Monday, October 31, 2011

Graphic of the Day

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h/t to Crooks & Liars blog

The Hits Keep Comin'

Fresh off of evidence that creepy Rethuglican candidate Herman "Herb" Cain was sexually harassing women during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association, there are new reports that Herb's campaign has been the beneficiary of $40,000 in illegal contributions from a private corporation, Prosperity USA. Not coincidentally, one of the heads of Prosperity USA was Herb's Chief of Staff, ciggie smoke-blowing Mark "Cancerman" Block. Interesting that these revelations are coming out when Herb is neck-and-neck with Mittens in the polls, and when Hair Perry is sinking. Hmmm, what do you say, Mittens? Hair, what do you say? Is this your opposition research paying off? Esquire's excellent Charles Pierce thinks so:
"You might argue that someone has acted on principle, that someone thought that the nation needed this information in order to make an informed decision. If that's the case, then why didn't anyone try to strangle the whole campaign in its crib by releasing this a month or two ago? The only way this makes sense is as something that someone kept in their pocket until they needed it. And, in dealing with a party in which Karl Rove is a power, I choose not to believe in coincidence."
We'd say a bad day for Herb all around.

Your Rethug Bumper Sticker: "Don't Confuse Us With The Facts!"

"Our team wants someone authentic, creative, fresh, bold and likeable. And we don’t have much tolerance for too many facts or too much information. In politics, a bumper sticker always beats an essay." (emphasis added) -- Rethug strategist "Mr." Ed Rogers, in an uncharacteristic fit of honesty in yesterday's Kaplan Daily. When their own strategists tell you their base is fact- and information-averse, what does that say about the New Confederate/ Kook/ Rethug Party and their lowest common denominator politics?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Someone's Been Naughty

There is a new report that pizza pusher and Rethuglican Presidential candidate Herman "Herb" Cain may have been involved in sexually suggestive behavior with two women while working at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. The women later took financial settlements and left the Association. The report was published in Politico, and picked up by the New York Times.

Herb already has some 'splainin' to do to fundamentalist wingers, who were very unhappy with his seemingly pro-choice position that he voiced on a Christian broadcast channel a few days ago. If this story has legs, Herb has the option of pulling a "Jimmy Swaggart" and crying his way out, or a "Clarence Thomas" and claiming a high-tech lynching.

(photo: Now we have a better idea of what's behind that slow, creepy smile)

Observations On The "Occupy" Movement

Laurence Lewis has a timely and perceptive post at the Daily Kos on the importance of the "Occupy" / 99% movement employing non-violent, civil disobedience tactics going forward. Here's a key passage:
"There is strength in resistance, but the greatest strength is in non-violent resistance. There also is the greatest opportunity for long-range success. At this stage, it's very much about perceptions. For this movement to have any chance at long-range success, this movement must progressively draw in more and more of the non-activist middle Americans who are for now mostly observing. And that means continuing to present to those mostly observing an ethos of determination, responsibility and non-violence. Let the tactics of those opposed to the Occupy movement reveal them. Let there be a clear contrast. This cannot be but a passing moment or a passing phase. It will take time and determination. And more."
The hallmark of the civil rights movement was in non-violent civil disobedience, even when faced with racist sheriffs departments employing fire hoses and clubs. The contrast in behavior was stark, and eventually aroused America's sympathy and support. The movement can't afford to be pictured as a series of anti-World Trade Organization-type riots by nihilists and vandals, which is what the one-percenters are trying to achieve.

"Class Warfare" Picture of the Day

Last year, the Steven J. Baum law firm in Buffalo threw a Halloween party -- the theme was homeless people (!). What makes this especially repugnant is that the Baum law firm is one of the largest "foreclosure mills" in the state of New York, making good money out of the misery of others. Apparently, from this picture, some of its employees were amused by and took great pleasure in their work (must be 1 %er Rethuglicans).

BONUS: Read this passionate take-down of the corporate culture that fosters this cruelty.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ill Wind Blowing Against Rethugs In Ohio

The battle in Ohio over restoring collective bargaining rights for public employees by repealing a recent state law is causing right-wing Rethuglican Gov. Kasich some severe shrinkage in the polls -- 54% of Ohioans disapprove of him. The issue has been placed on the November 8 ballot, and there is strong public support for repealing the unpopular law (57% oppose it) that was championed by union-busting Rethug politicians and their corporate bosses. As this article notes,
"The law’s diminishing poll numbers have coincided with a decline in the approval ratings of Republican Gov. John R. Kasich, the measure’s most visible proponent. The drop is coming as the law’s union-led opponents have waged an energetic campaign against a measure that they say represents an overreach by the state’s Republican political leaders."
Overreaching seems to be in the DNA of right-wing, teabagging Rethuglican Governors (see Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida, also). The upshot of this overreach in Ohio may be to improve President Obama's chances to carry the state in 2012, along with other Dems. One can only hope.

Path to Victory?

President Obama, starting to channel the Occupy movement and Elizabeth Warren. Let's have a lot more of this.

Quote of the Day - Flip Flop Mitt Edition

Rethug presidential candidate John Huntsman calls Willard "Muff/ Mittens/ Flip Flop Mitt" Romney "a perfectly lubricated weathervane."

BONUS: James Carville piles on Willard: He's "a windsock of a guy."

