Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding Bells

We're going to a son's wedding, and a weekend of family celebration. We'll be back next week.

Until then, the Dixie Cups will sing us out.

Howdy, Neighbor!

We had to smile when we heard that investigative journalist Joe McGinnis had rented a house next to snowbilly grifter Winky You Betcha while he writes a new book on Winky's work as the half-term Alaska Governor. But Winky's fit to be tied; she tried to brush it off with a sarcastic, childish entry on her Facebook page / official policy document, that her wingnut following could take as a call to violence against him. Noting on Facebook that the house overlooks "my children's play area" and "Piper's bedroom", Winky was definitely going for the "McGinnis is a latent pedophile" smear. She's even putting up a fence; put her to work on the Meskin' border, we say!

We all know by now that Winky loves to play the victim, while running around projecting herself as a "mama grizzly." Any interview by a legitimate news organization is a "hit job," because her lack of knowledge and inability to think clearly are made evident. Any criticism is a personal attack, even if it solely relates to her political positions. McGinnis' new book should be a good read, even if Winky's fence blocks the view.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CBS Poll's Mixed Results

A just-released CBS News poll has distinctly mixed, though overall pessimistic results. For example, it shows public views of the Democratic and Rethuglican parties to be about on a par, with Dem negatives at an all-time high for the poll. Public support for the health reform bill is at 43%, up from 32%, which could be a sign that the truth is starting to sink in with more and more people.

However, it is discouraging to us that, with the economy showing signs of steady improvement and progress being made on unemployment and financial reform, the public's opinion of "Washington" and the pols associated with it is broadly negative. One wishes more of a distinction could be made in the mind of John Q. Public as to just which party is trying to do the American people's business and which one "drove the car into the ditch, is doing everything it can to keep the car in the ditch, and now wants the keys to the car back." If the Dems can't make that case, it's sheer political malpractice.

ACORN Pimp Pleads Guilty

As expected, ACORN pimp/provocateur James "G. Gordon Diddy" O'Keefe and his band of merry men plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of "entry by false pretense" into Sen. Mary Landreu's New Orleans office. Diddy was sentenced to 3 years probation, 100 hours community service and a $1,500 fine; his cohorts, not so much. Clearly, these tools have a future in the Rethuglican Party!

(Photo: G. Gordon Diddy O'Keefe and "Li'l Miss ACORN 2009")

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

"President Obama is leading in a time of multiple generational crises, all of which he inherited from a failed Republican administration. While trying to clean up the mess, Senate Republicans have opposed everything -- usually just for the sake of opposing -- and taken institutional obstructionism to scandalous levels, without precedent in American history. On most of the major policy challenges, the same Senate Republican caucus has not only blocked reasonable proposals, it's also spent a fair amount of time blatantly and shamelessly lying." -- Steve Benen in the Washington Monthly, referring to Rethuglican Senators carping that the President was "testy" during their caucus' luncheon today.

BP: Bigger Price?

It's past time to do something serious about BP's sluggish pace in stopping the oil blowout that's over a month old. One Dem Senator, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, is introducing legislation that would change the current limit on liability from a measly $75 million to an unrestricted amount. Good for him. Maybe knowing that each day wasted on stopping this disaster will cost them dearly will concentrate the minds at BP.

It's also discouraging that the Obama Administration, while having responded quickly with Coast Guard and other Federal resources, seems paralyzed and unable to get BP moving more effectively. The Feds, of course, don't have the technology that the big oil companies have to potentially cap the deep-water blowout, but questions are being raised about the lack of urgency in preventing the oil from reaching the marshes and beaches along the coast. One problems seems to be Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who hasn't been at all impressive either in terms of crisis management and communication, or in terms of his management of the dysfunctional Minerals Management Service, which is rife with problems, most of which he admittedly inherited. Will his be the first head to roll? Stay tuned.

Why Are We Not Surprised?

When President Obama addressed graduating West Point cadets last Saturday, fair and balanced Fux News was there to cover it. But when Fux aired a clip of the President, the audience's applause was magically missing from the audio, leaving the President seeming to pause and stare into a silent audience.

