Thursday, October 27, 2011

Climate Change Skeptic Changes View

For the past few years, the right wing, supported by large corporate polluters and fossil fuel companies, have attacked the reality of climate change ferociously. The climate change deniers, whose opposition is based on economic considerations, weren't beneath hiring skeptics to bolster their claim that humans burning fossil fuels weren't responsible for the "greenhouse effect" and global warming.

Now, one of their own has jumped ship and declared that global warming is happening. University of California - Berkeley professor Richard Muller took a grant from the Charles G. Koch Foundation (yes, that Koch) and did a lengthy study of climate change. His findings were not what his petropatrons thought they were buying. Muller concluded that man-caused climate change was real, and happening at an accelerating rate. Better still, Muller wrote about his findings in the right wing Wall Street Journal. Now, of course, climate change deniers are trying to undermine Muller and his report's finding.

Here's our finding: the right wing doesn't care about science, facts, or the truth. Their alternative reality and their greed won't allow it.

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