completely appalled, you're not paying attention"). Vote early and often!

Cuckoo for Clinton

WaPo syndicated columnist Marie "Cuckoo for Clinton" Cocco has an op-ed today, "The 'Not Clinton' Excuse." Cocco argues that "no woman on the political horizon possesses the portfolio that Clinton brought to this campaign." Yes, Marie, all other women are ants compared to the towering, sniper-avoiding, race insinuating, McBush-honoring, Rove-imitating, gas tax pandering heroine of her piece. This is not the first time the Clintonistas have fallen back on the sexism excuse for the results produced by their candidate's miserably conceived and managed campaign of arrogant inevitability. Cocco, who is so completely in the tank for HRC that she needs nothing but Clinton Kool-Aid in her breathing apparatus (see Cocco, above left, in her deep analysis gear), asks at the end, "Is it something about Hillary, or something about us?" (i.e., that is holding her back from her well-deserved destiny as the First Woman American President). Answer: It's Hillary.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spare Change?

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Clinton campaign is $20.88 million in debt, including over $9 million in unpaid bills and over $11 million she's loaned herself. There has been considerable speculation that one of the things Clinton will ask Sen. Obama for, as a condition for her support, is paying off her campaign debt. Obama's response should be, help get me elected and we'll help retire your debt after the election. Then again, she could pay off the debt from Bill Clinton's future speaking fees (possible topics: "Traveling The Back Roads Of West Virginia", or "I Want Another Chance - - Chelsea for President In 2020?").

(photo: Next time, don't buy a round of drinks for the house)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kennedy Has Brain Tumor

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital said today that Sen. Edward Kennedy's recent seizure was caused by a malignant brain tumor. Although it's not clear from the statement what stage the tumor is at, information from the National Cancer Institute indicates that the prognosis for this type of brain cancer - - the most common type - - is poor.

Kennedy counts among his friends a diverse group in both parties. One close friend is Orrin Hatch, a conservative Senator from Utah. Well wishes from across the political spectrum have been streaming in to the Kennedy family, as do ours.

Better Keep An Eye On Them

Via Think Progress, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that, according to a senior Israeli official, Preznit Dumbya and his boss, Dead-eye Dick Cheney, believe that military action against Iran is needed, and an attack on Iran would come during the remainder of their sorry Assministration. That's just great. These jackasses want to open a third front, with major unfinished business in Afghanistan and Iraq (not to mention Pakistan). Al Qaeda would be thrilled to see us attack another Islamic country (albeit Shia) - - better for recruiting, while allowing them to rebuild unmolested. Defense Secretary Gates and Secretary Rice are allegedly urging restraint. The Joint Chiefs and our senior military officers would likely go ballistic if ordered to attack Iran, with the armed forces stretched beyond the breaking point as it is.

According to the latest National Intelligence Estimate, Iran has shut down its nuclear weapons program. Moreover, Iran's influence in the region grew after Chimpy's ill-advised invasion of Iraq. Imagine what this war would be like, with a country more than twice Iraq's population and more than three times its size.

It's bad enough that Chimpy wants to dump a problem of his making off on the next President. It's criminal that he will leave an even more dangerous situation for America if a war with Iran is begun on his watch.

"Vino" Exiting

Rep. Vito "Vino" Fossella (Hypocrite-NY) won't be running for reelection. Vino, you may recall, was nabbed in a DUI stop on
May 1 ("Mayday, mayday! We have an emergency!"), after which he was forced to disclose a long-term relationship with Laura Fay and a 3-year-old daughter from that relationship. Complicating matters for Vino was the fact that not only did his wife not know about the extra-marital relationship (shocking!), but Vino had told Ms. Fay that he was separated from his wife (which he was not). Of course, family values Vino made his career as a defender of all that was holy about matrimony, including shunning his gay sister. What a Man!

We'd like to report that Vino is not seeking reelection in order to spend more time with his, er, families, but it seems neither family wants much to do with him now.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Now we know where to turn for the best McBush information and research: McCainpedia! Brought to us by the always objective Democratic National Committee -- hee hee. It'll be our constant bedside companion!