Perry, Bachmann, Cain, et al.: Rethug Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

"Serious Republicans have become concerned. By Serious Republicans, I mean the people who would like to forget how much their party has profited politically over the past 50 years by allying itself with Bible-thumpers, sexual bigots, the sad detritus of American apartheid, the black-helicopter crowd, and people who would like the federal income tax to be as flat as they believe the earth is." -- Charles P. Pierce, in his Esquire blog. Yeah, "Serious Republicans" -- as Keith Olbermann says, "Good luck finding one." The full gutting is here.

Today's "Class Warfare" Read: "Have and Have-Not Nation"

Eugene Robinson had this to say about who's been conducting class warfare all these years, and the Congressional Budget Office study that backs it up (see chart in our post on October 26):
"If Americans were to realize they've been the victims of Republican-style redistribution -- stealing from the poor to give to the rich -- the whole political atmosphere might change. I believe that's one reason why the Occupy Wall Street protests have struck such a nerve. The far right and its media mouthpieces have worked themselves into a frenzy trying to disregard, dismiss or discredit the demonstrations. Thus far, fortunately, all this effort has been to no avail."

For all its flaws and temporizing, there's still a party that's ultimately on the side of fairness and the "have-nots," and one that's ultimately on the side of "redistribution" and the "haves." Let that be the way the 2012 election is framed, despite a "mainstream" media that's forgotten that the mission of journalism is to seek and report the facts.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Songs

Even though this weekend (well, Monday) is Halloween in the U.S., we refuse to post "Monster Mash!" Instead, we have two Irish artists: once again, the incandescent Lisa Hannigan (from Dick Mac's Pub in Dingle!), and early Irish R&B rockers Them, with lead singer Van Morrison (and Jimmy Page, then a session musician, on rhythm guitar). We suspect the videographer on Lisa's video had a few pints earlier. Enjoy your weekend!

Lady Liberty Turns 125 Today

So, happy birthday (or, joyeux anniversaire as its French sculptors would say). The Talking Points Memo blog has a slideshow, here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Economic News

Some good news on the economy was released today. For the 3rd quarter, the Gross Domestic Product grew by a rather surprising 2.5% -- not great, but good. That's compared to only 1.3% in the 2nd quarter. It mainly signifies that the economic recovery hasn't stalled. This, plus news of a deal on European debt, boosted the stock market well over 12,000.

Clearly, Rethugs will bemoan this good news on the economy, since it might diminish their election prospects (remember their 2008 slogan, "Country First"?). But we're not out of the woods by any measure, and we would need to have several more quarters like this or better to pop the champagne.

Look Who The Rethuglicans Have Running For Office Now

Exhibits 956 and 957 in our continuing case that the Rethuglican Party is the party of nuts, dimbulbs and bigots: "Pastor" Terry "Yosemite Sam" Jones (of Quran burning infamy) is running for the Rethuglican presidential nomination; and Orly "Taint" Taitz (the birther queen herself) is running for U.S. Senate in California as a Rethug.

One, two, three... bwahahahahaha!

Climate Change Skeptic Changes View

For the past few years, the right wing, supported by large corporate polluters and fossil fuel companies, have attacked the reality of climate change ferociously. The climate change deniers, whose opposition is based on economic considerations, weren't beneath hiring skeptics to bolster their claim that humans burning fossil fuels weren't responsible for the "greenhouse effect" and global warming.

Now, one of their own has jumped ship and declared that global warming is happening. University of California - Berkeley professor Richard Muller took a grant from the Charles G. Koch Foundation (yes, that Koch) and did a lengthy study of climate change. His findings were not what his petropatrons thought they were buying. Muller concluded that man-caused climate change was real, and happening at an accelerating rate. Better still, Muller wrote about his findings in the right wing Wall Street Journal. Now, of course, climate change deniers are trying to undermine Muller and his report's finding.

Here's our finding: the right wing doesn't care about science, facts, or the truth. Their alternative reality and their greed won't allow it.

Cartoon of the Day

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Also known as the "Rick's Reverse Robin Hood Tax Proposal." Most commentators are dumping on it as an obvious windfall for the wealthiest, while raising taxes on lower income Americans. Another anchor strapped to the back of this sinking hack.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quote of the Day

"You're blowing it with Fox News," Jobs told [Rupert Murdoch] over dinner. "The axis today is not liberal and conservative, the axis is constructive-destructive, and you've cast your lot with the destructive people. Fox has become an incredibly destructive force in our society. You can be better, and this is going to be your legacy if you're not careful." -- Steve Jobs, as quoted in Walter Issacson's new biography of him. How true.

Occupy Cartoon and Chart of the Day

(Click to enlarge)

(Top: Jen Sorensen via Daily Kos. Bottom: Chart from the Congressional Budget Office, showing that income of the top 1 percent grew by 275 percent in the past 28 years, far outstripping income growth of other income levels.)

Narrative Shifting Away From Rethuglicans

It's clear that the public is anxious about the state of the economy and the inability of Congress to address important problems, given intense Rethuglican partisan obstruction of every Obama proposal. What the 99% / Occupy movement has done is provide a voice to a shrinking middle class that's been hurt by corporate and financial predators enriching themselves over the years.

In a new poll by the New York Times and CBS, the public is increasingly aware of the lines being drawn, and a growing number of the public supports the 99 percenters. Moreover, seventy percent see the Rethuglicans as serving the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. We can't tell whether this movement will grow further and be a force that defeats Rethugs at the polls in 2012, but at a minimum it's shifted the narrative to jobs, income inequality, and economic justice at long last.

