Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time For Them To Go?

With yesterday's primaries returns in North Carolina and Indiana, nearly all pundits and political analysts are giving Sen. Clinton no chance of winning the Democratic nomination. North Carolina (the 10th biggest state) gave Sen. Obama a 14% margin of victory, and he lost Indiana by 1%; he gained a net of 15 delegates, widening his lead and adding over 200,000 to the popular vote lead. Some in the Clinton camp see the reality of the situation, which is creating deeper rifts in the party.

That still doesn't stop them from trying to move the goalposts. To them, it's not 2025 delegates now, it's 2,209 (including the Michigan and Florida primary delegates); to them, it's some notion that they'll convince the remaining superdelegates that Obama's not electable, etc. etc. The almost fanatic drive that the Clintons are exhibiting has demonstrated to many that this is all about a second chance for them, a political "mulligan", after blowing health care reform, and after the impeachment. They seem psychologically incapable of dealing with that, and want another go at it.

When Obama is the nominee and is up against Sen. McSameold, will the Clintons and their followers sit on their hands, hoping for yet another bite of the apple in 2012 if Obama loses? We'll see.

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