Perhaps Fux's audio failed because the President clearly rejected the neocon philosophy of strike first, and develop a false justification later, which Dumbya and The Dick perfected, and which Fux promoted vigorously. Of course, they'd hate to have their wingnut viewers think that the West Point grads actually approved of what the President was saying. That wouldn't be fair and balanced.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

An internal Rethuglican National Committee document indicates deep financial problems, according to a CNN report. The Committee reports that it had $12.5 million cash on hand at the end of April, compared to previous years when the total cash on hand for the same period averaged over $40 million.

Clearly the poor fundraising and big spending habits of Chairclown Michael "The Shizzle" Steele are mostly to blame, along with general dissatisfaction with the direction of the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party. This is the gang that drove the economy into the ditch, refused to help pull it out, and now demands the keys back. Altogether now, NO!

(photo: The Shizzle may have to dust off his tap dance routine)

Hit The Trail

We're not sure what's in the water in South Carolina, but it's being alleged that another Rethuglican official has been "hiking the Appalachian Trail" again. A former aide to the current Governor, Mark "Gaucho Mark" Sanford, is claiming that he had an "inappropriate relationship" with Rethug candidate for Governor "Sticky" Nikki Haley, who is married with 2 kids. Sticky Nikki denies the allegation, but several political insiders say it's for real.

Adding to the merriment, Sticky has been endorsed by such cultural conservative nut bags as Winky You Betcha and the Teabagger Party. Again, this wouldn't be as much of a story if the hypocrisy wasn't so outrageous. As with disgraced "abstinence" proclaimer and former Rep. Mark Souder, and a host of other American Taliban, the rules would not seem to apply to them when it comes to the morality they love to preach to the rest of us.

(photo: Sticky Nikki and Winky on the trail)

Quote of the Day

"Sarah Palin was involved in that election, but I don't think, apparently, was paying a whole lot of attention," Gibbs said. "I'm almost sure that the oil companies don't consider the Obama Administration a huge ally - we proposed a windfall profits tax when they jacked their oil prices up to charge for gasoline. My suggestion to Sarah Palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what's going on in and around oil drilling in this country." -- White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, referring to Winky You Betcha's manufactured outrage over the Obama Administration's supposed links to big oil. Obviously believing that the best defense is offense, Winky wants us to forget that every other sentence of hers during the 2008 election was "drill, baby, drill," and that the Rethuglican Party is overwhelmingly the favorite of big oil.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Armed Wingnut Kills 2 Policemen

Late last Thursday, during a traffic stop near West Memphis, Arkansas, an anti-government gun nut shot and killed two police officers with assault rifles. He was shot and killed himself -- along with his gun-toting son -- by police who surrounded his van 90 minutes later. While details are still under investigation, it's known that the shooter, who traveled around the country instructing people how to avoid paying debts, harbored right-wing anti-government views, and had previous run-ins with law enforcement.

Would anyone be surprised if he had Limpballs and Boo Hoo on his van's radio?

The "Rethug Surge" Meme is Alive and Well!

For evidence that 1) it's always bad news for Dems, never bad news for Rethugs, 2) the media doggedly maintains its preferred narrative regardless of ... um... facts, and 3) this Herbert "Simple" Sample guy is an idiot, just take a look at what he characterizes as "the latest triumph for the GOP" (if by "triumph" you mean having 60.6 of the electorate voting against you).


Friday, May 21, 2010

. . . .And the BS Detector Went Off

Several weeks after the explosion that killed 29 miners in the Upper Big Branch coal mine, the mine company CEO, Don "Big Shit" Blankenship is claiming he did nothing wrong. Right-wing tea bagger cause booster Big Shit appeared before a Senate subcommittee investigating the cause of the disaster. When given an opportunity to accept responsibility, Big Shit stated, "I have made safety my number one priority. Massey does not place profits over safety. We never have, and we never will." Riiiight. . . . and up is down, night is day, and Big Shit is a decent man. If you believe Big Shit, you'll believe anyone.