"Perception Problem"?

Another lobbyist has left the McBush campaign. National finance committee co-chair Tom Loeffler resigned yesterday in what McBush aides tried to dismiss as a "perception problem," i.e., having the Straight Talk Express piloted by the usual gang of Washington corporate lobbyists. Loeffler is the fifth McBush campaign aide/lobbyist to have to resign because they were still connected with lobbying groups while serving in an official campaign capacity. Umm, no -- and this one doesn't depend on what the meaning of "is" is -- when you have active corporate lobbyists working for your campaign, it's not "perception," it's "reality."

In related news, there's this from The Onion.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Phat New Dance Mix!

We noted on May 12 Fux shout-meister Bill OhReally?'s taped hissy fit when he hosted "Inside Edition."

Creative "geniuses" have been using the intervening days wisely, and we found one YouTube creation that converts OhReally?'s meltdown into a dance mix. We danced to it in spite of ourselves.

WARNING: Repeated foul language; view out of range of kids.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fred Hiatt Strikes Again

Washington Post editorial page "editor" (Right Said) Fred Hiatt is introducing a new wingnut to his op/ed page (soon to be known as the "kooks korner," already stocked with the likes of Kraphammer, "Mushroom Cloud" Gerson, Will, Novak, etc.): Kathleen Parker. Whew! Reading her inaugural piece makes me wonder, "Does it hurt your neck to carry around such a huge brain?"

A Meeting With Terrorist Appeasers

Well, look who's arrived in Saudi Arabia to meet with some folks with terrorist links.

And expect a smackdown from the Saudis when the Decider begs for increased oil production to bring prices down.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quote of the Week

"If the Republican Party were dog food, they'd take us off the shelf and put us in a landfill." Rep. Tom Davis, retiring Virginia Republican, following his party's loss of the 1st Congressional District seat in Mississippi. Reality check: remember, this was once the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

Karl's Deep Thoughts

Balloon Juice's John Cole comments on some ruminations by Karl "Turdblossom" Rove on what the Rethuglican Party stands for.

OK, stop laughing.

The party leaders are now even more deeply concerned that 2008 will be a landslide for the Dems, who may pick up at least 20 more seats in the House and five or more in the Senate, not to mention that McSame's poll numbers are trailing both Clinton and Obama, even after the nasty slugfest in the Democratic primaries.

Turdblossom might be better advised to watch out for a subpoena server from the House of Representatives wearing large, ass-kicking boots.

"Did I Say 100 Years? I Meant 5"

It's fun to watch Senator McBush bob and weave as he tries to appeal to both the right wing base of his party (and the media) and independent voters. Now that his comment about keeping troops in Iraq for 100+ years has boomeranged on him, he's done some sophisticated computations, involving trajectory optimization and stochastic programming, and come up with the right number: 5 years, or 2013, at (surprise!) the end of his never-gonna-be first term.

What's a small miscalculation of 95+ years as far as our Iraq policy is concerned? Well, with the economy in a mess, at least McBush knows all about economics. . .uh, nevermind.

Looking Back On The Clinton Campaign

The New Republic's Michelle Cottle was able to get a number of Clinton campaign insiders to offer their anonymous opinions as to what went wrong in their campaign. Starting out as the presumed nominee on the way to a coronation in Denver, Clinton's campaign made serious errors especially up to Super Tuesday. Some blame former campaign director Patti Solis Doyle and strategist/pollster Mark Penn for not adjusting to and anticipating events before it was too late. Some blame former President Clinton for his intemperate and ill-timed outbursts, often tinged with racial meaning, with someone saying:

"She should have kept Bill chained in the basement at Whitehaven with a case of cheese curls and a stack of dirty movies."

If we had to pick the major deficiencies, they'd be 1) presuming that the nomination was hers, and that this was an election about a "resume" vs. "change", 2) failure to organize sufficiently in caucus states, and 3) relying on tapping wealthy contributors who were maxed out at the $2300 per person limit by February.

