Friday, March 27, 2020

Vid Of The Day -- Trump And Easter

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(Phil Hands, Wisconsin State Journal)

(Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune)

(Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

(Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press)

(Drew Sheneman, The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ)

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

(Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee)

(Darrin Bell, Counterpoint)
(Scott Stantis, Chicago Tribune)

(Tom Toles, Washington Post)

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(Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette, WI)

Weekend Holding Pattern Song

As many states and cities remain in a desperate holding pattern for life- saving ventilators and personal protection equipment, this song with the complementary title by the Allah-Las struck us as an aural balm to get us into the weekend.  Maybe it's their California roots, but their music has echoes of other California bands of an earlier era, like Love, It's A Beautiful Day, and The Grateful Dead.  "Holding Pattern" is the first cut on their October 2019 album, "Lahs."  Hope you enjoy.

"Exponential Threat" Redux

As a public service, we will occasionally be showing this ad from Priorities USA (we posted it before on March 23, along with another vid).  It's the ad that Dear Leader Donald "Moron Vector" Trump doesn't want Americans to see, because it damns his incompetence in his own words.  He's threatening stations with legal action if they continue to air it, so please do what you can with your own blog/ social media, etc., to get this the widest distribution possible, knowing that it rankles the Moron Vector:

As I'm typing this, the number of reported coronavirus cases in the U.S. is 94,425, and the death toll is 1,429.

Kentucky's Worst Is On Display (UPDATED)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky seems to send the worst Republicans to Congress, starting with corrupt, obstructive hack Sen. "Moscow Mitch" McConnell. who was bypassed in the COVID-19 relief negotiations. Another useless hack is flaky Sen. "Ayn" Rand Paul, who refused to self-quarantine while he was waiting for a COVID-19 test result which was later positive, after voting against a bill to provide free COVID-19 testing.

The latest Kentuckian nimrod to emerge is sociopathic "libertarian" clown Rep. Thomas "Assie"Massie, who is deliberately complicating the vote today on the $2.2 trillion COVID-19 relief bill by insisting on a recorded vote, rather than a remote voice vote by House members. By requiring the presence of House members for a recorded vote, Massie is potentially exposing them to the virus, too. NBC reports:
"Democratic and Republican leaders were scrambling members of Congress back to Washington late Thursday because they suddenly believe the $2 trillion economic relief package might not pass by the voice vote planned for Friday and could be delayed if at least 216 members don't show up to vote on the floor.

Members are now racing to get back to Washington by Friday morning — in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic — because leaders fear that at least one member, likely to be Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., will demand a recorded vote. [snip]
Ultimately, passage isn't in jeopardy — but it could be delayed for as long as it takes for 216 members to arrive in Washington. The House gavels in at 9 a.m. Friday and is expected to have two hours of debate. [snip]
Members have been scattered across the country as flights have been canceled and millions of people have sheltered in their homes amid the pandemic. Public health officials have said in the last 48 hours that anyone traveling from New York should quarantine for 14 days — which could affect many members of Congress. There are also two members who have tested positive for the virus and over a dozen more who are self-quarantining after possible exposure." (our emphasis)
This isn't the first time this sick prick has gummed up humanitarian relief efforts. Roughly 10 months ago, Massie blocked the $19.1 billion disaster relief bill for victims of the hurricanes and wild fires, apparently to put the spotlight on his immature, warped self. If Massie's recklessness only affected the sorry people in his district that keep voting for him, that's one thing. But he's a dangerous menace to all current and future victims of the coronavirus, and everyone and everything affected by it.

BONUS:  Assie is getting a lot of blowback from his own party, including Dear Leader. We think a Trumper should primary him!

UPDATEAssie's ploy went down in flames due to the best Speaker of the House in U.S. history. The relief bill passed the House on time and will be signed soon.

UPDATE II#Masshole is trending on Twitter.

(photo: Massie, left, and Paul, two pea brains in a pod. Looks like they share the same hairstylist, too.)

Trump: New York Doesn't Need More Ventilators! (UPDATED)

He's going to have more blood on his hands, because “I have a feeling that a lot of the numbers that are being said in some areas are just bigger than they’re going to be”:

In the recording, he always comes back to what's most important to him, being able to point to the stock market and the economy as a rationale for his re- election.  To that end:
We haven’t seen anything like it, but the end result is we’ve got to get back to work, and I think we can start by opening up certain parts of the country.
That's what you get when the phone rings at 3 a.m., and the person answering it is an ignorant, childish, narcissistic sociopath. (Note: A commenter makes a good point about how ventilators are being parceled out as they are.)

(This is also another Trump quote that will end up in a Democratic ad using his own words as evidence of his incompetence and culpability for lives lost unnecessarily.)

UPDATE:  Apparently he's telling Michigan they're on their own, too.  Pure, evil sociopath.