The history of that mine tells a different story:
"In investigations several months before the explosion, Upper Big Branch Mine was found to have airflow -- which keeps deadly gases from rising to explosive levels -- moving in the wrong direction, according to the mine safety agency known as MSHA (pronounced em-sha). It also had 16 other cited violations but had appealed them all (under a much-criticized federal policy, all 16 appealed citations were dismissed)."
Big Shit and his like see these tragedies as PR problems to be managed and mitigated, and not something that should interfere with their insatiable drive for maximum profits at any cost. What's really required are criminal charges in cases like this where the worker-be-damned corporate philosophy results in needless deaths.

(photo: Big Shit tells fellow wingnuts he loves his country more than making a buck)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Can the federal government set the private sector's minimum wage? Can it tell private businesses not to hire illegal immigrants? Can it tell oil companies what safety systems to build into an offshore drilling platform? Can it tell toy companies to test for lead? Can it tell liquor stores not to sell to minors? These are the sort of questions that Paul needs to be asked now, because the issue is not 'area politician believes kooky but harmless thing.' It's 'area politician espouses extremist philosophy on issue he will be voting on constantly.'" The WaPo's always sharp Ezra Klein, asking questions that Rand "The Sprinklerhead" Paul should be answering.

Racist Tea, Anyone?

It was barely 24 hours after his victory in the Rethug / New Confederate Party primary in Kentucky when Senate hopeful Rand "The Sprinklerhead" Paul fired a large caliber bullet into his foot. The tea bagging Sprinklerhead doesn't think owners of private businesses should be covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1964; they should be allowed to turn away any potential customer based on race, color, etc. He was given several opportunities to change his statement, but declined and continued to assert that the historic Act should be amended or repealed. This is what the tea baggers have produced, because a majority of them want to return to the 19th century world of social Darwinism and government of, by and for the wealthy. Their so-called "libertarian" philosophy applies to themselves, not to minorities or the poor.

It's hard to imagine anyone not seeing this as a problem in the general election, even in Kentucky. Except, that is, the hardcore, wingnut racists who turn out to vote in Rethuglican primaries in Kentucky.

(photo: Rand Paul got out the vote all right)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Wear That Wreath So Well

Ukrainian leader Yanukovich crowns himself, while Russian leader Medvedev tries to keep from laughing. "Oh, shitsky!"

Quote of the Day

". . .for weeks Republicans and reporters have been primed to treat the inevitable Republican victory there as some sort of sign that the Republican wave was going to destroy the Democrats in November. It shouldn't be big news that a Republican would win a district that went for John McCain, and he, uh, lost. For those who are counting, that's 7 straight special elections won by Democrats. I'm sure the Republican wave will start building any minute now."--
blogger extraordinaire Atrios, commenting today on the Dem victory in the 12th district of Pennsylvania. Now, who is surprised that you haven't heard any commentary in the mainstream media about those 7 straight Dem victories?

UPDATE: Jason Linkins at HuffPo notices the shoddy mainstream media narrative fell apart.

Post-Primary Pontifications

Interestingly enough, the Dems fared reasonably well in yesterday's multi-state primaries. The biggest news was the surging Rep. Joe Sestak's victory over Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary. The Dem machine in Pennsylvania as well as the Administration lined up behind Specter, but it wasn't enough to overcome Pennsylvania Dems' yearning for a fresh, reliably progressive candidate to face far right-wing Rethug candidate Pat "Loony" Toomey in November. Also, Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional district, one which Rethugs were counting on winning after Rep. John Murtha's death earlier this year, stayed Democratic, and not by a slim margin either.

More bad news for establishment Rethugs was the defeat of Sen. Mitch "Missy" McConnell's hand-picked candidate for Senate in Kentucky, Trey Grayson, who lost by a wide margin to tea bagger favorite and dispenser of 19th century policy prescriptions Rand "The Sprinklerhead" Paul (named after nutty author Ayn Rand). The Kentucky Dem primary produced a victory of a very attractive candidate, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway who is both charismatic and photogenic. It's noteworthy that Kentucky Dems came out in larger numbers than the Rethugs. Another mainstream media meme down in flames.