In any event, the end is approaching.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finance World Heavyweights Endorse Obama

Three former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairmen have endorsed Barack Obama. William Donaldson (appointed by Bush), David Ruder (appointed by Reagan), and Arthur Levitt (Clinton appointee), joined highly respected former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker in backing Obama. While we don't believe endorsements in general mean a whole lot, what this tells us is that even dyed-in-the-wool Republicans will support a Democrat if that Democrat adopts, in this case, economic policies that are prudent and sound. We get the sense that this is happening not only at the Presidential level, but in the recent special Congressional elections that the Democrats (all fiscally conservative) have swept.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Dean" Broderella Takes the Buyout

Beginning in 2009, readers of the Washington Post will no longer be afflicted with the occasional droolings of the "Dean," David Broder. Broderella, who long ago ceased to find anything newsworthy or insightful to write about, was offered and accepted a buyout, and will work as a "contract" employee for the Post -- meaning he'll plop an occasional dookie into the op/ed page. We know this will also give him more time to sit on Karl Rove's porch and muse about the good old days.

John Edwards Endorses Obama

Former Presidential candidate John Edwards is endorsing Barack Obama for President. The long-awaited endorsement is scheduled to come in a joint appearance tonight in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rethugs Have The Mississippi "Blues"

(Update to yesterday's post)

In one of the reddest Congressional districts in one of the reddest states, Mississippi Democrat Travis Childers won a special election over his Rethuglican opponent yesterday, in what has been called very bad news for Rethugs. This follows earlier defeats for Congressional seats in Illinois (Bill Foster winning former Speaker Hastert's seat) and Louisiana (where Dan Cazayoux won in a heavily Rethug district). With 82% of Americans saying that we're on the wrong track, this looks like the beginning of a major shift in Congress come November.

What A Guy!

It's being reported that Preznit Lameduck has made a big sacrifice in honor of the troops he sent into harm's way: Dumbya's gave up golf in 2003! And they say the Rethuglican elites never make the sacrifices that they call on average Americans to make!

Why couldn't have Dumbya been a fan of skydiving, so we could suggest that he give up his parachute on his next dive?

(photo: Dumbya reacts after beaning Dead-eye Dick Cheney with a golf ball. Later, Dumbya declined Dead-eye's invitation to go hunting for "lame" ducks)

UPDATE: Remember this golfing moment from Bushit after the 9-11 attacks, "now watch this drive" after issuing a call to fight terrorism.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Polls

On the eve of Sen. Clinton's expected romp in West Virginia, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll has some interesting data. Democrats have a 21 point margin over Republicans as the party best equipped to handle the nation's problems (another early test of that will be in the Mississippi First Congressional District special election today - Davis vs. Childers - to see if the Republicans can hold onto a heavily Republican district). Nationally, Democrats prefer Obama as their nominee by 12 points over Clinton. In match-ups with McBush, Obama is ahead by 51-44 percent (a margin the Post writer calls "slim" - ha!), while Clinton/McBush are in a virtual tie (49/46).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rethugs Pick Anti-Depressant Drug Slogan

This is almost too perfect, but it's apparently the best Reps. John "Man Tan" Boehner, Tom "Lump O'" Cole and their genius cohort could come up with! Frankly, we were hoping the GOP's new slogan would be "GOP: The party that's done so much for so few who need so little," but that's probably a bit too long for the average Rethug attention span.

Blast From The Past

We came across this old clip of wingnut Bill Oh Really? totally losing it during a taping of an old Inside Edition show. We're glad to see that Mr. Oh Really? has always exemplified professionalism and grace under pressure.

As a Fux Network celebrity, Bill apparently learned to control the deployment of F-Bombs, instead channeling his frustrations into making naughty phone calls to female staffers.

The Assministration's "E-Coli Conservatism"

The Bushies are in Federal appeals court seeking to overturn a lower court ruling that would allow a meatpacking firm in Kansas to test all of their slaughtered cows for mad cow disease. The attorney for Creekstone Farms Premium Beef says the company wants to test for mad cow disease to reassure customers, but the Bushies and the larger meatpackers are against the testing.

