Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Buh-bye. Don't Come Back In Any Form

Insurrectionist demagogue and mentally unfit con man Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump and his current wife "Melons" boarded Air Force One for the last time this morning at Joint Base Andrews.

His brief comments at Andrews before leaving were an attempt to appeal to the Senate "jury" about to consider the impeachment charges for inciting insurrection on January 6. There was also a veiled threat to "be back in some form." In his dishonest farewell video yesterday, he threw his rabid cult followers under the bus again for following his orders to seize the Capitol, hypocritically denouncing their "political violence". Trump always puts himself first to the bitter end.

(photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

Inauguration Day, 2021

Here's a bare bones schedule for today's Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:

10:30 a.m.: The inaugural ceremonies begin on the West Front of the Capitol. Biden will be sworn into office and deliver an inaugural address.

After 2:00 p.m.: President Biden and Vice President Harris will visit Arlington National Cemetery with their spouses to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

After 3:00 p.m.: Biden will be escorted to the White House with every branch of the military represented. The escort will be followed by a “Parade Across America,” a virtual parade organized by Biden’s presidential inaugural committee.

8:30 p.m.: Tom Hanks will host a 90-minute prime-time program, including remarks from Biden and performances by Ant Clemons, John Legend, Demi Lovato and others.

The detailed, full schedule, including events back to January 16, is here.

We hope you find your own personal way to celebrate this day, so long in coming.  

"President Biden." "Vice President Harris."  That sounds so good.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tonight's COVID Memorial Illumination

Here are some screenshots of the Mall, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Capitol following the memorial for the 400,000 -- and growing -- American victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was led by President- elect Biden and Vice President- elect Harris.  The golden sunset, the alabaster Capitol, the 400 glowing markers along the reflecting pool -- all combining to make a moving, national moment of remembrance of the lives lost.

(Bottom photo: Jim Watson/AFP/GettyImages)


McConnell: Trump "Provoked" Riot With Lies


Look who's peeked out of his shell. It's soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader and human/turtle hybrid Sen. Moscow Mitch McConnell, delivering remarks today in the Senate:

“The last time the Senate convened, we had just reclaimed the Capitol from violent criminals who tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like. But we pressed on.” (our emphasis)

Two of those "powerful people" were his disgraceful, seditious and opportunistic colleagues, Sens. Tailgunner Ted "Coup" and Josh "Haw Haw" Hawley. It's hard to make it out from C-SPAN's clip, but that seems to be Ted Coup presiding, too.

It seems now more than ever that McConnell is signaling that he may hold Trump responsible for inciting the insurrection during the Senate trial. He certainly holds him responsible for losing the Senate, and therefore his position as Majority Leader.

BONUSMore signals the rats are abandoning ship.

Today's Cartoons -- End Of An Error Edition

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(Christian Adams, Evening Standard, UK)

(Ken Catalino,

(Ed Hall,

(Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee)

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(Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press)

(Mort Gerberg, @mortgerberg)

(Steve Benson,

(Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune)

(Dave Granlund,

(Matt Davies, Newsday)

(Jen Sorensen,

Tweets Of The Day


Field of flags --



Thanks for making it easier to track your treasonous asses --



Republican racism lives on in a swollen carbuncle on America's ass --


Goodbye, and don't fare well --



Finally, Happy Birthday to an American patriot and hero --




Trump: Bad Or Worst President?

It won't take years of reflection for historians to judge Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump's presidency. In fact, it's not quite over and they're already weighing in.  Of course, you don't have to be a history or political science professor to see the obvious.  Here are a few notables.

NYU history professor Tim Naftali:

President Donald Trump has long exulted in superlatives. The first. The best. The most. The greatest. “No president has ever done what I’ve done,” he boasts. “No president has ever even come close,” he says. But as his four years in office draw to an end, there’s only one title to which he can lay claim: Donald Trump is the worst president America has ever had. [snip]

As Trump prepares to leave Washington, the capital is more agitated than during any previous presidential transition since 1861, with thousands of National Guard troops deployed around the city. There have been serious threats to previous inaugurations. But for the first time in the modern era, those threats are internal. An incumbent president is being asked to discourage terrorism by supporters acting in his name.

There are many verdicts on Donald Trump still to come, from the Senate, from juries of private citizens, from scholars and historians. But as a result of his subversion of national security, his reckless endangerment of every American in the pandemic, and his failed insurrection on January 6, one thing seems abundantly clear: Trump is the worst president in the 232-year history of the United States.