Mid-Week Song

Occasionally we like to pick an offbeat song or artist, acknowledging that it won't fit everyone's musical tastes. Zola Jesus, the stage name of 22 year old Nika Roza Danilova, has created a buzz with her vivid vocals and instrumentals, creating a sound that's been described as industrial/electronic/classical/goth. She also hails from one of our favorite cities, Madison, Wisconsin, and was a student at the UW there as late as 2009. She's currently on U.S. and European tour promoting her latest album "Conatus," from which this song is taken.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bet You Can't Keep A Straight Face, II & III

HA! You think the "Herb" Cain ad below was a hoot?! Check out these two from when Rick "Hair" Perry was runnin' for Texas Agriculture Commissioner! Head 'em up, move 'em out, Village People Cowboy Rick! You show that sausage who's boss! (big h/t to Wonkette)

Bet You Can't Keep A Straight Face....

...watching this political ad for Rethuglican book promoter and Presidential "candidate" Herman "Herb" Cain. The person speaking is none other than his chief of staff, so you know it's impartial and unbiased! WARNING: Do not view with liquids in your mouth -- may cause spewing!!

Did you like the chief of staff blowing smoke at the camera? And Herb's weird, slow psycho smile at the end? BWAHAHAHA! This should get him some votes from the tobacco growers and the inmates of psychiatric hospitals!

Gingriches Wage Class War at Tiffany's

Rethug candidate Newt "Poot" Gingrich and his diamond-obsessed third wife Callista took a break from campaigning for the right of the rich to keep all their job creator money to do a little shopping at the Tiffany's in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, the other day. While his Stepford wife was looking to buy ever more baubles, the "Deep Thinker of the Right" was wetting his whistle at a nearby restaurant/bar with a glass of champagne ... you know, the beer of the upper crusties. (Idea for Poot's new campaign slogan: "Let them drink champagne!") It's good to see Poot's putting his campaign contributions to good use!

(UPDATE: Idea #2 for Poot's new campaign slogan: Newt Gingrich: Because "Rich" is Part of My Name!)

(Photo: Those...eyes...those damned eyes...)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Missy's Aversion To The Truth

Rethuglican Senate Minority Leader and turtle impersonator Mitch "Missy" McConnell appeared on CNN yesterday and tried to claim that his band of obstructionist Rethugs haven't been to blame for the failure to enact key legislation on job creation. Daily Kos has put together a montage of videos to prove Missy is lying through his brown teeth. Missy is on record as having infamously declared that the Rethugs' main goal was defeating Obama -- not job creation, not health care, not deficit reduction, etc.

Optically, the Dems "controlled" both houses of Congress from January 2009 through January 2011, but as Missy helpfully points out in the video, in the Senate you need a "super majority" of 60 votes to pass anything, and the Rethugs were successful in blocking or watering down key Obama proposals.

Rich on the Occupy Movement and "Class Warfare"

Frank Rich has a long, intriguing essay in New York Magazine on the anger being expressed at the "overclass" (i.e., the 1 %) that transcends ideology and has deep roots in American politics. The essay is worth a read; here's an excerpt:

"Elections are supposed to resolve conflicts in a great democracy, but our next one will not. The elites will face off against the elites to a standoff, and the issues animating the class war in both parties won’t even be on the table. The structural crises in our economy, our government, and our culture defy any of the glib solutions proposed by current Democrats or Republicans; the quixotic third-party movements being hatched by well-heeled do-gooders are vanity productions. The two powerful forces that extricated America from the Great Depression—the courageous leadership and reformist zeal of Roosevelt, the mobilization for World War II—are not on offer this time. Our class war will rage on without winners indefinitely, with all sides stewing in their own juices, until—when? No one knows. The reckoning with capitalism’s failures over the past three decades, both in America and the globe beyond, may well be on hold until the top one percent becomes persuaded that its own economic fate is tied to the other 99 percent’s. Which is to say things may have to get worse before they get better."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lunacy From The Loon

Minnesota loon and Rethug Presidential candidate Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann admits that if she were President (gag, bleaaaah), Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi would still be in power. Mahvelhous!

We know that the Rethugs favor domestic authoritarianism (in the form of adherence to right wing orthodoxy on reproductive rights, automatic weapons-for-everyone, and the rich know best), but this is a clear example of how they turn a blind eye to dictatorships abroad. And not just a blind eye, a desire for the dictatorships to thrive, as long as they keep the oil/raw materials flowing for U.S. corporate interests.

A Pearce-ing Intellect

From Rethuglican Rep. Steve Pearce (Kook-NM), at the Western Republican Conference in Nevada last week:
“We got kooks running Washington, basically. Kooks are in charge of our government. You all can recognize a kook, but the media seems to not understand. Around two years ago, some guy in New Mexico claimed he was the messiah. And the press couldn’t figure it out. I’m sorry, but the answer to that is real simple. You take them five miles off the coast and let ‘em out. If he walks home, you think about it. If he sinks to the bottom, then he probably wasn’t the messiah. But we’ve got people like that in Washington running our agencies.

People are declaring that we descended from apes. Now, I know that’s not true. The argument that we descended from sheep is still an open question. But the ape idea is completely out of line.”

"...Kooks are in charge of our government." With the Rethugs in control of the House of Representatives, that's the only part of this moron's statement that's true. Welcome to the "modern" Rethuglican/ New Confederate/ Kook party!