Of course, if there were to be a future case of Americans contracting the disease from tainted beef, Dumbya's White House would spring into action, issuing heartfelt statements of concern and a promise to look into the matter. A heckuva job would ensue.

McSame's Election Game

Rethuglican nominee-to-be Sen. John "I'm Not Bush" McSame's purported election strategy is analyzed in Time's on-line edition. One of the elements will be to claim the high road while staying on the low road, i.e., calling for a "respectful campaign" while having surrogates fling poo at the Democratic candidate. We all know Jeremiah "Wrong" Wright will be pushed front and center by the Rethugs, but McSame has his own crazy minister problems with John "Catholic Church Is a Whore" Hagee among the most famous. His associates also include a number of unsavory lobbyists (Burma's generals anyone?) that tarnish his claim to being anti-Washington business-as-usual.

Luckily for him, McSame can count on the barbeque-loving media (his self-described "base") to give him passes and to provide loving accounts of what a maverick he is, despite voting with the Bush Assministration 95% of the time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I personally checked John McCain's bearings. He has not lost any of them." - - Sen. Joe Lieberloser (Likud-CT), responding to Sen. Obama's statement that McSame had "lost his bearings" for accusing Obama of being Hamas' favorite candidate.

We hate to think that Lieberloser had to check under McSame's hood for the bearings.


The report out of the Iraqi Army the other day that they had captured the head of al Qaeda in Iraq turned out to be false, according to U.S. military officials in Iraq.

In an unrelated development, the Iraqi Army announced the capture of John Dillinger.

(photo: Iraqi Army spokesperson Emily Litella)

Hating The Troops, Bushit Style

Just when you think the Bushit Assministration's Pentagon couldn't do worse in its treatment of our troops (no body armor, stop-loss orders and multiple combat tours, abysmal facilities at Walter Reed for the wounded, the barracks at Ft. Bragg with raw sewage in the bathrooms, etc.) here comes another outrage. It's been disclosed that some of the returning dead soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq have been cremated in facilities that also cremate pets. Now that the whistle's been blown, the Pentagon is changing its policy to prevent our soldiers' bodies from being cremated in facilities that also handle animal cremations.

Not surprisingly, Senator Straight-talk McBush is also refusing to sign on to a new bipartisan GI bill, the "Post 9-11 Veterans Assistance Act," sponsored by Sen. Jim Webb, to allow returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets to get educational and training assistance. For so many Rethugs, once they send the troops off with flags waving and patriotic speeches, our soldiers are on their own.

Friday, May 9, 2008

She Went There

There's been some significant commentary about Sen. Clinton's interview with USA Today, in which she responds to the reporter's question about how she can win the nomination:

". . .Senator Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again and . . . whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

Questions are being raised about what Senator Clinton's goal is, since she can't close the gap in elected delegates, and is continuing an aggressive, mostly negative campaign. The New York Times weighs in here. Her repeated reference to "white Americans" is striking some as an appeal to racial division. Some are suggesting that Clinton would prefer one term of Sen. McSame over two terms of Sen. Obama, notwithstanding her pledge to campaign for the Democratic nominee. This would give her another bite at the apple in 2012 if Obama is defeated in 2008.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

On "Civility"

We happened across this blog by Sara Robinson, on barbarism vs. civil society. As an occasional visitor to Canada (and one who invariably meets a nice Canadian couple on vacation), I can attest to the author's depiction of Canada as a truly civil society -- one that, by the way, has liberals, conservatives, and everything in between in its politics, and manages to maintain its "nice." It's well worth reading.