Finally, there's the runoff in the Arkansas Senate race between conserva-Dem Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who was supported by progressive groups and organized labor. It sends a message that, while tea bagging right wingers get a lot of notice for their influence over Rethugs, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is trying to steer their party back to its roots by rejecting "Rethuglican lite" candidates.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Really IS Good News for Dems

One of this Hackwhacker's fondest wishes has apparently come true with the report that political psychologist Drew Westen has been brought in by Congressional Democratic leaders to do for them what lying lard-ass Frank Luntz does for Rethugs: message tailoring. Had Dems followed Westen's advice in the initial stages of the health care reform debate, they might not be struggling with selling the reform now.

Better late than never, as long as they take Westen's superb advice.

Rethug Hypocrisy Blotter

Eight-term family values Rethug Congressman Mark Souder announced his resignation today following disclosure of an affair with a part-time staff member. Souder, a leading proponent of teaching abstinence (!), was facing a rematch of his 2008 race, and was thought to be among a handful of vulnerable Rethugs running for reelection. Souder and his wife of 36 years have three grown children and two grandchildren. Here's a vid of Souder -- BTW, that's his mistress doing the interview!

Bloomin' Tales

The New York Times has a disturbing report on Dem Senate candidate Richard "Bloomin' Tales" Blumenthal, who is running for the Connecticut seat being vacated by Sen. Chris Dodd. In essence, Bloomin' Tales has been neglecting to mention that he received several deferments during the Vietnam war, while portraying himself as having served in Vietnam when he actually served stateside in the Marine Reserves while the war was winding down. It's apparently more than just "misspeaking;" it's outright lying, if you read the NY Times account.

It's a shame that he thought he had to spin false tales to appeal to the public. Now he's faced with the task of walking back his military story and trying not to appear as another lying politician. It's astounding that in this age, Bloomin' Tales thought no one would check his background and statements for accuracy. Maybe these guys really do believe they're untouchable.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Presidential Reading

The Huffington Post has a piece on the favorite books/authors of 11 Presidents. Thomas Jefferson enjoyed the works of Cicero, Lincoln read Shakespeare, JFK's tastes ran from Stendhal to Ian Fleming, and Ronnie Raygun liked the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs ("Me Ronnie, you Nancy"). It's hard to know what Dumbya really read, since his handlers continuously tried to sell a fake image of him as an intelligent man, much to everyone's amusement. Some guesses: "Presidentin' For Dummies," "Readers Digest's Favorite Jokes," or "My Plan for a Prosperous America, by Herbert Hoover."

(photo: President Dumbya was known for breaking wind when excited)

Dipstick Perry's Lavish Mansion

Oleaginous Rethug Texas Gov. Rick "Dipstick" Perry (of secessionist infamy) spent $600,000 of taxpayer's money on a rental mansion at the same time the state is facing an $11 billion shortfall. The linked article contains many egregious details, but in summary, the 6,300-plus square foot mansion is replete with pecan wood floors, 5 bedrooms, 7 bath rooms and 3 dining rooms. It's Dipstick's temporary home while the Governor's mansion is undergoing renovation.

Poor Texas Rethugs. They had a chance to dump this pretty boy in favor of Kay Bailey Hutchinson, but chose not to "change the oil."

Monday Morning Reading

Why might Americans be moving more in the direction of keeping the Dems in control in Congress (see post below)? Maybe more and more they're taking note of the rising extremism in the Rethuglican Party. Two related articles worth reading this morning:

Dana "Dickwhisperer" Milbank on the GOP "coming unglued," and

Paul Krugman on the media finally starting to cover the madness on the right and what is underlying that madness.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rethug Blues

A new poll by Associated Press indicates that by a slim margin voters want the Democrats to retain control of Congress:
"The tenuous 45 percent to 40 percent preference for a Democratic Congress reverses the finding a month ago on the same question: 44 percent for Republicans and 41 percent for Democrats. The new readout came as the economy continued showing signs of improvement and the tumultuous battle over the health care law that President Barack Obama finally signed in March faded into the background."
A cautionary note is that two thirds of the voters don't want their lawmakers re-elected, so the Dems will have to remind them of the President's mantra: the Rethuglicans drove the car into the ditch, did everything possible to keep it from being pulled out, and now they want the keys. All together now: NO!

