Thursday, October 20, 2016

Winner and Loser Pics of the Day

Cameras captured the two Presidential candidates after last night's final debate. These pics tell the story of who "won" the debate by the expressions and body language of the candidates.

Chip Somodavilla, Getty Images

As they once said in tee-vee sports, "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

BONUS:  Then there's this gif of Rump tearing up his notes at the end.  He knows he's toast.  

Even Chris "Lizard" Cillizza can be useful at times.

The Doctor Will See You Now Cartoon of the Day

(click on image to enlarge)

If you think misogynist groper Donald "Rump" Trump had problems with women before last night's debate, wait until we see new polls. His venomous comments ("nasty woman") and constant, bullying interruptions, along with his continuing to disparage his assault accusers and deny everything will make a difference on election day. And those women who are sticking with him?  We only play psychiatrists on this blog.

(cartoon: Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press, via

"Domestic Insurrectionist" Quote of the Day

"Clinton framed his answer as a pattern of habitual sore-loser-dom, which Trump displayed in calling several Republican primaries rigged, and making the same complaint about losing a television award. (She did not mention that he did this on Election Night 2012, too.) Perhaps she put it this way because undecided voters can relate to the familiar archetype of a bully who happens to be a sore loser. The truth is much darker and more dangerous. Trump is a domestic insurrectionist against the stability of American government." -- Jonathan Chait, writing in New York Magazine about the third and final Presidential debate where neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump clung to his "the election is being rigged" mantra.

Rump remained defiant today, doubling down today on his refusal to declare whether he'd accept the results of the election by saying he'd "absolutely" accept the results..."if I win." So says the monster who must never become President if we want to live in freedom.


Post- Debate Lede: Trump's Disgraceful Attack On American Democracy

Here's the only thing people are talking about in the wake of last night's third and final presidential debate:

(Attribution: Internet news headlines, via Daily Kos)

That's right.  Once again, when asked directly if he would accept the results of the election November 8, neo- fascist authoritarian Donald "Rump" Trump answered,
“I’ll look at it at the time."
When pressed for a definitive answer, Rump continued,
“What I’m saying is that I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense. OK?”
Fellow Republicans, smelling the sulfurous fumes of their party's implosion and Rump's apparent decision to take as much of American democracy down with him, were quick to react:

Sorry. He's yours. You deserve him. You built that.

(Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

You Can't Beat The Boss As A Political Analyst

Ladies and gentlemen, Bruce Springsteen:
Somewhere, Chris "Krispykreme" Christie's tiny heart is breaking -- again.

Quote And Video Of The Day - "Presidential!"

Speaking of endorsements, this one surely speaks well to the fitness of neo- fascist Giant Toddler* Donald "Rump" Trump to have his tiny finger on the nuclear button:
"I sometimes have said I have two boys at home: I have my young son, and I have my husband." -- Melania Trump, in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper on Monday night.
"Boys will be boys!" (except in the Oval Office, where we need an adult woman).

BONUS:  Here's Steven Colbert interviewing "Melania Trump" (Mrs. Trump III doppelganger and fine actress Laura Benanti) about her husband's predatory behavior:

* h/t Quinn Cummings.

"Little Marco" Rubio Goes 0 For 4 In Major Florida Newspaper Endorsements

Sometime Florida Republican Sen. Marco "Glug Glug" Rubio (a.k.a., "Little Marco" -- h/t neo- fascist loser Donald "Rump" Trump) is in an increasingly tight re- election battle with Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy.  Glug Glug, who is being coy about whether he'll finish out his term or make another Presidential run, has already lost in the battle for endorsements from Florida's four biggest newspapers.  While each paper had strong reasons to support Rep. Murphy, they were unified in noting the failings of the transparently ambitious Glug Glug.  As always, we recommend reading the entire editorials.

