Monday, July 16, 2018

Twit Tweet, Thwap

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He loves congratulating "President Putin," his supervisor, at every opportunity. As to which team he plays for, it's the team that helped steal the election for him. Robert Mueller has the goods.

BONUS:  As if further proof were needed whose team he's on --

That should get him 100 points on his performance review!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Across The Universe, Cont.

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From NASA/ ESA, July 9, 2018Glowing warmly against the dark backdrop of the Universe, this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows an irregular galaxy called UGC 12682. Located approximately 70 million light-years away in the constellation of Pegasus (The Winged Horse), UGC 12682 is distorted and oddly-structured, with bright pockets of star formation.

In November 2008, 14-year-old Caroline Moore from New York discovered a supernova in UGC 12682. This made her the youngest person at the time to have discovered a supernova. Follow-up observations by professional astronomers of the so-called SN 2008ha showed that it was peculiarly interesting in many  different ways: its host galaxy UGC 12682 rarely produces supernovae. It is one of the faintest supernovae ever observed and after the explosion it expanded very slowly, suggesting that the explosion did not release copious amounts of energy as usually expected.

Astronomers have now classified SN 2008ha as a subclass of a Type Ia supernova, which is the explosion of a white dwarf that hungrily accretes matter from a companion star. SN 2008ha may have been the result of a partially failed supernova, explaining why the explosion failed to decimate the whole star.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

Today's Cartoon Threefer

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(Matt Davies, Newsday)

(Jim Morin, Miami Herald)
(Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

European Union A "Foe" Says Trump

In an interview with CBS News, Putin puppet and co-conspirator Donald "Rump" Trump called the European Union a "foe" of the United States. The EU consists of 28 of our allies -- including France, Ireland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands -- representing 519 million people, and together is the U.S.'s number one trading partner. At the NATO summit in Brussels last week, Rump referred to Russia's authoritarian thug Vladimir Putin as a "competitor" and not an adversary or enemy.

Within hours, European Council President Donald Tusk hit back at Rump's moronic statement:

Later in the interview, Rump continued to malign Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 elections on behalf of Rump:
"Mr. Trump also continued to criticize the special counsel's Russia investigation, saying it is having an impact on America's standing in the world. 'I think we're greatly hampered by this whole witch hunt that's going on in the United States,' the president said. 'I think it hurts our relationship with Russia. I actually think it hurts our relationship with a lot of countries. I think it's a disgrace what's going on.'"
Yes, the "witch hunt" which indicted 12 more Russian military intelligence officials last Friday. He's "hampered" from betraying U.S. interests and national security because of that "witch hunt." Now, he has less to offer up to Putin because everyone's watching him, not that he won't try to please his Kremlin handler in some way. 

"They Told Us To Behave Or We'd Be There Forever"

Sickening accounts are emerging from some of the children who've been held apart from their parents for weeks as part of the Trump regime's late, unlamented "zero tolerance" immigration policy (shorter: we don't want your kind changing our culture).  While a federal court has ordered that the more than 2,500 children separated from their parents must be returned to them by July 26, the trauma already experienced by these children could be long- lasting.

Here are just a few accounts from some of the children who were held in "shelters" around the country.  Imagine if these were your children or grandchildren:
“I felt like a prisoner,” said Diogo De Olivera Filho, a 9-year-old from Brazil who spent five weeks at a shelter in Chicago, including three weeks in isolation after getting chickenpox. When he got lonely and left his quarantined room to see other kids, he said the shelter put up a gate to keep him in. “I felt like a dog,” he said.  [snip]
Most of the children were reluctant to talk about what they went through while they were detained. 
“I don’t want to remember,” said one 10-year-old, who recounted watching an out-of-control kindergartner get injected with something after he misbehaved in class.  [snip]
Sandy was reunited with her mother on July 5 after 55 days at Southwest Key Combes, a shelter in Harlingen, Tex., that was caring for about 60 kids. Some had been separated from their parents; some had crossed the border on their own. 
For Sandy, it was a place of sorrow, fear and scoldings. 
“They told us to behave,” she said, “or we’d be there forever.”  [snip]
Diogo De Olivera Filho, the 9-year-old from Brazil, said he was used to sleeping late but that habit quickly got him in trouble at Casa Guadalupe. 
“They told me, ‘If you keep doing that, you’re going to have to stay here until you’re 18,’ ” he said. 
If it looks like child abuse and talks like child abuse, then it is child abuse.