OWS Cartoon of the Day

(Click to enlarge)

(Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, via

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mittens' Blatant Hypocrisy

We love TBogg's play on Willard "Mittens" Romney's gaffe about hiring undocumented workers to do yard work: "You can't pull out of Iraq for Pete's sake, I'm running for office."

It's worth pointing out that Preznit Dumbya actually negotiated the terms of withdrawal that President Obama is following. Again, whatever the President says/wants/does, the Rethug contingent will oppose it, no matter whether they supported it in the past, whether it's good for America, etc. It doesn't matter whether it's the economy, foreign policy or health care.

(photo: Just don't ask him to be consistent. . .)

"Herb" Cain's Positions Trouble Wingers

When last seen, Rethuglican Presidential candidate / book tour promoter Herman "Herb" Cain was backtracking on his "women's choice" position on reproductive rights. As we know, "choice" is not an option for the extremist base of the Rethuglican Party, so Herb had some 'splainin' to do before appearing in Iowa today before the Talibangelist base. He's also got some strange ideas about negotiating with terrorists (he's for), and he also supported the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), which is the ultimate betrayal for the teatard right.

While, as progressives, we heartily wish Herb a long and destructive run through the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party primaries, we're beginning to think that he may be about to wear out his welcome with the angry, radical right wing base.

Friday, October 21, 2011

El Mentiroso*

Rethuglican Sen. Marco "Pinocchio" Rubio has been caught in a significant lie about his background. The Kaplan Daily reports today that Marco Pinocchio "embellished" his anti-Castro roots in repeatedly saying that his family fled Cuba after the Cuban revolution in 1959. He said it in campaign appearances, in campaign literature, and on his website. In fact, his parents emigrated to the U.S. in 1956, years before Castro seized power.

Marco Pinocchio is now engaged in an self-righteous offensive to muddy the fact that he lied about his family's immigration to America for political purposes, which helped him in Florida politics. He now claims that his statements were based on family "oral history." Can you imagine a Cuban boy asking his parents the story about their flight from Castro, and them getting it wrong? Neither can we.

Some are saying this dooms any chance he had for the Vice Presidential slot on the 2012 Rethuglican ticket; alternatively, what better credential for a Rethug politician?
*The liar

New Jersey Rethug Sleazeball Twofer

You'll have to go to Wonkette for the 411 on Medford, NJ, Rethug Mayor Chris Meyers (above) and Rethug state Senate candidate Phil Mitsch (left), and why they qualify as today's Rethuglican sleazeballs. We're going to take a shower now...

Weekend Twofer

Compare and contrast. Essays due Monday.

"What The F**k Is Wrong With You People?"

Here's Jon Stewart in another artful take down of petty Rethugs who refuse to give Obama credit for anything, including America's role in the overthrow of Qaddafi. As he asks, "Is there no Republican that can be gracious and statesmanlike in this situation. . .?" Of course, the answer is "no."

Good News Numbers

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released fundraising figures for September, and they outpaced the comparable Rethuglican committee by almost 2 to 1. The DCCC raised $6.64 million, compared to $3.8 million for the Rethugs. Yearly totals stand at $48 million for the Dems and $44 million for the Rethugs.

What is more revealing is that public sentiment regarding control of House of Representatives started to shift back to the Dems within months of the 2010 elections, which were dominated by the increasingly unpopular Tea Party.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"The Romney Rule"

PrioritiesUSAaction has a new ad targeting Willard "Muff/Mittens/Flip Flop Mitt" Romney's opposition (along with the rest of the Rethuglican Party) to raising taxes on millionaires. Watch:

Death of a Tyrant

The prime minister of the interim government of Libya is reporting that deposed dictator Muammar Qaddafi was killed earlier today in Sirte, Libya. Earlier conflicting reports indicated that either a NATO airstrike was responsible, or that he was killed by insurgents as he tried to escape a hiding place. There were also unconfirmed reports that one of Qaddafi's sons, Saif, was captured or killed along with his father.

This has to count as another foreign policy victory for President Obama, who wisely let NATO take the lead in providing support to the Libyan insurgents who prevailed in the end. He's effectively taken foreign policy -- and specifically the "war on terror" -- off the table for the 2012 elections (not that the Rethugs will manufacture "issues" to throw against the wall to see what sticks).

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the Rethugs are trying to spin this as a "British and French" victory. They are utterly incapable of acknowledging America's active role in Qaddafi's downfall and giving Obama credit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quote of the Week -- Gaffe Edition

"We hired a lawn company to mow our lawn, and they had illegal immigrants that were working there. And when that was pointed out to us, we let them go. [...] So we went to the company and we said, look, you can’t have any illegals working on our property. I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake, I can’t have illegals." (my emphasis)-- Willard "Muff/Mittens/Flip-Flop Mitt" Romney at last night's, "debate." That's right, Muff, it wouldn't look seemly to have those dirty Messicans associated with you while you were out running for Preznit! After all, you're a man of character and conviction!

Tea Bagger: "Stop Hiring!"

Melissa Brookstone, obergruppenmoron of Tea Party Nation, has put out a message to her fellow frothers who might actually own a business: stop hiring! You must read her sociopathic rant to believe it -- she actually wants to stop any hiring to "send a message" to the Kenyan Usurper that they're agin' his "war on business and my country." (emphasis added)

Wow! Now there's a real patriot for you, not to mention a genius and a highly moral person. Keep rooting for unemployment, crackpots!