Rice University professor and presidential historian Michael Bechloss:

“You never want to be ranked below William Henry Harrison, who was only president for one month. If you rank below him, it means you’ve harmed the country,” said presidential historian Douglas Brinkley of Rice University. “Now you’re getting into James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson territory. Trump will automatically be in that category.”

George Washington University professor Matthew Dallek (same link as above):

... “The fact that 74 million people could vote for someone who is a conspiracy theorist and a perpetual liar and encouraged violence and the Proud Boys and white supremacy — in that sense, the Trump presidency will be important for those reckoning with: ‘What does it mean to be an American?’ And also: ‘What does it mean to live in what a lot of people thought was the world’s greatest experiment in democracy, when it turns out that experiment is incredibly fragile?’ ”

Brandeis University professor Leah Wright-Rigeur (same link as above):

...Trump’s presidency has been a case study in the “naked, unadulterated pursuit of power and self-interest, at the cost of 400,000 lives and at the cost of the American union.”

She added that Trump’s four years have dramatically exposed what racial minorities and other marginalized Americans have long understood — that the nation’s democracy has always been “brutal, exclusionary and flawed” for many citizens.

The storming of the Capitol “will be the moment everybody remembers about Trump’s presidency,” Wright-Rigueur said. “It tells the story about the failures of American democracy — not just about Trump, but also the ­centuries-old lies we tell ourselves about who we are.”

Purdue University professor Kathryn Brownell:

Broadly speaking: Donald Trump, and his enablers in the Republican Party and conservative media, have put American democracy to the test in an unprecedented way. As a historian who studies the intersection of media and the presidency, it is truly striking the ways in which he has convinced millions of people that his fabricated version of events is true. 

What happened on 6 January at the US Capitol is a culmination of over four years during which President Trump actively advanced misinformation.

Just as Watergate and the impeachment inquiry dominated historical interpretations of Richard Nixon's legacy for decades, I do think that this particular post-election moment will be at the forefront of historical assessments of his presidency.

Presidential scholar Lindsay Chervinsky:

"The loss of trust both domestically and internationally for the United States, for our institutions and our elections will probably be the most significant legacy, because that kind of thing takes so many decades to get back," Chervinsky said. "Our international standing has really suffered."

University of Chicago professor William Howell:

... "I'd put him right alongside Andrew Johnson – who laid the groundwork for the roll-back of reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow – as the worst. What he has unleashed in our politics is horrifying." [snip]

"Things that a year or two ago, Trump's defenders could have pointed to as signs of real success have evaporated. We've had the pandemic and his utter failure to deal with it as well as his unending assault on democracy."


Meanwhile, this tweet hasn't aged well:


Some people are just good at analysis and forecasting, and some aren't... Nate.

Frankly, the best assessment is from someone who's been hitting it on the head for 4 years:


Nailed it again.


Boebert: The White Supremacists' Friend

We came upon the picture, above, of radical right wing kook and QAnon adherent Rep. Lauren "Bullets" Boebert (R-Crazyland), bottom row center, black t-shirt, and a group of white supremacist bikers from December, 2019 at the Colorado State Capitol. Click on the picture to enlarge it, and note in particular the three thugs at the top right corner flashing the white power hand sign (three fingers forming a "w" for white,  thumb and first finger forming a "p" for power). You're known by the company you keep.

We noted yesterday that Bullets Boebert was identified by fellow Congressmen as giving a reconaissance tour to white supremacist Trumpist seditionists before their January 6 assault on the Capitol, a charge that's being investigated. Recall also that Boebert was caught tweeting the whereabouts of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on January 6 as her fellow insurrectionists were stalking the Speaker and soon to be former Vice President Pence in the Capitol. Her most recent outrage was objecting to the magnetometers at the entrances to the House floor to detect weapons of the kind that she likes to ostentatiously tote around like a latter day Calamity Jane.

She needs to face harsh discipline from the House, if not outright expulsion for her reckless, dangerous behavior before, during and after the Capitol riot.  If the facts warrant, she should be arrested and charged as well.

(photo: Colorado Times Recorder)

Rioter Who Stole Pelosi's Laptop/Hard Drive In Custody


The dangerous little twit is in lockup:

A woman accused of storming the US Capitol and stealing a laptop or hard drive from the office of Speaker Pelosi with the intention of selling it to Russia's intel service has been taken into custody, according to the Justice Department.

Riley June Williams was taken into custody in the Middle District of Pennsylvania on Monday.

No word yet as to the whereabouts of the laptop, which Speaker Pelosi's staff said was only used ... for presentations (sad!).

Her mugshot:

Keep swinging that sword of justice!