Then there's this discouraging note for Rethugs, who seem to be racing each other for the most extremist rightwing positions that won't be acceptable to the general public. Keep catering to the tea baggers and you'll end up in hot water.

Newtie Sad, Wants Kagan Go Bye-Bye

Poor, sad, inconsequential Newt "Poot" Gingrich. He likes to say stupid, bombastic things to get attention. Because he's stupid and bombastic, sure. But also, Poot thinks he's keeping the world holding its collective breath wondering if he's running for president next year (stop wondering: he is). Remember when Poot said Sonia Sotomayor's nomination should be withdrawn? (He didn't like the "wise Latina" comment among other things.) Now he wants Elena Kagan's nomination to be withdrawn. Of course, Poot wouldn't be happy with anyone Obama nominated; he'd even ask his own name to be withdrawn if Obama nominated him. It's all about Poot trying to get some free pub and cred with the tea baggers and the other cranks holding the Rethugs hostage. Poot doesn't have any scruples, convictions or ethics. Poot only has his mouth, his ego, and a media willing to give him a platform to offer "thoughts" that no one except Poot cares about.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama: Leave the Driving to Us!

Hilarious clip of the President knocking the Rethugs' failed economic policies with what we hope will be the campaign theme for Democrats for the 2010 mid-terms.

Saturday Songs

After seeing The Doors on PBS' "American Masters" this week, I wanted to post one of their songs, but couldn't decide between a couple. So, I'm posting both. (The first vid shows Jim Morrison's longtime companion Pamela Courson.) These songs bring back particular memories of college days in Madison, Wisconsin (sigh).

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Glenn Beck - America's Historian Laureate"

Greg Grandin has a very interesting look at Boo Hoo the Hoot Beck's tenuous grasp of history, and its relationship to the radical tea bagger worldview, Newt the Poot, and all the others fueling the far-right apocalypse machine (h/t to Cheebeewonders).

A visual representation of the same "Beck knows bullshit" theme was on display on The Colbert Report last night (Colbert nails Boo Hoo as "the Pillsbury Dough Pundit"). It takes a special level of idiocy to do what Boo Hoo does, and even more to think he has something important to say.

The Grand Old Par-tay Indeed

Where are the Rethugs holding their 2010 national convention? Why, in Tampa, Florida, "the lap-dance capital:"
"A reputation can sometimes be hard to shake and the city of Tampa has a reputation it would probably like to eliminate. For the past decade some have called Tampa the lap dance capital of the world.

Paul Allen, the founder and publisher of NightMoves magazine, says he hears about the city's reputation all the time. He believes the shear number of strip clubs in the Bay area has undoubtedly contributed to the city's rep.

'In greater Tampa Bay, I think the last count is around 56 different clubs that are adult-oriented,' he said."
To which we say: bwahahahahaha. The Shizzle strikes again!

(photo: After the tap dance, the lap dance!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We'll Be Danged

That's all. Just "danged." It's a portrait of a man running scared, shedding his prior positions at all costs to salvage his job.

And to think he and Winky could have been President and Vice President. Then we'd all have been danged.

"Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette's"

We've seen enough of Fux's resident psychotic Boo Hoo the Hoot Beck to know that he constantly loves to compare the President, progressives, and sane folks in general to Nazis. Boo Hoo's Nazi references are all so over-the-top and frequent, they beg to be satirized.

Well, Lewis Black does a classic dissection of Boo Hoo's shtick on The Daily Report. It's absolutely hilarious. He closes with a suggestion that the "oppressed" Boo Hoo emulate people who actually hid from the Nazis: go to an attic for a few years, be absolutely quiet, and we'll let you know when to come out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anyone Buying This?

Weekly Standard and Fux News prick Fred "Barney" Barnes apparently has been trying to push the meme that, in his dealings with Congressional Rethugs, President Obama is the one that's been uncompromising. (This, of course, has a provenance wider than Barney -- in fact, it's pretty standard Rethug talking point stuff). Washington Monthly decided to call Barney out on it, though, with satisfying results.