The Miami Herald, a consistent supporter of Glug Glug, has had a particularly brutal change of heart:
He has fought Obamacare at every step, even though it has brought immeasurable relief to millions who previously had no healthcare. He has joined the Senate majority in the scandalous move to block any consideration of the president’s nominee for a Supreme Court vacancy. He has unilaterally blocked other meritorious presidential nominations for purely political reasons, including confirmation of a judge he himself had once recommended. 
Beyond the political differences, there are issues of sincerity and character for voters to consider. First, he reneged on his unequivocal pledge not to run for re-election for a position he once openly disdained — but only after he lost his bid for the Republican presidential nomination to his nemesis, Donald Trump. Then he endorsed Mr. Trump, whom he called a con man during the campaign. And still at this late date, he continues to stand by that endorsement, even as the Republican candidate stumbles from gaffe to insult to outrage. 
Mr. Trump’s candidacy is a test of character, and Sen. Rubio is failing that test. How can voters believe he’s sincere when he says he does not share Mr. Trump’s awful views on Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, women, etc., yet — at the same time — stands by his endorsement of the New York billionaire? His act is unconvincing. It reeks of political convenience rather than political conviction. 
And he has refused to issue a clear, unequivocal statement on whether he will finish out his term if he wins reelection. And though he used the June massacre at Pulse, the gay nightclub in Orlando, as his excuse for getting in the race, he has a disastrous record as far as LGBT issues are concerned, opposing marriage equality and adoption by gay parents, and voting against giving LGBT Americans workplace protections.
The Sun Sentinel starts off its endorsement with a statement that should leave a mark on Glug Glug:
Floridians deserve a U.S. senator who genuinely wants to do the job and who views his office as something more than a place to cool his heels until it's time to run for president again. That means voters should give the job to Patrick Murphy. 
Democrat Murphy, who lives in Jupiter, serves in the U.S. House. He's running against Republican Marco Rubio of West Miami, who currently is serving — when he shows up for work — in the U.S. Senate. 
The Orlando Sentinel also hit on the absent/ distracted/ weasel Glug Glug theme:
Rubio also backed away from the day-to-day responsibilities of representing Florida in the U.S. Senate. Between April 2015 and March 2016, he missed 65 percent of Senate votes, according to Politifact. He defended himself by arguing that running for president is a full-time job. True, but so is representing Florida in the U.S. Senate. Yet in his current re-election campaign, he has pointedly refused to rule out another presidential bid in 2020. 
So if Rubio is re-elected to the Senate, and decides to pivot for another run for the White House in a couple of years, Floridians won't be getting the full attention that they expect and deserve. They also are more likely to see him do things, like retreating on immigration reform, that make more sense for a GOP presidential candidate than a sitting Florida senator. 
The Tampa Bay Times, before listing 12 good reasons to support Rep. Murphy, has this to say:
Florida voters tired of gridlock in Washington have a clear choice for U.S. Senate. Democrat Patrick Murphy of Jupiter has served just two terms in the House, but he is a centrist who is right on the issues and works in a bipartisan fashion. Incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Miami is on the wrong side of most every issue, and he changed his mind about seeking re-election after he was crushed by Donald Trump in the Florida presidential primary. A Senate seat should not be a consolation prize for a failed presidential candidate killing time until his next run for the White House. 
Let's dispel with this fiction that Glug Glug is unbeatable. It's 20 days to go until the election, so if you can, please support Rep. Murphy and get this gusano out of the Senate.

Ecuador Clips Assange's Wings

Yesterday, Ecuador announced that it was the "state actor" that had cut of the internet connection for alleged rapist and Russian intelligence services asset Julian "Ass Is Part of Who I Am" Assange this past Sunday. They explained that they couldn't condone the interference of Assange's' WikiLeaks organization in U.S. elections. Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the past four years to avoid extradition to Sweden to face rape charges, has been directing the timed release of e-mails hacked by Russian intelligence from the Democratic National Committee, the State Department and the Clinton campaign staff aimed at embarrassing Clinton and influencing the election in favor of sociopathic authoritarian Donald "Rump" Trump.

As a sign that WikiLeaks is prepared to pressure Ecuador to permit Assange's continuing asylum at their London embassy, they released a "pre-commitment" code entitled "Ecuador," which signifies that they have damaging documents that could be used against the Ecuadorean government. Blackmail, in plain language. It's well past time that Assange be brought to justice, and WikiLeaks be exposed as a willing partner with Russian intelligence services in their efforts to destabilize Western governments and institutions.

Mid-Week Song

Nineteenth century Czech composer Bedřich Smetana was considered the father of Czech music, with his heartfelt and evocative compositions reflecting the natural beauty of the Czech homeland. His opera The Bartered Bride is perhaps the best known of his work internationally, but it's his classic "Má vlast" ("My Homeland") -- literally a multi-part poem in musical form to his nation -- that best captures the essence of his love for his country. Our dear friends P.E.C. and John were visiting Prague recently, and heard the lovely "Vltava" (The Moldau) from "My Homeland" played, so we're featuring it as our song.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Video Of The Day - "Beatific" (UPDATED)

Get out your tissues --

UPDATE:  Ryan Moore will be a guest of Secretary Clinton's at the last presidential debate on Wednesday.

(h/t Nancy LeTourneau, Washington Monthly)

Stop Whining Quote of the Day

"You start whining before the game’s even over? If, whenever things are going bad for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else? You don’t have what it takes to do this jobI’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining and go make his case to get votes. "-- President Obama speaking at the White House today.  Demagogue and sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump knows he's very likely headed for a defeat in three weeks, and he needs to whine about "rigged elections" not only to rationalize his certain failure, but to set the stage for his post-election scams.