(BONUS: Hee-hee. Wonkette has more on this harpy's screed -- "dubiously employed gasbag wingnuts"..."near-bankrupt sole proprietor of a drywall-hanging home-based business..." Haw-haw, too.)

(BONUS II: After all, if you're unemployed, it's your fault anyway!)

"Clinton Foundation / Celebrity Division"

Here's an absolutely hilarious spoof, featuring Hollywood celebs in some good natured self-mockery. Great finish, too.

Debatable Performances

You won't be surprised to know that we didn't watch last night's Rethuglican candidate poo-fling. Others less fortunate had that difficult task. Here's what we gleaned from numerous accounts. Managing to stay awake, "Hair" Perry did his best imitation of a straight-shootin' cowpoke who wasn't going to let that oily Yankee cultist "Mittens" Romney get away with the nomination. Their sparring back and forth was a new feature, and hopefully one that will be repeated over and over in the coming months with increasing bitterness.

The other thugs seemed to blend into the background, although Crazy Eyes Bachmann's tunic-like outfit made her look ready for the rapture, and Poot Gingrich doesn't have to say anything to come across as mean and nasty. Yesterday's frontrunner, "Herb" Cain couldn't come up with a coherent thought, especially when talking about his bizarre tax plan. His thought that we should exchange terrorists for hostages should burn his pepperoni with the raging base. And speaking of the raging base, the audience cheered when Cain said that the unemployed were to blame for their situation. It's good for the American people to see the billowing hatred on the far right as displayed by the debate audiences.

Mid-Week Song

Since Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tom Petty celebrates his 61st birthday tomorrow, we thought we'd feature one of his top 40 hits. Co-written with the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, this song rose to the top of the charts in 1985. The video has a bizarre Alice in Wonderland theme that oddly seems to work with the song (that's Stewart with the hookah on a mushroom). Should the Dems win back the House of Representatives in 2012, we'd propose singing this song to the defeated Rethugs on their way out of the building -- is that, um, petty?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awaiting the 5,734th Rethug "Debate"

As we noted below, we have another Rethuglican "debate" freak show tonight, which we'll be avoiding, although it's a good antidote to insomnia.

Now that black walnut Herman "Herb*" Cain is the front runner of the week, maybe there will be more comments on his idiotic "9-9-9" tax plan, which is the most regressive tax proposal since Genghis Khan "taxed" his conquered masses with a sword. Perhaps somnolent Gov. Rick "Hair" Perry will have taken some No-Doz and make it through the second half long enough to say "drill, drill, drill." Will Willard "Mittens" Romney shift positions again? We can't be bothered.
*courtesy Simple Sarah Palin

Limpballs Tripped Up by Blind Obama-rage

The news that President Obama sent 100 special operations troops to Uganda to coordinate actions against the "Lord's Resistance Army" has drawn the usual criticism from the right, none more heated than from hate radio's Rush "Pills" Limpballs. First, some background. The LRA is headed by a psychopath named Joseph Kony, and is responsible for the kidnap, rape and murder of thousands of Africans in the Uganda/Congo/South Sudan region. They've been the focus of human rights organizations for many years.

On his radio program, Mr. Oxycontin accused President Obama of sending troops to "wipe out Christians in Sudan...Uganda," while admitting that he didn't have all the facts. No surprise there, especially if the object is to smear the President. But Limpballs drew fire from some unlikely sources, who criticized his knee jerk criticism of Obama: Michael "Mushroom Cloud" Gerson, and Rethuglican Sen. James Inhofe. The piggish pillpopper is rarely if ever held accountable for his deceit, especially from his comrades on the right. But some statements by the Drugster are just too laughably false to stand scrutiny, and this was one of those times.

(photo: Limpballs checks the source of his information)

The Rethugs' New Flavor of the Month?

I wonder if this guy will show up at tonight's Rethuglican snoozefest in Las Vegas. He thinks better on his feet than Perry, is a warmer personality than Mittens Romney, and doesn't laugh at "Herb*" Cain's "999" tax reform plan. I'm sure he'll dominate this debate just like he did the one in New Hampshire! But, as with all the Rethug "debates" so far, we'll be watching alternative programming.

(Photo: The Onion)
*Thank you, Simple Sarah Palin!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The "Liberal Media" My Ass!

It looks like the "working the refs" media strategy of the right over the past 30 or more years is paying off. Here are the facts from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism:
"Obama has received the most unremittingly negative press of any of the presidential candidates by a wide margin, with negative assessments outweighing positive ones by four to one.

Pew found that just 9 percent of the president’s coverage was positive, while 34 percent was negative — a stark contrast to the 32 percent positive coverage and 20 percent negative that it found Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the most covered Republican, received.

'His coverage has been substantially more negative in every one of the last 23 weeks of the last five months — even the week that Bin Laden was killed,' Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism, said of the president’s treatment in the media compared with that of the GOP field...

The top four most favorably covered candidates, the study found, were all tea party favorites: Perry was followed by Palin, with 31 percent positive coverage and 22 percent negative; Michele Bachmann, with 31 percent positive coverage and 23 percent negative; and Herman Cain, with 28 percent positive coverage and 23 percent negative.

Mitt Romney’s positive and negative coverage were almost in a dead heat at 26 percent and 27 percent, respectively."

(Image: "Hold the presses! I have new copy from the Republican National Committee!")

