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Across The Universe, Cont. -- A Planetary Nebula


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From NASA/ ESA, January 25, 2021: The lives of planetary nebulae are often chaotic, from the death of their parent star to the scattering of its contents far out into space. Captured here by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, ESO 455-10 is one such planetary nebula, located in the constellation of Scorpius (The Scorpion). 

The oblate shells of ESO 455-10, previously held tightly together as layers of its central star, not only give this planetary nebula its unique appearance, but also offer information about the nebula. Seen in a field of stars, the distinct asymmetrical arc of material over the north side of the nebula is a clear sign of interactions between ESO 455-10 and the interstellar medium

The interstellar medium is the material — consisting of matter and radiation — between star systems and galaxies. The star at the centre of ESO 455-10 allows Hubble to see the interaction with the gas and dust of the nebula, the surrounding interstellar medium, and the light from the star itself. Planetary nebulae are thought to be crucial in galactic enrichment as they distribute their elements, particularly the heavier metal elements produced inside a star, into the interstellar medium which will in time form the next generation of stars. 

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, L. Stanghellini

Today's Cartoons


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(Pia Guerra, @PiaGuerra)

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

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(Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press)

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Sunday Reflection: The Great Number 42

"But as I write these words now I cannot stand and sing the National Anthem. I have learned that I remain a black in a white world." And, "There's not an American in this country free until every one of us is free." -- born on this day in 1919, legendary baseball star Jackie Robinson, who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier on April 15, 1947, with the Brooklyn Dodgers. A six time All-Star and 1952 inductee into baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, Robinson was a star athlete at UCLA and in the Negro Leagues preceding his national fame with the Dodgers. Robinson's wife Rachel Robinson, who turns 99 later this year, has a record of accomplishments in her own right, once serving as Assistant Professor at Yale University's School of Nursing, and founding the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which has provided support for more than 1,000 minority students since its beginning in 1973.

"Crawling Back To Trump": The Republican Death Spiral



It's a snowy day across swaths of the country, so if you're snowbound (and even if you're not), we have some reading from our hometown newspaper for you.  The only thing is, it's a bit lacking in diversity. That's because the topic in general is the death spiral of the rotted out Republican Party.  These are just snippets, so please go to the links for the full articles/op ed.

Starting off with the Washington Post editorial, "Crawling Back to Mr. Trump," a consistent theme for the day emerges:

FOR A moment, it seemed as if the Republican Party might exorcise former president Donald Trump. After four years of submission, GOP leaders were telling the truth. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) declared that Mr. Trump had “provoked” the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion, having “fed lies” to the rioters. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Mr. Trump “bears responsibility” for refusing to calm the insurrectionists. There was talk that enough GOP senators might be willing to join Democrats to convict the former president in an impeachment trial.

Days later, the era of glasnost seems to be ending. Senior Republicans are crawling back to Mr. Trump. The big lie of election fraud lives on...[snip]

Republicans should ask: What principle instructs them to bow to a man whom the country has rejected? How can they continue to excuse the attempted overturning of a fair and free election? What is the value of sitting in the Senate, or of being speaker of the House, if they continually humiliate themselves before a small, dishonest man leading their party to nowhere?

They had a chance, after Jan. 6, to reject their narrowing future as a party of lies and voter suppression and try, once again, to widen their appeal by standing for something positive. What a shame to throw that chance away.  (our emphasis)

Dana Milbank puts an even finer point on the takeover of the party by the low-IQAnon Trumpists:

The supposed civil war within the Republican Party is over. The neo-Confederates have won.

Just three weeks ago, congressional GOP leaders set out to reclaim their party from President Donald Trump and his violent supporters. Trump had frequently emboldened white supremacists and domestic terrorists, but never more visibly than when he recruited and incited those who sacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 — and then did nothing for hours as they rampaged, hunting for lawmakers, in hopes of overturning the election.