Monday, January 18, 2021

My Pillow Crank Getting Sued (UPDATED)

This rancid asshole is about to find out what accountability is:

Officials with Dominion Voting Systems have sent Mike Lindell, the C.E.O. of MyPillow, a legal letter warning of pending litigation over his baseless claims of widespread fraud involving their machines.

“You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign,” the letter said, referring to his continued false claims that their systems were rigged by someone to effect the outcome.

“Litigation regarding these issues is imminent,” the letter said...

Sue his crazy, lying, Trump fluffing ass off.

BONUS:  Keep digging that hole --


UPDATE:  Bed Bath and Beyond has dropped My Pillow from its stores.  Maybe they saw this --


UPDATE II:  More dropping the QAnon pillowman--



Navalny Jailed After Rushed Trial

Aleksei Navalny, Russian opposition leader and victim of thug Vladimir Putin's attempt to poison him, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail by a judge in Russia. Navalny arrived in Moscow on Saturday and was detained after recuperating in Germany from Putin's attempt on his life in August. In Putin style, the trial was rushed in a mskeshift courtroom so Navalny would have as little legal defense and public exposure as possible:

"As international pressure mounted, Mr. Navalny faced a judge not in a regular courtroom, but inside the police station in Khimki, a city bordering Moscow, where he was being held. A lawyer for Mr. Navalny, Vadim Kobzev, said he was notified of the hearing minutes before it started." (our emphasis)

There was this ironically appropriate detail from the kangaroo courtroom:

"Photographs from inside the makeshift courtroom showed a portrait just behind Mr. Navalny of Genrikh Yagodaa director of the Soviet secret police who supervised Stalin’s show trials in the 1930s and expanded the prison-camp system known as the Gulag." (our emphasis)

Navalny faces several years in prison for allegedly violating parole on a 42 month suspended prison sentence for "financial crimes" that were manufactured by the Russian state to silence Putin's leading political adversary.

(photo: Navalny exits police station after sentencing. Alexander Nemenov/AFP Getty)

Tweets Of The Day

Rep. Lauren Boebert (QAnon-CO), call your lawyer --



Dr. King had faith in democracy, unlike certain seditionists --



Disenfranchising seditionists, wash your dirty mouths out --




 Petty is as petty does --


Rudy "Toot Toot" Giuliani, witless "witness" --



Count on it --




Today's Tomorrow Cartoon: Trump's Legacy

(click to enlarge)


There can be no "unity" before accountability and a reckoning for the damage to our democracy and culture that demented demagogue and neo-fascist Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump and his cult followers have inflicted on this country. 

Please consider supporting Tom Tomorrow here.

Did Trump Rioter Try To Sell Pelosi Laptop To Russia?

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that one of the Capitol seditionist rioters, Riley June Williams of Harrisburg, PA, is being sought by the FBI for allegedly stealing a laptop or hard drive from the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The tip was provided by a former boyfriend of Williams, and further alleges that Williams tried to sell the device through an intermediary to Russia's foreign intelligence service (of course, because she's a treasonous Trumpist):

"The tipster 'also claimed to have spoken to friends of Williams, who showed (the tipster) a video of Williams taking a laptop computer or hard drive from Speaker Pelosi's office,' the affidavit says. The tipster 'stated that Williams intended to send the computer device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia's foreign intelligence service.'

The person told the FBI the 'transfer of the computer device to Russia fell through for unknown reasons and Williams still has the computer device or destroyed it,' the affidavit says."  (our emphasis)

Williams has since deleted her social media accounts and her whereabouts are currently unknown. If she is running from the FBI, they can add flight to avoid prosecution to the charges of violent entry and entering the restricted space in the Capitol. Find her, charge her, then lock her up.

(photo: Driver's license photo of Williams. FBI tip line: or 1-800-CALL-FBI)

Monday Reading

As always, please go to the links for the full articles/ op eds.

The Washington Post has constructed a video timeline of the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol that is absolutely stunning.  Here's part of their introduction to the video:

At 2:12 p.m. on Jan. 6, supporters of President Trump began climbing through a window they had smashed on the northwest side of the U.S. Capitol. “Go! Go! Go!” someone shouted as the rioters, some in military gear, streamed in.

It was the start of the most serious attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812. The mob coursed through the building, enraged that Congress was preparing to make Trump’s electoral defeat official. “Drag them out! … Hang them out!” rioters yelled at one point, as they gathered near the House chamber. [snip]

To reconstruct the pandemonium inside the Capitol for the video above, The Washington Post examined text messages, photos and hundreds of videos, some of which were exclusively obtained. By synchronizing the footage and locating some of the camera angles within a digital 3-D model of the building, The Post was able to map the rioters’ movements and assess how close they came to lawmakers — in some cases feet apart or separated only by a handful of vastly outnumbered police officers.