These abusive acts have been, and are continuing to be, committed in the name of the American government, in your name and my name.  Just as with the deadly negligence that's been the hallmark of the Trump regime's non- response to the Hurricane Maria disaster in Puerto Rico, for these criminals and villains empathy and humanity are reserved for children and families of a certain color and ethnicity.  That there will likely never be a reckoning for those responsible for these horrors makes this all the more hard to swallow.

The moral stain of this era in America will never be washed away or absolved.  But we can strike a  heavy blow against these monsters in November.

Royals Snubbed Trump

While Queen Elizabeth consented to meet sociopath and Putin puppet Donald "Rump" Trump on Friday, the rest of the royal family refused to, according to the Sunday Times of London. Both Prince Charles and Prince William and their spouses refused to attend the Queen's welcome and tea with the Rump crime family. Rump is very unpopular in the UK, and even more so now that made racist comments about immigration, inserted himself into the Brexit fight and suggested that UK Prime Minister Theresa May should have taken "advice" from him on the subject. In his press conference last week with May, he stressed that he wanted closer relations with the Russian thugocracy (if only for the "witch hunt"), even after Russia had been directly implicated in the recent poisoning in Salisbury that's resulted in one fatality so far.

As he jets off from his failing golf club in Scotland on his way to his performance review with Russian thug Vladimir Putin, he leaves the NATO alliance weakened and wary that he's not on their side at all.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Submitted For Your Amusement

BONUS: Turmoil among the cultists described here and here. Bravo!

Today's Cartoon Threefer

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(Andy Marlette, Pensacola News Journal)

(Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun)

(Matt Davies, Newsday)

Finland, If You're Listening ...

As Monday's performance review in Helsinki between un- indicted co-conspirator Donald "Rump" Trump and his handler, Vladimir Putin, approaches, we're keeping our hopes up and our fingers crossed that our intelligence community (or more likely that of one of our European allies) is working with Supo -- the Finnish Security Intelligence Service -- to listen in on the one- on- one conversation between the two partners in crime.  One can imagine what a trove of insights would be gained, from Rump getting his marching orders on NATO, Syria, etc., to "Vlad, you've got to help me get out of this Mueller jam," and "Can you ramp up your election meddling, Vlad?"

Of course, this is rank speculation with some wishful thinking thrown in, but it's not at all far- fetched to imagine that the Rump- Putin secretive meeting would be a molten target for intelligence gathering.  Because Supo has a history of close cooperation with Western intelligence agencies dating back to the Cold War, they or a sister agency (the Germans and British have excellent services with ties to Supo) might do the risky "dirty work" of monitoring the conversation. If the Brits or Germans should happen to receive intel directly or from their Finnish counterparts, their cooperation in the Trump- Russia investigation to date would suggest that intel would find its way into Robert Mueller's hands shortly.

The meeting will be held in the Finnish Presidential Palace, which is well suited for a domestic intel operation. So, Finland, if you're listening ...

(Image:  Those Germans have a way with humor, and maybe intelligence gathering.)

Russian Tied To Voter Software Co.

As evidence that Russia is actively undermining our election system, as laid out in yesterday's indictments of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, the State of Maryland is investigating a software company, whose major investor is a Russian oligarch, that provides support to parts of Maryland's voter registration system. The company, ByteGrid LLC, was bought in 2015 by Putin loyalist and nickel magnate Vladimir Potanin without the knowledge of the State. Earlier this week, the FBI notified the State of the financial involvement of Potanin in the software company.

Last month, prior to Maryland's primary elections, some 80,000 voters were dropped off the registration list. Voters affected were forced to submit provisional ballots at the polls. After this latest discovery, Maryland has asked for cybersecurity technical assistance from the Department of Homeland Security to help audit the integrity of its voter registration network in advance of the 2018 mid-term elections.

Every state, but especially purple and blue states, should make it a top priority to audit, test and protect their voter registration lists and systems, in addition to the actual voting machine software. The Russians haven't quit interfering because they know they have an ally in the Oval Office.