From that deadly spree emerged a glimmer of hope that Republicans would, finally, distance themselves from Trump. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) said Trump “bears responsibility” for the “attack on Congress by mob rioters” and for failing to “immediately denounce the mob when he saw what was unfolding.” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) said that the violent attackers were “fed lies” and were “provoked by the president.” He let it be known that he might vote to convict Trump after an impeachment trial.

Yet just three weeks after feebly trying to quit Trump, they have relapsed. It’s as though Abraham Lincoln had offered the Union’s unconditional surrender after the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter.

Thanks to the cowardice of McCarthy and the perfidy of McConnell, the GOP now comprises two relatively harmonious factions: those who actively sabotage democracy, and those who tacitly condone the sabotage. Trump is gone; Trumpism reigns.  (our emphasis)

Historian Robert Dalleck sees echoes to an earlier time when Republicans had to exile a crackpot fringe, whose descendants have now come back with a vengeance, and seem unlikely to be easily cast out:

It seems unlikely, but it’s happened once before. In the postwar decades, a slash-and-burn conspiratorial style took hold of the right wing, posing a challenge to several pillars of American democracy, including free and fair elections, the acceptance of facts in political debates and the peaceful transfer of power. Just as QAnon followers see a deep-state conspiracy to destroy Trump, some John Birch Society members viewed liberals as communist agents and dupes. The armed Minutemen of the 1960s echo in the gun-toting pro-Trump extremists in Charlottesville and Lansing, Mich. Talk radio kingpins such as Rush Limbaugh share a heritage with right-wing media stars Dan Smoot and Clarence Manion. And the Proud Boys share a sensibility with the white supremacists who formed Citizens’ Councils in reaction to the Supreme Court’s Brown decision desegregating schools.

By stigmatizing, punishing and outvoting the forces that wanted to burn it all down in the 1950s and 1960s, Americans ostracized them; the United States put a lid on the toxic stew of bigotry, conspiratorial thinking and White Christian identity politics, and defended democratic values like truth, equality and racial justice. It was a whole-of-society strategy, more effective than anything unfolding today. Clearly, it didn’t keep those forces at bay forever. But in the right circumstances, it could work again.

He concludes, 

The postwar decades show how Trumpism emerged and how democratic society might turn it into a minority within the Republican Party. Only by imposing political consequences on Trump’s wackiest followers can Americans hope to loosen their grip on the GOP, a strategy that some Never Trump organizations (Republican Voters Against Trump, the Lincoln Project and the Republican Accountability Project) have grasped, even if they have found limited success so far.

It is never too late to intensify that effort. Anything that works to define anti-government extremists as toxic threats to our country is helpful. This work held off the far right for a time. And any period, short or long, that this fringe spends in the wilderness is a boon to American democracy.

We agree with the notion of imposing political consequences (as well as legal and financial ones) on these enemies of democracy, but we would argue that the time for their exorcism of the low-IQAnon fringe has come and gone.

A few conservative takes are also offered in the paper today.  Here's cutesy writer Kathleen Parker's conclusion to "The GOP Isn't Doomed. It's Dead":

Going forward, not only will House Republicans be associated with a colleague who “liked” a Twitter post calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s murder. They’ll be attached to QAnon, which promotes the extraordinary fiction that Trump was leading a war against Satan-worshiping pedophiles and cannibals, whose leadership includes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and, oh, by the way, yours truly, as well as U2’s Bono.

To those Republicans who can read: You own all of this. The party isn’t doomed; it’s dead. The chance to move away from Trumpism, toward a more respectful, civilized approach to governance that acknowledges the realities of a diverse nation and that doesn’t surrender to the clenched fist, has slipped away. What comes next is anybody’s guess. But anyone who doesn’t speak out against the myths and lies of fringe groups, domestic terrorists and demagogues such as Trump deserves only defeat — and a lengthy exile in infamy. Good riddance.

In a case of "too little, too late," former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor echoes Sen. Mitt Romney's advice that Republicans should start telling their voters the truth.   That would have been nice during the years Cantor was in power, where he and his caucus told vicious lies daily to their base (remember Obamacare "death panels"?).  A lot more honesty and atoning is in order for you.