"The Democrats' Reagan"

It's not often that we agree (to a great extent) with George "Where's My Powdered Wig?" Will, who one suspects was born 200 years too late. But his op/ed today gives a pretty fair picture of the Clinton campaign's "audacity of hopelessness," and, more interestingly, a brief assessment of the looming fight between Sen. McSame and Sen. Obama:

"McCain's problem might turn out to be the fact that Obama is the Democrats' Reagan...he is Reaganesque in two important senses: People like listening to him, and his manner lulls his adversaries into underestimating his sheer toughness -- the tempered steel beneath the sleek suits." [edited slightly to remove Will's requisite over-estimation of St. Ronnie R]

"Vino" Fossella

Rep. Vito "Vino" Fossella (Rethug-NY) had a bit of a run in with Alexandria, VA, police on May 1. Seems Rep. Fossella was stopped for DUI (his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit) and running a red light. Fossella, who has a wife and 3 kids, left a DC bar and drove over to Alexandria, where he was either a) going to visit his sick daughter, or b) going to visit "friends", depending on which story he was telling police. The rest of the unseemly story is here, including which "friend" picked him up at the police station early the next morning. There must be something in the DNA of these Rethug pols (a hypocrisy gene, perhaps?) that will ultimately manifest itself. Sad for his innocent family.

(Photo: Rep. Fossella - NOT his mug shot)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Myanmar Cyclone

Competing on the airwaves with the political news is the horrible news out of Myanmar (formerly Burma) of the incredible devastation caused by the recent cyclone. Now, reports are estimating over 100,000 people may be dead and many more without shelter, food, clean water, and medicine. This is only weeks after a devastating cyclone struck Bangladesh, killing thousands.

We have our challenges here in the U.S., but it's worth remembering that our worst days here would be the best days for so many people in the world who live in poverty and under tyranny.

Time For Them To Go?

With yesterday's primaries returns in North Carolina and Indiana, nearly all pundits and political analysts are giving Sen. Clinton no chance of winning the Democratic nomination. North Carolina (the 10th biggest state) gave Sen. Obama a 14% margin of victory, and he lost Indiana by 1%; he gained a net of 15 delegates, widening his lead and adding over 200,000 to the popular vote lead. Some in the Clinton camp see the reality of the situation, which is creating deeper rifts in the party.

That still doesn't stop them from trying to move the goalposts. To them, it's not 2025 delegates now, it's 2,209 (including the Michigan and Florida primary delegates); to them, it's some notion that they'll convince the remaining superdelegates that Obama's not electable, etc. etc. The almost fanatic drive that the Clintons are exhibiting has demonstrated to many that this is all about a second chance for them, a political "mulligan", after blowing health care reform, and after the impeachment. They seem psychologically incapable of dealing with that, and want another go at it.

When Obama is the nominee and is up against Sen. McSameold, will the Clintons and their followers sit on their hands, hoping for yet another bite of the apple in 2012 if Obama loses? We'll see.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The "Woo-wooooooo" Award Goes To...

Today marks the inauguration of an award we will give periodically to someone who has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to distinguish between a light at the end of the tunnel and an onrushing locomotive: The "Woo-wooooooo" Award.

We were about to give it to Ken "The Rain Stays Mainly in My Brain" Spain for his brave but ludicrous analysis of this past Saturday's special election in Louisiana (see below). But, at the last minute, we have a new winner: Vice Preznit "Dead Eye" Dick Cheney. Dead Eye gets the coveted award for the following statement, made May 2 in Tulsa, OK (h/t to Daily Kos):

"And when the history is written, it'll be said that we lived in a safer country, and a more hopeful world, because George Bush was President of these United States."

Come on! Let's hear it now: Woo-wooooooo!!!

(Photo: more "Wizard of Oz" imagery for your amusement!)

"Wright and Ridiculous"

Tomorrow's Indiana and North Carolina primaries will provide some indication as to whether the amoral "glue-Obama-to-Wright" alliance between the Clinton campaign, Rethug pols, and the media is having traction among the voters. Superficial indications would seem to indicate that it is, given the incessant focus on what could be the most trivial "issue" in a major campaign since the foofaw over whether Chester A. Arthur used beeswax in his "burnsides." Sebastian Mallaby has this op/ed in today's WaPo, once more putting into perspective what the amoralist alliance would like to make this campaign about: not the economy, not Iraq, not fighting terrorism, not global climate change, not energy independence, not immigration policy, not the make-up of the Supreme Court.