The Post used a facial-recognition algorithm that differentiates individual faces — it does not identify people — to estimate that at least 300 rioters were present in footage taken inside the Capitol while police were struggling to evacuate lawmakers. The actual number of rioters is probably greater, since the footage analyzed by The Post did not capture everyone in the building.

Federal, State and local authorities are rounding up as many of these violent traitors to democracy as can be identified, and all we can say is "Lock 'em up!"

Alec MacGillis looks at the insurrectionists through their videos, at the extent of their delusions, and concludes after one middle- aged man spouts about his reason for being in the mob:

He didn’t appear to know about the deaths and extent of the violence. He had only his vantage point. But we now have many more vantages. And they give us the picture of what happens when something that was gathering across the land for years, and recklessly and cynically fomented by those who knew better, reached a culmination. There undoubtedly were some dangerous organized elements within the mob that attacked the Capitol. But what is scariest about these videos is that they show the damage that can be done by a crowd of unorganized Americans goaded and abetted by the leaders of an organized political party. The radical fringe is a cause for concern. The thousands of regular people whipped into a murderous rage is the real nightmare.
Axios also has a lengthy "collapse of the President" tick tock from election night onward that's worth saving.

Nicole Hemmer writes in "The Final Mess" that, following an election that didn't fully repudiate Mango Mussolini, it was up to him to do it to himself:

For those who supported Joe Biden, his victory in November was tinged with disappointment. President Trump had been beaten, but Trumpism had not. Trump won 74.2 million votes, expanding his 2016 tally even in defeat. Republicans had narrowed the Democratic margin in the House and had the chance to hold control of the Senate. Biden’s win fell short of the overwhelming, Reagan-beats-Mondale or LBJ-beats-Goldwater level that would have fully repudiated Trump.

But after two months of efforts to overturn the results, the attack on the Capitol finally did what the election could not: It made Trump — and the GOP — toxic. Social media companies like Twitter and Facebook pulled the plug on the president’s accounts. The Girl Scouts started trying to break the lease for their headquarters in a Trump-owned building in New York. A credit-card-processing company stopped handling donations to Trump’s campaign. Major corporations like Marriott and Comcast announced that they would end or suspend donations to Republicans who voted against certifying the election results. And 10 Republicans in Congress voted to impeach the president. GOP leaders who had stuck by Trump for his whole term indicated that they might abandon him. It is an ending befitting a Greek tragedy: Only Trump could bring about his own downfall.

There's reporting that delusional Donnie is looking to raise a yuuuge amount of money for his presidential library (scam alert!):

President Donald Trump is relaying to supporters and GOP donors that he wants to raise $2 billion for a presidential library and museum, according to The Washington Post.

No official announcements have been made, but the presidential library is "likely" to be in Florida, home of the outgoing president's Mar-a-Lago resort and the most probable political base for the his eldest daughter and son, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. [Ed.: snicker]

The Post reported that Trump wants Dan Scavino, social media director and White House deputy chief of staff for communications, to lead the ambitious effort. The president is reportedly convinced that he can raise the necessary funds through small-dollar donations from his political base.

The reported goal is far in excess of the price tag for other presidential libraries. Former President George W. Bush raised just over $500 million for his "Presidential Center" in Dallas, which is expected to be the same amount it will to cost to build former President Barack Obama's own library in Chicago.

We've already posted on a virtual reality version of what that library should look like.  Also, a dedicated Trump Twitter libraryMore ideas here.

Daniel Dale could provide a plethora of Mango Mussolini's lies for that library.  Here, he just curates the 15 most notable, including this:

The most entertaining lie shtick: The burly crying men who had never cried before
They were almost always male. They were almost always large. They were almost always blue-collar. And, according to the President, they kept walking up to him crying tears of gratitude -- even though they had almost always not previously cried for years.
Trump's series of Tears Stories -- which sometimes doubled as "Sir" Stories -- helped me understand his lying as a kind of performance art.
The stories were oddly grandiose, like something you'd hear from a two-bit foreign strongman. They were also pure shtick. Trump was like a touring stand-up comic, refining and re-using his favored dishonesty bits until they stopped working for him.

Finally, a visit to Infidel 753's link round- up is highly recommended as a smorgasbord of wide- ranging topics of interest every week.