(Image: Oliver Munday, via Mother Jones)

Trump's Legal Team Bails Before Senate Trial

With his Senate impeachment trial set to begin on February 9, the 5-member legal defense team of twice impeached loser and sociopathic seditionist Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump has withdrawn, citing differences over his "legal strategy." Per CNN:

"A person familiar with the departures told CNN that Trump wanted the attorneys to argue there was mass election fraud and that the election was stolen from him rather than focus on the legality of convicting a president after he's left office. Trump was not receptive to the discussions about how they should proceed in that regard."  (our emphasis)

With Trump insisting on promulgating his "Big Lie" of a stolen election that has resulted in death, rioting, and chaos, his attorneys obviously wanted no part in representing him. As with the buffoonish Elite Strike Force Power Rangers legal team led by loon Rudy "Toot Toot" Giuliani that lost his election appeals cases in courts across the nation, Trump's options for competent legal representation are nil given his mendacious clinging to the "Big Lie." 

Any attorney representing Trump has a fool for a client, so why not let Trump represent himself? 

(photo: Trump inciting the Capitol insurrection. Evan Vucci / AP)

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QOTD -- Non Compos Mentis


"Nowhere in the Constitution—and this is excellent news for freshly sworn-in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.)—does it stipulate that a House member must have the mental capacity to cook on all four burners." --  Jack Shafer in Politico, arguing that censure followed by defeat at the polls, rather than expulsion, is the right punishment for the QAnon Congressmoron.  We'll reserve the right to disagree as more and more comes out about Greene, and how far she goes in doubling down on her batshittery.  But she's likely there to stay for now.


Today's Cartoons


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(Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press)

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

(Ed Hall,

(Peter Kuper,

(Kevin Siers, Charlotte Observer)

(Clay Jones,

(Stuart Carlson,

(Michael de Adder,

(Dave Whamond,

(Darrin Bell, Counterpoint)

(Kevin Kallaugher, Counterpoint)

The "Proud Boys" Conspiracy Role Emerging

Federal law enforcement is starting to move beyond identifying and arresting the individual Trumpist insurrectionists who violently entered and trashed the Capitol on January 6, and have begun to prosecute those belonging to extremist right-wing organizations for their role. The stormtrumper domestic terrorist group "Proud Boys" figures prominently:

"In these and other filings, prosecutors trace the actions of possible key instigators in the storming of the Capitol, including members of the Proud Boys — a far-right nationalist and nativist group with a history of violence — and other right-wing extremist groups.

According to prosecutors, citing surveillance video and social media, Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola was one of the first to lead the charge both outside and inside the Capitol, helping overwhelm police defenses after stealing an officer’s riot shield."

Pezzola's quite the thug, according to prosecutors, and now faces assault charges:

"...Pezzola and another Proud Boy dragged a piece of the fence away, leaving police unprotected and helping thousands follow onto the Capitol grounds, prosecutors said. Pezzola next was among the first to reach another police line at the base of the Capitol, prosecutors said.

As a scuffle broke out after a member of the mob was hit by a projectile, possibly fired by police, Pezzola can be seen on video pulling out a riot shield, according to prosecutors. He is then seen in images using the shield to break a building window at 2:13 p.m., according to court documents."

What is of interest to Federal law enforcement is the evidence of coordinated activity among Proud Boy members:

"According to prosecutors, members of the Proud Boys used walkie-talkie-style communication devices to coordinate during the attack. On Pezzola’s computer, [Assistant U.S. Attorney Erik] Kenerson said, FBI agents found information on making homemade firearms, poisons and explosives."

Arrest and charge every "Proud Boy" that was at the insurrection  with everything that will stick, including conspiracy. This would be a good time to prosecute these criminals under RICO if it's not already being done. Same with the Oath Keepers and other extremist right-wing militia organizations.