Flashback: The Puppet Tape

Nearly two years ago, Secretary Clinton had Putin puppet and pathological liar Donald "Rump" Trump's Moscow connection down to a "t" in their final debate. Just to remind you, in the context of his upcoming performance review with Putin in Helsinki:

Note the projection from Rump ("No puppet, you're the puppet") as he initially tries to deflect the charge of collusion, but she gives him chapter and verse. Fast forward to today, with Robert Mueller's investigation is confirming exactly what Clinton said.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Today's Cartoons

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(Kevin Siers, Charlotte Observer)

(Stuart Carlson, via

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

(Matt Wuerker, Politico)

(Darrin Bell, Washington Post Writers Group)

12 Russian Witches, Cont'd.

Following the indictment of 12 Russian witches military intelligence officers by a Federal grand jury probing Russiagate, we hear from the always dishonest, delusional and dentally-challenged Rudy "Ghouliani" Giuliani throwing horse manure into his fan for the benefit of his treasonous client:

Good news, everybody! Got all the Russians, so let's close the investigation NOW!

Of course, the indictments state that Americans and a Congressional candidate (< cough > Don Jr., Roger Stone, Dana Rohrbacher, Devin Nunes perhaps?) were involved, they just aren't included in this indictment. The White (Supremacist) House is expected to have a statement on the....oh wait, here it is:


They're Not Laughing At Us, They're Laughing At YOU

Dangerous Man Baby Donald "Rump" Trump is fond of saying that, because of actions his predecessors and other officials have taken (or didn't), the U.S. looks "weak" and that the world is "laughing at us."  Let's say self- awareness is not his strongest suit.

Well, a German television show had a little fun at Rump's expense with the Trump baby blimp (and it certainly won't be the last to mock our ignorant, narcissistic, buffoonish, deeply unhinged Man Baby):

(h/t Balloon Juice and Marcel Dirsus)

12 Russian Witches Indicted For Election Meddling (UPDATED)

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein today announced the indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers by name who were involved in the hacking and distribution of stolen documents in order to aid Putin puppet Donald "Rump" Trump during the 2016 Presidential elections. A Federal grand jury working with the Mueller investigation indicted the 12 Russians on charges ranging from conspiracy to commit computer crimes to identity theft. Rosenstein said that the Russian intelligence unit used the technique of "spearphishing" to gain access to the computers of individuals on the Clinton campaign in the summer of 2016. You can read the 29-page indictment here.

The indictments come just hours after Rump again called the Mueller investigation a "rigged witch hunt" during a press conference with UK Prime Minister Theresa May in England. Rump is scheduled for a performance review meeting with Russian thug Vladimir Putin on Monday in Helsinki, Finland, where Rump is expected to either avoid or gloss over the latest indictments that prove Russia was engaged in meddling with the elections to his benefit. Although Rosenstein denied any connection between the timing of the indictments and the Putin meeting, it would be a defiant shot across the bow by Special Counsel Mueller if there were that connection.

UPDATEAn interesting and significant detail:
"On or about Aug 15, 2016, the Conspirators, posing as Guccifer 2.0, received a request for stolen docs from a candidate for U.S. Congress," the indictment reads. "The Conspirators responded using the Guccifer 2.0 persona and sent the candidate stolen docs related to the candidate's opponent."  (our emphasis)
We eagerly await the name of that candidate for Congress who solicited and received stolen documents from the Russians (who, of course, could be a Congressman running for re- election).  Quoting Reagan foot fetishist Peggy Noonan, "Is it irresponsible to speculate? It is irresponsible not to."

UPDATE II: Some dot-connecting:
"In the morning of July 27, 2016, Donald Trump encouraged Russian hackers to find emails that had been deleted from Hillary Clinton’s private server that she used while serving as secretary of state.

'I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.'

A grand jury convened by special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence officials for their involvement in hacking the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election.

The indictment states that on July 27 ― the same day as Trump’s press conference ― Russian hackers, 'for the first time,' attempted to break into email accounts, including those used by Clinton’s personal office."
They were listening, waiting for the signal.