Barney used to be a "journalist," but I guess the wingnut welfare provided him as a full-time Rethug hack was too good a deal to pass up.

(Images: Uncanny resemblance? You be the judge!)

Quote of the Day

"Limbaugh can play with himself." -- The White House, responding to a suggestion that the President play a round of golf with hate radio personality Pills Limpballs, according to a book about Limpballs due out later in May.

We suspect that Pills does that a lot anyway, when he's not on underage sex tours in the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makes More Sense Than Boo Hoo Beck

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show

A new wingnut hero, by crackie!

Huzzah! It's An Insurrection!

When RedState asswhistle Erick "The Loon" Erickson was hired as the newest crown jewel in the CNN firmament (as a pundit on the John King show, a show that "nobody watches except his relatives"), many of us saw it as yet another sign of the death of the cable "news" media. Well, in an effort to continue documenting the egregious nature of CNN's mistake, Roy Edroso blogs on The Loon's overheated rantings about recent tea- bagger- led purges -- nay, The Loon calls them "insurrections" (hee hee, he said "erections")! Forsooth, check it out!

(Photo: "The doltish are coming! The doltish are coming!")

Well, well, well. . .

Look what we have here.

Maybe tea bagger favorite Marco "Boobie-o" Rubio isn't a lock for Florida's next Senator after all.

Oily Customers

Executives of BP, Transocean and Halliburton appeared before Congress today to answer questions about the disastrous oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, which continues to gush. In a routine reminiscent of the Three Stooges, all three executives blamed one of the others for the failure in the Gulf:
"BP PLC told a Senate committee Tuesday its massive Gulf oil spill was caused by the failure of a key safety device made by another company. In turn, that company said BP was in charge, and that a third company that poured concrete to plug the exploratory well didn't do it right. The third company, which was plugging the well in anticipation of future production, says it was only following BP's plan."
Given this effort to weasel out of their responsibilities in the disaster, we're betting that this is just the beginning of endless actions by these predator companies to duck liability and avoid responsibility. That's why Congress should void any restrictions on monetary liability for this and future spills, and get answers -- by subpoena if necessary -- to their legitimate questions.

Make. Them. Pay.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Teabaggers Dump Maine Rethug Platform

Good news for Sens. (for "sensible?") Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and all loyal Maine Rethugs! At the Rethug convention in Maine yesterday, teabaggers and Paultards succeeded in scrapping the existing right-wing platform and replacing it with... well, you be the judge.

Can this be anything but good news for the Rethugs?! Isn't it always?!

Kagan Nominated

President Obama, as expected, nominated Solicitor General and former Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan to fill Justice Stevens' place on the Supreme Court. Kagan, 50, who has never served as a judge, is expected to be confirmed by the Senate with pro forma opposition from Rethuglicans. Kagan's judicial philosophy is something of a mystery for many progressives (among others) who haven't heard an articulation of her views on a number of subjects. Should make for an interesting confirmation hearing.

UPDATE: Shizzle Steele's Rethuglican National Committee weighs in with a line of attack so brainless even the National Review called them out on it.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where would we be without them?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crackpots Oust Bennett in Utah

Sen. Robert Bennett, a conservative three-term Utah Republican, was ousted today in the Rethug party convention by its majority ultra-conservative delegates. The intra-party cannibalism was fueled by Bennett's sane vote for the TARP (woooo, "The Bailout!!!"), and for co-sponsoring a health reform bill with Democrat Ron Wyden (D-OR). Bennett's endorsements by Mitt/ Muff/ Mittens/ Flip Romney and the NRA weren't enough to fend of the rising tide of tea in Utah.

Now if only Bennett would pull a Charlie Crist!

(Image: Yer typical Utah Rethug delegate)

Another Media Narrative Down the Drain

The narrative? The one much of the "mainstream media" has been pushing, with the Rethugs' encouragement and talking points, that the gulf oil spill might be "Obama's Katrina." Of course, the meme that Obama acted too slowly or ineffectively never gained traction. Why? Mmmmm. Because it's demonstrably untrue?

Thanks, AP, for doing your job for once.