(photo: "Proud Boy" Pezzola. FBI)

Republican Ties To Extremist Militias

The New York Times reported yesterday that there's increasing scrutiny on the links between violent, right- wing extremists and a widening range of Republican members of Congress.  Five radical Republicans have initially been identified:

Their ranks include Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona, who like Mr. Gosar was linked to the “Stop the Steal” campaign backing Mr. Trump’s effort to overturn the election’s outcome.

Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has close connections to militia groups including the so-called Three Percenters, an extremist offshoot of the gun rights movement that had at least one member who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory, whose adherents were among the most visible of those who stormed the building, and she appeared at a rally with militia groups.

Before being elected to Congress last year, Ms. Greene used social media in 2019 to endorse executing top Democrats and has suggested that the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., was a staged “false flag” attack. The liberal group Media Matters for America reported on Thursday that Ms. Greene also speculated on Facebook in 2018 that California wildfires might have been started by lasers from space, promoting a theory pushed by followers of QAnon.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida appeared last year at an event also attended by members of the Proud Boys, another extremist organization whose role in the Jan. 6 assault, like those of the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, is being investigated by the F.B.I. [snip]


There's more detail at the link, if you have the stomach.

Make no mistake, this is the Republican Party/ Party of Trump today in all its violent, deluded, bullying, anti- democratic shame.  Its leader is in semi- exile in Florida, being visited by the leading House Republican and invited to party functions as an honored guest.  It's going to be a long struggle with these cultists and, unless we demand accountability and play to win every time, victory over them isn't assured.  That the instruments of justice are now in the hands of the Biden Administration, have been re-awakened to the threat, and are actively engaging it, is the best development we could have hoped for at this point.

(Image:  top-- Reps. Gaetz, Gohmert, Jordan, Biggs and Gosar;  bottom - Reps. Boebert and Greene. All were reported to have given "tours" of the Capitol the day before its storming.)

Names For A New Trump Party

Through his threat of starting a new political party, failed one- term "president" Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump managed to bring his cowardly cultist caucus into line.  The rotted out Republican Party will continue to be the Party of Trump, the stain indelible and damning.

However, should he decide to start a new party, the folks at Weekly Humorist have assembled a fine, descriptive list of possible names.  Here are a few of our favorites:

The Know Fuck-all Party

The Washington Skinheads

The Career Suicide Squad

The Mar A Lago Beach Party

MAGA Maggots


The Cockless Caucus

The Grand Old Putsch Party

KGB Best

The Illuminazis

Turd Reich

Incel Sams

Low IQAnons

Legion of Dupes

The Murdered Hooker Buried In The Desert Party

Trump’s Chumps

If you have other humorous offerings to contribute, please do so in the comments.


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Today's Cartoons


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(Patrick Chappatte, The Boston Globe)

(Bart van Leeuwen,

(Clay Jones,

(Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News)

(Ken Catalino,

(Robert Ariail,

(Marc Murphy, Louisville Courier-Journal, KY)

(Jeff Danziger, The Rutland Herald, VT)

(Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News)

(Ed Hall, 

(Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun)

(Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee)

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Taking Out The Trump Trash

You'll recall that the Trump regime did everything in their power to sabotage the transition to President Biden's administration. Refusing to share data and information, dragging their feet on things like office space and waylaying messages from foreign leaders, and other petty and destructive acts, they served as the hallmarks of a corrupt and authoritarian regime. The sabotage didn't stop there, however. 

Incoming administrations usually find some political types from the previous administration "burrowing in" to the civil service, creating a nuisance for them. Of course the Trump regime was so abnormal, seditious and incompetent, any political personnel "burrowing in" would constitute far more than a "nuisance." We read today that some of the most despicable Trump dead-enders have had their appointments to Defense Department boards held up, and it's good that they were:

"The decision affects a commission formed by Congress recently to consider the renaming of U.S. military installations that recognize Confederate military officers who fought to preserve slavery. Former acting defense secretary Christopher Miller appointed four people — including three who served in the Trump White House — to the panel this month before departing. Congress is expected to pick four other members.