OWS Cartoons and Headline of the Day

(click to enlarge)

Tom Tomorrow via Daily Kos

(click to enlarge)

Pat Oliphant via
(Guillotine, nice touch! Note the "Herb" Cain reference, bottom right)

"Romney Beating Obama in Wall Street Donations" -- Huffington Post. Surprise, surprise.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OWS Movement Spreads to Pets

The signs at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are creative and pointed. The HuffPo has a good collection here. The one above was a favorite of ours. Bark if you agree.

Quotes of the Weekend - Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Edition

Today the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial is being dedicated in Washington, D.C. In honor of that, we want to offer quotes from two leading African Americans that go a long way to illustrate the profound moral gap that exists between the political parties in our country today:
"Today, American labor unions are under unprecedented assault. Public workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and other states face all-out campaigns to destroy their collective-bargaining rights. The magnificent outbreaks of opposition to these attacks provide a potent reminder that economic security, respect and representation on the job are not arrogant demands of “greedy” workers but basic human rights. If my father were alive, he would be linking arms in the front ranks of the protests against the attacks on trade unions." -- Martin Luther King III in today's Kaplan Daily.

"Don't blame Wall Street. Don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself." -- Herman "Herb*" Cain, from an October 5 interview with the Wall Street Journal.

*Courtesy Simple Sarah Palin.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

(click to enlarge)
The right wing is mounting a furious media campaign to marginalize and discredit the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spread to every corner of the country, and to some countries abroad. The more obvious to middle class Americans who the right wing / Rethuglicans are defending, the better.

Why We Love Elizabeth Warren, Pt. II

Friday, October 14, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Demonstrate?

None other than former Polish President and head of the Solidarity movement in Poland, Lech Walesa. He's announced his intention to join the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations because, as he puts it:
"How could I not respond. The thousands of people gathered near Wall Street are worried about the fate of their future, the fate of their country. This is something I understand."
This should put wingers in a quandry, since the anti-Communist Walesa was instrumental in forcing democratic change in Poland, as well as in toppling the Soviet Union. How does one attack a man responsible for that, without undermining what's left of your credibility? Maybe that's why there's such a furious campaign underway on the right to demean the demonstrators and to curtail their activities in New York City and elsewhere before it grows.

Quote of the Day

From Paul Krugman:

"Above all, the long crusade against financial regulation, the successful effort to unravel the prudential rules established after the Great Depression on the grounds that they were unnecessary, ended up demonstrating - at immense cost to the nation - that those rules were necessary, after all.

But down the rabbit hole, none of that happened. We didn't find ourselves in a crisis because of runaway private lenders like Countrywide Financial. We didn't find ourselves in a crisis because Wall Street pretended that slicing, dicing and rearranging bad loans could somehow create AAA assets - and private rating agencies played along. We didn't find ourselves in a crisis because "shadow banks" like Lehman Brothers exploited gaps in financial regulation to create bank-type threats to the financial system without being subject to bank-type limits on risk-taking.

No, in the universe of the Republican Party we found ourselves in a crisis because Representative Barney Frank forced helpless bankers to lend money to the undeserving poor."

These are the economic royalists and plutocrats that wankers like Michael Gerson (see below) and his Rethuglican brethren are beholden to. They desperately don't want this counter-messaging to take hold in the public's mind. That's why they fear the Occupy Wall Street movement and find Obama's newfound "partisanship" so frightening.

Wanker of the Week

I have to wonder if Kaplan Daily op/ed Rethuglican hack Michael "Mushroom Cloud" Gerson is a pathological liar or simply nuts. Check out his whining screed (sorry no link -- I refuse to subscribe to the Kaplan Daily, so you have to go to and look) complaining that Obama is finally fighting back against the forces that have been determined since Day One of his presidency not to give an inch, not to allow him -- or the American people -- any victories, whose primary mission was to ensure Obama's defeat in 2012 (Sen. Mitch "Missy" McConnell), who have slimed him with de-legitimizing non-issues (birthers), and on and on. So, it's Obama who is to blame for all of this? So, fighting back against your implacable foes on the far right means you've abandoned "post-partisanship" (whatever the hell that ever was)?

Does this jackass really expect any sentient person who is even modestly acquainted with the past 3 years of American history to take this nonsense seriously?

(Photo: Is that your head, or a large post-partisan pustule?)

Weekend Dream Twofer

Going to the back of the rack for two early 60's hits. Dream on. Enjoy.

Just Saying....

(click to enlarge photo)

The horrific shootings in Seal Beach, CA on October 12 by Scott DeKraai have resulted in 8 dead. While the shooting apparently was over a child custody matter, it's worth noting that teabagger Second Amendment fetishists like to solve their problems with a gun. DeKraai contributed $300 last year to a teabagger organization, and proudly sported a teabagger organization bumper sticker. Again, this wasn't a political action by all accounts, but it demonstrates the violent culture on the right that "solves" problems with gunfire.

(photo: H/t to Little Green Footballs: Actual bumper of SUV owned by accused killer Scott DeKraai)

Rethug Crime Blotter

Tennessee residents can feel safe in knowing that their Rethuglican state senator Curry "Look Out, He's Got A Gun!" Todd carries a handgun wherever he goes. Unfortunately, as the sponsor of a bill that would make it legal for Tennesseans to carry guns in bars, "Got A Gun" was arrested for drunk driving with a .38 handgun stuffed next to his seat. The arresting officer noted that he was "unsteady on his feet, almost falling down at times, (and) was obviously very impaired and not in any condition to be carrying a loaded handgun.”