Media Bidness Note of the Day

Headline (today's WaPo, p. A10): "Post Co. returns to profit"

Buried inside: "The Post Co.'s newspaper division, which is dominated by the flagship newspaper, lost $13.8 million in the first quarter, compared with a loss of $53.8 million in the year-ago period...First-quarter daily circulation of The Post dropped 12.5 percent, and Sunday circulation dropped 10.4 percent." (emphasis added)


1) If I were publishing this news in my own dying paper, I might bury such unpleasant facts below a rosy headline, too.

2) The Post was once a proud, center-left investigative newspaper of record. Under the present publisher (Weymouth) and editors (Brauchli and Hiatt), it has morphed into a neo-con imitation -- even down to the typeface -- of the Wall Street Journal (Brauchli's old rag). This, in one of the most "blue" regions of the country with one flaming-out Rethug organ already (the Moonie Times), should be considered business model malpractice as well as a betrayal of the Post's tradition and pedigree.

3) If the "SS Post" were my "flagship," I'd re-christen it the "SS Toast" and abandon ship!

(Image: Weymouth, Brauchli, and Hiatt in no particular order)

Quote of the Day

"'The ocean will take care of this. It's as natural [the oil] as the ocean water is.'

That's right, a petrochemical stew is very natural to wetlands. You know what, you dipshit? Mercury's natural too -- you don't put it in your Cheerios." -- Bill Maher, mocking Pills Limpballs' take on the Gulf oil spill.

Saturday Song

Not as much airplay as "For What It's Worth," but a classic nonetheless.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Somehow, This Will Be Good News for Rethugs

The April jobs report came out showing a net 290,000 jobs added in April, the most in over 4 years. Although this, and other recent indicators, would appear to vindicate the economic policies of the Obama Administration, our mainstream media will report this is actually good news for the Confederate/ Rethug/ Tea Party.

Winky's Endorsement Backfires

Tea bagger heroine Winky You Betcha may have jumped the shark with her loyal sheeple. She's endorsed corporate dud and former McNasty campaign bungler "Snarly" Carly Fiorina for Senate in California. Earlier in her career, Snarly Carly nearly ran Hewlett Packard into the ground, but managed to get a huge golden parachute for herself. And Snarly Carly isn't a favorite of the tea baggers. Winky's official forum for policy pronouncements -- her Facebook page -- is getting angry messages from the baggers who wanted their snowbilly idol to endorse an even more radical right-wing candidate.

Let the divisions between right wing Rethugs and even more radical tea baggers continue and deepen! And let the bungling Winky be the catalyst!

UPDATE: Winky might want to check on her 19 year-old daughter Bristol's whereabouts from time to time. She was spotted at a NY city club -- you need to be 21 -- until about 1 a.m. the other night. You betcha!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Turd Is A Turd Is A Turd

It looks as though the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party has abandoned its quest to rebrand itself. The so-called "National Council for a New America," which was headed by House Rethug Whip Eric "Can't" Cantor, went belly up after the Rethugs decided that "no" was sufficient as a brand.

As expected, the Rethugs are blaming the naughty Dems for "attacking" their efforts to change their sorry image. But once they settled on a strategy of obstructing and lying about anything and everything proposed by the Dems, the Rethugs threw the "big tent" rebranding over board.

(Image: Our proposed official seal for the Rethugs: "Come Share Our Vision")

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family Research Council Gay-Curing Wanker Busted

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Dumbass Icon "Joe" the "Plumber" Elected to Rethug Committee

Dumbass icon "Joe" (not his real name) the "Plumber" (not his real profession) has been elected as one of some 400-odd (pun intended) representatives to the Lucas (OH) Co. Rethuglican Committee. The vote, considering "Joe's" stature as a major party celebrity and thinker, was a surprisingly narrow 38-24. Narrow, yes, but wider than his butt-crack.

(Image: "Joe" the "Plumber" wants to thankee fer yer votin' fer hizzun!)

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Go out and have yourself a cold cerveza!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Department of Cluelessness

Virginia New Confederate Gov. Bob "Blowdry Bob" McDonnell flew to Houston yesterday to participate in the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference, continuing to aggressively push for offshore oil and gas drilling despite the recent major spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and opposition inside Virginia. He's apparently OK with plans to begin drilling off Virginia's coast as early as next year, even though deep water drilling safety technology will have to be overhauled as a result of the underwater oil "volcano."