At least temporarily, the halt affects appointees who include Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, both of whom served as campaign managers for Donald Trump. They were named to the Defense Business Board in December, as the Trump administration also abruptly dismissed other members with a form letter from what historically had been a nonpartisan panel advising the defense secretary."  (our emphasis)

The insult of having Lewandowski and Bossie (who's infamous for leading the "Citizens United" travesty) sitting on a commission that will review renaming bases named after treasonous Confederate generals is breathtaking. Fortunately, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will have the final say, so Lewandowski and Bossie can kiss their stars and bars goodbye.

The article goes on to note that another board, the Defense Policy Board, was stacked with Trump hacks recently, too:

"In one effort in December, eight appointments were announced to the Defense Policy Board, including former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R.-Ga.), former Republican congressman J. Randy Forbes of Virginia, and Scott O’Grady, a former fighter pilot who was shot down over Bosnia and in recent months insisted falsely that Trump beat President Biden 'in a landslide' in the November election."

Imagine getting defense policy advice from the likes of pompous far-right know-it-all and Machiavellian weasel Newton Leroy Gingrich. Secretary Austin won't have to, because like the other advisory boards, he makes the final call on who serves on the boards. Time to take out the trash there and throughout the Government.

(photo: Bossie and Lewandowski. Jacqueline Martin/AP)

Weekend #1 Music Twofer


Sixty (!) years ago tomorrow, The Shirelles became the first all-black girl group to have a number 1 single in the U.S., with the Gerry Goffin/Carole King song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."  It's been covered by dozens of others, including Brenda Lee, Roberta Flack, Smokey Robinson and, of course, Carole King -- but we think the original's still the greatest.

A few years after, on  January 30, 1964, The Searchers had their second number 1 single on the U.K. charts with "Needles and Pins" (written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono).  It, too, has been covered by many artists, including Jackie DeShannon, The Ramones, and Tom Petty.  The lead vocal and jangly guitar are courtesy of founding member Mike Pender.

Hope you enjoy.

"MAGA Buffoons" In The News


Jimmy Kimmel opines on various MAGA morons like Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz, nose-picking Lindsey Graham, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and does a bit on the GameStop stock market manipulation.


QOTD: The Republicans' Bad Bargain

Karen Tumulty, writing in the Washington Post: 

"Donald Trump has departed Washington, but he has left behind a new set of rules for Republicans. One of them is that words and deeds, no matter how reckless or disconnected from the truth, carry no consequences.

Which is how the party wound up with Marjorie Taylor Greene, a dangerous loon whom the voters of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District decided to send to the U.S. House.

Before she was elected last year, QAnon devotee Greene made a name for herself by spreading bonkers conspiracy theories, including that the school shooting tragedies in Newtown, Conn., and Parkland, Fla., were staged. [snip]

All of this has provoked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to let it be known through a spokesman that he finds her comments “deeply disturbing" and that he “plans to have a conversation with the congresswoman about them.” [snip]

But barely three weeks after being sworn in for her first term, Greene was rewarded by McCarthy with a seat on the House Education and Labor Committee. Her assignment to a panel that gives her a role in shaping federal policy with regard to schools is “appalling, really beyond the pale,” Pelosi said Thursday.

Except the sad thing is, the Republican embrace of people like Greene and its tolerance of what she represents show the party no longer recognizes a line between what is and isn’t acceptable. They have made their bargain, and now they are stuck with it."  (our emphasis)

We noted yesterday that California Rep. Jimmy Gomez has announced his intention to introduce a resolution of expulsion for crackpot Greene, which requires a two-thirds majority and which will inevitably meet with almost universal Rethuglican resistance. She's the "bargain" the Republicans have given us.