Clearly, this is a miscarriage of justice. Why shouldn't "Got A Gun" be allowed the potential of drunkenly shooting an innocent motorist who happened to get in the way of a bullet fired from his gun? After all, he left the bar without shooting anyone!

(photo: Your Rethug / teabagger representative: be proud!)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Senate Rethugs Kill the Jobs Bill

From the New York Times editorial (well worth reading in its entirety):
"It was all predicted, but the unanimous decision by Senate Republicans on Tuesday to filibuster and thus kill President Obama’s jobs bill was still a breathtaking act of economic vandalism. There are 14 million people out of work, wages are falling, poverty is rising, and a second recession may be blowing in, but not a single Republican would even allow debate on a sound plan to cut middle-class taxes and increase public-works spending... The Republicans offer no actual economic plans, only tired slogans about cutting regulations and spending, and ending health care reform. The party seems content to run out the clock on Mr. Obama’s term while doing very little... Republican candidates fear the Tea Party too much to acknowledge that economists are solidly behind government intervention to awaken growth. The jobs bill rejected by Republican leaders will now be reintroduced piece by piece, and Republicans are not likely to go along with much more than an extension of the payroll tax cut (which is opposed by Mr. Romney). But at least the record is increasingly clear who is advocating real ideas and who is selling an empty vessel."


Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan for Sim-pletons

Rethug front-runner (!) and ego-tripping candidate Herman "Herb*" Cain has a catchy sounding tax plan. He calls it "9-9-9", for the 9 percent tax corporations would pay, a 9 percent personal income tax rate everyone would pay, and a 9 percent national sales tax. Wildly regressive, yes! It would slam low-income and working poor and middle class families while plummeting taxes on the rich and corporations. Sounds like a Randian wet dream.

Could it be it's origins are as sim-ple as the thinking behind it?

*Courtesy Simple Sarah Palin.

(Photo: "Herb" Cain, Tax Collector for Sim City?)

Quote of the Day

"Apparently, Newt Gingrich — who considers himself one of the intellectual leaders of the free world — is so embarrassed by the fact that he is running behind Michele Bachmann in Republican polls that it has increased his already well-developed propensity to utter outlandish things.”-- Rep. Barney Frank, in a classic put-down of Newt "Poot" Gingrich, after he called for Frank and former Sen. Chris Dodd to be jailed for the financial regulatory reform law that carries their name. The desperate Poot would love to "free" the banks and hedge funds from regulation so that they can work their magic on the economy once again. Were Poot to be the Rethug nominee (fat chance -- pun intended), President Obama would wipe the floor with his vast pink bottom.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Reason to Watch Current TV

Good news today from Current TV (home of Keith Olbermann): former Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm is being added to the nightly lineup. Her new show, "The War Room," will be starting in January, and will showcase another smart, progressive voice amid the cable clutter. If we were MCPs, we'd mention that she's also very easy on the eyes, but why belabor the obvious?

Pants On Fire

As we've noted in the past, Rethuglican teabagger favorite Rep. Joe "Deadbeat" Walsh (Wingnut-IL) has been having problems paying child support. Now, Deadbeat is claiming that he had a "verbal agreement" with his former wife not to pay child support. Riiight, you despicable clown! Make it up as you go along, that's the ticket!

As if his former wife would give up over $100,000 in child support due to her children. Deadbeat is a poster child for right-wing avoidance of responsibility.

Our Broken Media, Cont'd.

The Atlantic's James Fallows captures the essential cowardice of the mainstream media in discussing the Senate vote on President Obama's jobs bill: "A Modest Proposal: Call Obstruction What It Is." Too many are content to portray it as an honest disagreement on policy, or an Obama failure, when in fact it's nothing more than Rethuglican obstruction for perceived political gain. One exception: the Cincinnati Enquirer's headline "GOP Kills Jobs Package."

For the last 30+ years, the Rethugs have held the mainstream media hostage to accusations of "liberal bias", what some refer to as "working the referees." In sports, it means that if you badger the refs enough, they'll start to call unjustified penalties against your opponents, simply to appear fair. It's time for the mainstream media to do their jobs, do some fact checking, and tell the truth.

Mid-Week Song

Speaking of "good numbers," one of the catchiest tunes from the '80s was "Jenny," by the California group Tommy Tutone. It has a great guitar hook, and infectious melody. A refrain in the song is the phone number "867-5309." Pranksters calling the fictitious phone number in places around the country and asking for "Jenny" resulted in the band being threatened with lawsuits. In Buffalo, NY, it happened to be the number for the police chief's daughter. Bwahaha! Enjoy.

Good Numbers

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, announced that she raised $3.15 million since announcing for the Senate seat currently held by Scott "Centerfold" Brown. That's a great pace, and she'll certainly get ample support from progressives across the country. Centerfold, meanwhile, has raked in millions more from insurance companies and right-wing sugar daddies who fear Warren's economic equality message. In the year ahead, the voters of Massachusetts will have to decide whether that Senate seat is for the plutocrats, or for the people.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's Class Warfare Cartoon

(Click on to enlarge)

(Tom Tomorrow, This Modern

Quote of the Day II

"It remains to be seen whether the Occupy Wall Street protests will change America’s direction. Yet the protests have already elicited a remarkably hysterical reaction from Wall Street, the super-rich in general, and politicians and pundits who reliably serve the interests of the wealthiest hundredth of a percent. And this reaction tells you something important — namely, that the extremists threatening American values are what F.D.R. called 'economic royalists,' not the people camping in Zuccotti Park." -- Nobel Prize economist and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman. His "Panic of the Plutocrats" article from Sunday's Times is a must-read.