Well, that's Blowdry Bob: always on top of events and leading the charge, sitting backward on his horse, Confederate flag waving!

"Notorious G.O.P"

You can't accuse of Rethug National Committee Chairclown Michael "Shizzle" Steele of being clear-headed. The latest brilliant move by Shizzle was criticizing Dems for reaching out to minority groups, while he's attempting the same thing. Shizzle has become an object of ridicule across the political spectrum for his obvious insincerity and hypocrisy, and the countless gaffes which seem to pour from him like a broken faucet. What set Shizzle off was DNC Chairman Tim Kaine's statement that Dems would be reaching out to black and Latino Americans (among others) in 2010.

Of course, it was Shizzle who told an audience of black college students just last month that the Rethugs have been practicing a "Southern Strategy" appealing to Southern white voters for the past 40 years, so black America really didn't have a reason to vote Rethug: one of Shizzle's rare clear-headed statements.

Rethuglican Family Values, Cont'd.

Think Progress has the details of the story of Rethuglican State Senator Michael "Bend It" Bennett, who was observed watching porn on his State-issued laptop during a debate on an anti-choice bill in the Florida Senate. When figuratively caught with his pants down, Bend It says that the porn was in an e-mail sent from a former female colleague.

For decades now, the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party has portrayed itself as the party of strict morality and probity. This is a small reminder that it's not, and really never has been. It's also another small reminder that one political party actually takes debating issues and governing seriously, and it's not the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bill Maher: "American Makeover" for Illegal Immigrants

You gotta laugh - check out "Joaquin/Jack" at about 2:15, and "Marta/Sarah" following that (via Idiot Patch)!

More Wingnut Rage?*

Hopefully the police and FBI are getting closer to nailing the would-be terrorist who attempted to set of an explosive device in Times Square over the weekend. All the police have said up to now is that they are looking for a white male in his 40s who was captured on security cameras. Let's let Crooks and Liars speculate on where this might lead:
"But if the car bomber was indeed a white guy in his 40s who didn't know the difference between ammonium nitrate and plain old fertilizer, I'm thinking it's gotta be a Beck Patriot who was trying to water the tree of liberty with... the blood of random Times Square tourists. . . Let's see: wrong kind of fertilizer. Shut-off propane tanks. Someone who's not all that bright, or good with details? Someone who apparently modeled his bomb on those of infamous bombmaker Wile E. Coyote? Ah, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's a Limbaugh listener."
That's an insult to Wile E. Coyote.

*UPDATE: Not this time. But be assured that wingnut rage will focus on the religion and ethnicity of the perp. ..

American Taliban's Dobson Enters Kentucky Fray

... and hilarity ensues. Seems "Focus on the Family" Ayatollah-emeritus James Dobson was misled about Rethug Senatorial candidate Trey Grayson by "senior members of the GOP" when he recently endorsed the GOP establishment fave. Now the Ayatollah is recanting his earlier "embarrassing mistake" of an endorsement of Grayson and instead is converting to uber-wingnut Rand "The Sprinklerhead" Paul in the Rethug primary.

And the Rethugs continue their inexorable march to the right - right off the cliff. Onward un-Christian soldiers!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Frank Rich: "If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem"

To get a comprehensive perspective on the subtext for the rage roiling the right these days, read Frank Rich's column today. When it comes to the right-wingers today, it all comes down to race and ethnicity, whether it's the Arizona immigration bill, the tea baggers, birthers, or Confederate History Month. That's the real problem with the Rethuglicans and their angry, ill-informed, extremist base, and it's only driving them farther and farther away from the American mainstream.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Thought

It'll be nice not hearing the sing-songy, nasal voice of former half-Governor Winky You Betcha saying "drill, baby, drill" for a while.

And to Winky, we'd say, "how's that silly drilly thing workin' out for ya?"

May Day Song

Today's lesson is: Hendrix + Dylan = earstasy.