Ex-KGB Spy: Trump Cultivated As Asset Over 40 Year Period



Former KGB Maj. Yuri Shvets, in a story published today in The Guardian, fills in some of the details on Moscow's cultivation of incompetent insurrectionist Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump over a 40 year period.  It's an interesting perspective coming from a former KGB official that confirms, once again, how Mango Mussolini was viewed and used by Russia over much of his adult life:

Donald Trump was cultivated as a Russian asset over 40 years and proved so willing to parrot anti-western propaganda that there were celebrations in Moscow, a former KGB spy has told the Guardian.

Yuri Shvets, posted to Washington by the Soviet Union in the 1980s, compares the former US president to “the Cambridge five”, the British spy ring that passed secrets to Moscow during the second world war and early cold war.

Now 67, Shvets is a key source for American Kompromat, a new book by journalist Craig Unger, whose previous works include House of Trump, House of Putin. The book also explores the former president’s relationship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.  [snip]

Unger describes how Trump first appeared on the Russians’ radar in 1977 when he married his first wife, Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech model. Trump became the target of a spying operation overseen by Czechoslovakia’s intelligence service in cooperation with the KGB.

Three years later Trump opened his first big property development, the Grand Hyatt New York hotel near Grand Central station. Trump bought 200 television sets for the hotel from Semyon Kislin, a Soviet émigré who co-owned Joy-Lud electronics on Fifth Avenue.

According to Shvets, Joy-Lud was controlled by the KGB and Kislin worked as a so-called “spotter agent” who identified Trump, a young businessman on the rise, as a potential asset. Kislin denies that he had a relationship with the KGB.

Then, in 1987, Trump and Ivana visited Moscow and St Petersburg for the first time. Shvets said he was fed by KGB talking points and flattered by KGB operatives who floated the idea that he should go into the politics.

The ex-major recalled: “For the KGB, it was a charm offensive. They had collected a lot of information on his personality so they knew who he was personally. The feeling was that he was extremely vulnerable intellectually, and psychologically, and he was prone to flattery.

“This is what they exploited. They played the game as if they were immensely impressed by his personality and believed this is the guy who should be the president of the United States one day: it is people like him who could change the world. They fed him these so-called active measures soundbites and it happened. So it was a big achievement for the KGB active measures at the time.”

The flattery worked on the clueless narcissist, who was soon parroting Russian propaganda about sharing the defense costs of NATO and other allies (sound familiar?).  Of course, the Russians loved it and couldn't believe their luck.

Fast forward to the 2016 election and Mango Mussolini's election, with help from Russia, and the Mueller investigation:

Shvets, who has carried out his own investigation, said: “For me, the Mueller report was a big disappointment because people expected that it will be a thorough investigation of all ties between Trump and Moscow, when in fact what we got was an investigation of just crime-related issues. There were no counterintelligence aspects of the relationship between Trump and Moscow.”

He added: “This is what basically we decided to correct. So I did my investigation and then got together with Craig. So we believe that his book will pick up where Mueller left off.”

Unger, the author of seven books and a former contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine, said of Trump: “He was an asset. It was not this grand, ingenious plan that we’re going to develop this guy and 40 years later he’ll be president. At the time it started, which was around 1980, the Russians were trying to recruit like crazy and going after dozens and dozens of people.”

“Trump was the perfect target in a lot of ways: his vanity, narcissism made him a natural target to recruit. He was cultivated over a 40-year period, right up through his election.”

If there's more evidence needed to keep this treasonous, ignorant, desperate, wannabe despot from receiving intelligence briefings, we don't know what that would involve.  As Shvets mentions, it also begs a thorough, transparent intelligence community investigation into his actions regarding Russia while president, including his private discussions with Russian thug Vladimir Putin and the influence of various actors in Mango Mussolini's orbit.

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(Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee)

(Rob Rogers,

(Andy Marlette, Pensacola News-Journal)

(Chris Britt,

(Dave Whamond,

(Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

(Nate Beeler, Counterpoint)

(Stuart Carlson,

(Drew Sheneman, The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ)

(John Darkow, Columbia Missourian)

(Phil Hands, Wisconsin State Journal)

(Marty Two Bulls,

(Teresa Burns Parkhurst, The New Yorker)