Quote of the Day I

"The fact that, you know, some moron can stand up and make a comment like that, you know, first of all, it's outrageous. Second of all, the fact that we are spending so much time discussing it makes it even worse." -- Rethuglican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, referring to Robert Jeffress, the Dallas preacher/moron and Rick "Hair" Perry supporter that called Mormonism "a cult" at the so-called "Values Voter" Summit this past weekend. Huntsman, a Mormon, made the comment on "Wolfman" Blitzer's Situation Room, and will be participating in tonight's candidate debate in New Hampshire. We hope there will be some pointed questions directed at Hair and the other candidates about their views on the subject.

(Ed. - A possible campaign theme song for the Talibangelist Rethugs who might have to accept a Mittens candidacy: "Onward Christian and Non-Christian Soldiers.")

Baby On Board

Thousands ran in Sunday's 26-mile Chicago Marathon, but one woman was carrying something extra. Twenty-seven year old Amber Miller was 39 weeks pregnant, but finished the marathon by running and walking. A few hours later, she gave birth to a healthy 7 pound 13 ounce girl. Miller had gotten an OK from her OB/GYN to run/walk in the marathon.

Her husband also ran the marathon, but finished behind his wife. “Without training for it, he actually got a little bit behind,” Miller said. “But he was out there with me.” Hee hee hee!

(photo: C. Berman, Chicago Tribune)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't Ask Cain No Gotcha Questions!

Rethug ego candidate and Flava-Flav-of-the-week Herman "Herb" Cain was asked a foreign policy question recently and in effect responded with the equivalent of the old Sam Cooke song, "Don't Know Much About History," except without the wit and charm. Wonkette has the story (via Think Progress) and video. Ol' "Herb" is proud of his ignorance, and thus fits the mold of the perfect Rethug base voter. Ergo, Cain for Preznit!

(Photo: "Herb" Cain, Godfather of pizza)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Sadly, no one would be surprised if that were the case.

Sunday Quote: "Occupy"-ing the Side of the People

Steven Perlstein in today's Kaplan Daily business section:
"[H]ow about White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, outside the same conference [hosted by the Atlantic magazine], responding to a reporter’s question about whether the [Occupy Wall Street] protests were helpful to the White House in furthering its economic agenda:

'I don’t know if it’s helpful.'

Trust me on this one, Bill: It’s helpful. And the fact that the White House chief of staff can’t see that and say it publicly is why Barack Obama finds himself in the political pickle he’s in.

I realize Daley has taken it as his personal challenge to repair relations with the business community. But the first thing to point out is that the business community isn’t Wall Street. More significantly, however, you can’t 'repair' relations with the business community while its members are pushing back against virtually every one of your initiatives and generously financing the Republican opposition. The way to 'repair' your relationship with the business community under such conditions is to provide convincing political evidence that they need to repair their relationship with you.

I’m sure Daley and Geithner are keenly aware that there’s a nasty political war going on out there and that they’re losing. What I suspect they don’t fully understand is that one reason they’re losing it is that people aren’t sure which side they’re on. And the way to let people know which side you’re on is to send clear signals through what you say and what you do."

Class Warrior

Here's a quiz. Who said the following:
"We’re going to close the unproductive tax loopholes that allow some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. In theory, some of those loopholes were understandable, but in practice they sometimes made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing, while a bus driver was paying ten percent of his salary, and that’s crazy. [...] Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver or less?"
If you're guessing that this quote is from President Obama, or VP Biden, or even Rep. Nancy Pelosi, you'd be wrong. Who is this class warrior calling for closing corporate loopholes and making millionaires pay their fair share in taxes? None other than right wing icon St. Ronnie of Hollywood, in a speech in 1985. Shows you how far to the extreme right the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party has lurched in comparison to their own deity, St. Ronnie.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wingnut Poll Picks Paul

The ironically named "Values Voter" Summit, convening in DC, had a straw poll for Rethuglican Presidential candidates, and wingnutty Randite Rep. Ron Paul won with 37% of the vote. Willard "Mittens" Romney placed far down on the list with only 4%. To no one's surprise, Mittens' Mormon religion got in the way at this bigotfest, as an American Taliban preacher (who supports cowclown Hair Perry) referred to the Mormon church as a "cult."

It goes to show that, on any given day, a group of right wing fruitcakes will always find an enemy in their midst. It's in their DNA.

(image: Representing the New Confederate / Rethuglican Party's roots)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Lord Cantor

House Rethuglican Majority Leader Eric "Eric Cancer" Cantor thinks that the demonstrators mobilizing around the country in the Occupy Wall Street / 99 Percent movement are "mobs." Speaking to the so-called "Values Voter" Summit of Talibangelist wingnuts, Cancer thinks that the demonstrators are pitting "Americans against Americans" -- i.e., he objects to the fact that the upper 1% income bracket that he represents are getting the scrutiny they've avoided as the economy collapsed and they became richer. We don't remember him saying the same things about the teabaggers when they took to the streets in 2009 & 2010 denouncing the Administration which had just been elected by a clear majority of Americans.

As the face of big-money corporate politics, Cancer should be wearing a top hat and tails when he talks his elitist nonsense.