As the "Wizard of Oz" said, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Sen. Clinton made a big point of telling people at campaign events to bet on the only female horse in the Kentucky Derby, the filly Eight Belles (how clever: filly, Clinton, horse race; get it?)

Eight Belles finished second in Saturday's Derby, but very sadly it had to be euthanized after breaking both of its front legs.

(photo: The member of Clinton's staff who created the comparison between her and the horse)

Spinnin', Bayou-Style

Yesterday in a special election, Democrat Paul Cazayoux, Jr. (left) won a House seat (the 6th Congressional District) formerly held by Republicans...for the past 33 years. For perspective, Gerald Ford was President the last time a Democrat was elected in the 6th. Republican strategists were using the race as a test-run to see if pinning Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to the Democrat would be a winning strategy for races in the fall. National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken "The Rain Stays Mainly in My Brain" Spain has this extraordinary spin (try not to lol):

"When Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi were introduced into this campaign, Don Cazayoux was leading by a large margin in the polls and Republicans substantially closed that gap. This election speaks to the potential toxicity of an Obama candidacy and the possible drag he could have down-ballot this fall."

Umm, yeah, Ken. I think the "drags" seem to be the "Republican" brand and the Preznit who has helped give it its "toxicity." Someone pass Ken some more Kool-Aid.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Iraq War About Oil?

That's what John McSame seemed to suggest today in a town hall meeting in Colorado:
"I will have an energy policy. . . that will prevent us from ever having to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East."

Again? So we sent them there because of our dependence on Middle East oil, not to capture WMD or fight al Qaeda?

The Huffington Post has the full statement here.

Praise The Lord, And Pass The Petition

Think Progress reports that the United Methodist Church's governing body voted 844 to 20 (!!) to forward a petition to Southern Methodist University calling for it to reject the construction of Preznit 27%'s presidential "lie-brary". SMU's property is owned by the United Methodist Church, and the petition cites separation of church and state for its objection.

We think the Methodists are being far too harsh with Dumbya. What harm can be done with a library that contains a few copies of "My Pet Goat", and "Presidentin' For Dummies"?

(photo: Dumbya with his latest arts & crafts project)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Key Superdelegate Switches Sides

Joseph J. Andrew of Indiana, former chair of the Democratic National Committee in President Clinton's day, has switched from an HRC superdelegate to Sen. Obama. His public announcement is long but makes for interesting reading.

Quote of the Week

"Is that God up there?" -- the question asked by 5 year old Felix Fritzl when seeing the moon for the first time. He's the grandson/son of the depraved monster Josef Fritzl, who raped and imprisoned his daughter over 24 years, fathering a number of children by her, who also were imprisioned in the cellar of Fritzl's home. Absolutely heartbreaking.

"Mission Accomplished" Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago today, Dumbya donned a flight suit and had himself flown aboard the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, anchored off the coast of California, to declare the end of major military operations in Iraq. After strutting around the deck like an extra in "Top Gun," Dumbya changed into a business suit and stepped behind a podium, the infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner strung behind him on the orders of Pentagon political types.

We all know how that turned out. Editor and Publisher marks the anniversary with a nice summary of how the fawning media -- from Tweety Matthews to MoDo and Brian Williams -- were shamelessly falling over themselves to shower the Presidunce in false glory. As his approval rating slips into the 20s, maybe Dumbya should make another landing on one of the carriers he's ordered off the coast of Iran, site of his next war of choice. Anything but going after al Qaeda; that's too hard.

Divorced From Reality

By now, the vast majority of Americans have written Dumbya off as either a dunce, or delusional, especially when it comes to his failed efforts to defeat al Qaeda. In Tuesday's press conference, the Presidunce's scripted message on the economy was interrupted by a question on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. Dumbya insisted that we were winning the conflict in Afghanistan, despite the recent assassination attempt on Afghan leader Hamid Karzai and stepped up attacks.

If the Presidunce only knew what his own State Department was going to say the day after his statement: their annual country report on the situation in Afghanistan saying that al Qaeda was getting stronger, had gained back some of its pre-9/11 operational effectiveness, and had greater mobility in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region.