Today's Cartoon And Comment - Paul Ryan's Waffle House And "Dark Fantasy"

(click on image to enlarge)

(David Horsey, Los Angeles Times)

When he's not waffling along with his fellow spineless weasel Republicans about supporting that toxic waste dump also known as Donald "Rump" Trump, media charmer Rep. Paul "Lyin'" Ryan is busy trying to divert attention from his and his party's embrace of Rump in order to salvage his power base in the House (while collaterally electing Rump, of course). To do this, he's been sharing a dark fantasy of a dystopian progressive America under a President Hillary Clinton to any credulous meathead that will listen. Here's Paul Krugman's analysis:
According to him, it’s very grim. There will, he said, be “a gloom and grayness to things,” ruled by a “cold and unfeeling bureaucracy.” We will become a place “where passion — the very stuff of life itself — is extinguished.” And this is the kind of America Mrs. Clinton “will stop at nothing to have.” 
Does today’s America look anything like that? No. We have many problems, but we’re hardly living in a miasma of despair. Leave government statistics (which almost half of Trump supporters completely distrust) on one side; Gallup finds that 80 percent of Americans are satisfied with their standard of living, up from 73 percent in 2008, and that 55 percent consider themselves to be “thriving,” up from 49 percent in 2008. And there are good reasons for those good feelings: recovery from the financial crisis was slower than it should have been, but unemployment is low, incomes surged last year, and thanks to Obamacare more Americans have health insurance than ever before. 
So Mr. Ryan’s vision of America looks nothing like reality. It is, however, completely familiar to anyone who read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” as a teenager. Nowadays the speaker denies being a Rand devotee, but while you can at least pretend to take the boy out of the cult, you can’t take the cult out of the boy. Like Ms. Rand — who was basically writing about America in the Eisenhower years! — he sees the horrible world progressive policies were supposed to produce, not the flawed but hopeful nation we actually live in.
More "Midnight in America." He and Rump aren't far apart at all.

Today's Tweet, Counter Tweets

One of the most toxic exemplars of Beltway politics- as- horserace conventional wisdom is the Washington Post's Chris "Lizard" Cillizza.  Relying on his "insider" network of party hacks and hangers- on for their latest self- serving spin, Lizard has built his career on regurgitating that spin into his "The Fix" columns, often in the form of "hot takes" and listicles ("The top ten reasons Republicans are awesome!" -- just kidding sort of).  Apparently he's been on the receiving end of another hot take from (oxymoron alert) a "smart" Republican.  The responses were smarter:

Cillizza's also busy mis-stating the facts in the latest Clinton e-mail nothingburger to synch with Republican talking points.  Douchenozzle.

Buh Bye Billy

Celebrity suck-up Billy Bush was terminated from the NBC/Universal company after a week of negotiations between his lawyers and NBC. Bush was caught on tape with sociopath misogynist Donald "Rump" Trump on the "Access Hollywood" bus in 2005 where the two were talking in obscene language about women. Rump actually bragged about being able to sexually assault women due to his stardom, and has been confronted by several women who have come forward to claim that he sexually assaulted them.

Coincidentally, Rump's wife, Melania "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" Trump, appeared yesterday with Anderson Cooper, defending her husband and claiming that Bush was egging her husband on to say "dirty" things. Riiiight!  It looks like the denial begins at home.

If the tape proves to be Rump's undoing in this election, it will be a priceless irony that a member of the Bush clan (Dumbya and Billy are first cousins) finally succeeded in bringing down their family's greatest nemesis, albeit by career suicide.

(photo: Bush + Rump + mic = you're fired!)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why You Should Vote Straight Ticket Democrat, In One Quote

It doesn't matter if they endorse, then belatedly "un-endorse," neo- fascist existential threat Donald "Rump" Trump (like Sen. John "Walnuts" McCain),  or if they're simply too cowardly to take a stand (like Sen. Pat Toomey).  If they're a Republican, especially if they're a Republican running for the Senate, here's why it's critically important that they get voted out in November, in one quote:
"I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up," McCain said. "I promise you. This is where we need the majority and Pat Toomey is probably as articulate and effective on the floor of the Senate as anyone I have encountered."
A nominee's qualifications and fitness?  Respecting the expressed will of the American people?  What quaint notions! No, it's more mindless, hyper- partisan, party- before- country gridlock that we need, because we just haven't had enough of it from Republicans.

We need to take back the Senate, and defeating these two compromised Republicans is a good start. Please help elect Kate McGinty in Pennsylvania and Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona!

(Photo: Sen. John McCain -- "Take my seat... please!")