UPDATE II:  The Moron Vector continues to flip flop.  Maybe these would've been destined only for red states --

UPDATE III:  Someone who would know calls out Moron Vector's claims --

A Graphic Perspective On COVID-19 Job Loss

This morning's front page of the New York Times has a dramatic graph of the historic nature of yesterday's unemployment claims numbers, running along the bottom and then climbing straight up the right edge. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tweets Of The Day -- It's Who They Are

It just takes a few tweets...

"People are dying, but..." says Fox "News" talking head --

The smug, elected (!) tribune of the billionaires people puts a female reporter in her place --

The incompetence, toujours the incompetence --

We'll let Sen. Sanders deliver the final blow --

Today's Cartoons

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(Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
(Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News)

(Michael de Adder,

(Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee)

(Tom Toles, Washington Post)

(Lalo Alcaraz, LA Weekly)

(Bill Day,

(Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune)

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

(Walt Handelsman, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

(Matt Wuerker, Politico)
(Stuart Carlson,

(Matt Davies, Newsday)

Turns Out "The Party Of Life" Has Higher Priorities

(click to enlarge)

The next time you hear the rotted- out Republican Party refer to itself as the "Party of Life," because of its sanctimonious solicitousness for life before birth (but not after!), remember what its real priority is and always has been:  holding power at all costs.  To these two- legged rats, keeping power means keeping the economy from tanking and maintaining the fiction that they've been its smart stewards.  It's especially evident since the icon and Dear Leader of the party, sociopathic nitwit Donald "Moron Vector" Trump is in a fever to put people at risk in the misbegotten service of saving the economy his re- election chances. (Karma's a bitch: As we note in an earlier post below, the COVID-19 cases are increasing in states that voted for Moron Vector.)

When #gopdeathpanels started to trend as a result of comments by Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan "Under The Bus, Grandma" Patrick, dumbest person in the Senate and shame of Wisconsin Ron "Tiny" Johnson, and right- wing media twatwaffles like Fox "News'" Steve Hilton and Glenn Beck (who said "I'd rather die than kill the country" -- be our guest, Glennie!), it should have been (but likely won't be) a permanent definer of the essential hypocrisy and deep cynicism of this collection of sociopaths, con artists and misfits calling itself a party.  These "pro- lifers" are perfectly willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable to prop up their political and financial fortunes and those of the likes of Dear Leader, just like their facile abandonment of their small government, laissez- faire philosophy for a big government -- shall we say socialist -- philosophy, occurs only when their cushy asses are on the line.  (If they were going to use the cudgel of "socialism" against even the most centrist Democrats this year, the trillions of pump- priming dollars they voted to go into the private sector should dispense with that line of attack.)

Were it not for the criminal incompetence of Dear Leader in the early days of the crisis, and continuing to this day with his refusal to use the Defense Production Act to get critical supplies and ventilators manufactured and deployed, we wouldn't hear these right- wing social Darwinists revealing themselves as the selfish sociopaths that they and Dear Leader are.  Now that they've said their quiet parts out loud, don't ever let them get away with that "Party of Life" bullshit.

(Image: Drew Sheneman, The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ)

"Trump Virus" Spreading Faster In Red States (UPDATED)

Racist sociopath Donald "Kung Flu" Trump's despicable sycophantic servant, Secretary of State Mike "Plumpeo" Pompeo, is playing his boss' coronavirus race card now in a shameful, petty, and destructive way on the international stage:

Now it looks like COVID-19 is spreading faster in states that unfortunately voted for Trump (and have Rethuglican governors like Florida's Ron "DeDope" DeSantis and Mississippi's Tate "Taint" Reeves) and who have swallowed his happy talk:

So, given that the misinformation and lies about the virus spread in the past two months by Trump is impacting Trump states more, we should call this the "Trump Virus" right?

BONUSKarma continues to be a bitch.

UPDATE:  The U.S. trajectory of confirmed cases is ahead of all other countries at this stage, worse than China, Italy or Spain:

(click on image to enlarge)

Trump's Glass House: Mental Decline

Mentally unstable sociopath Donald "Moron Vector" Trump and his campaign are preparing to smear his likely Dem Presidential opponent Joe Biden with suggestions that he's suffering from mental decline. Trump TV is actively aiding with that smear, but Comedy Central's Trevor Noah and his team have put together a look a Trump who is clearly exhibiting decline in his own mental faculties. They cleverly juxtapose Trump TV's comments about Biden with shocking clips of Trump exhibiting what they're saying is Biden's problem:

Trump may want to reconsider his smear strategy on this one, because people who live in glass houses.....

Record Unemployment Claims Last Week

We knew the bad news was coming.  Here it is:
Nearly 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week — more than quadruple the previous record set in 1982 — amid a widespread economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus.
The surge in weekly applications was a stunning reflection of the damage the viral outbreak is doing to the economy. Filings for unemployment aid generally reflect the pace of layoffs.
The pace of layoffs is sure to accelerate as the U.S. economy sinks into a recession. Revenue has collapsed at restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, gyms, and airlines. Auto sales are plummeting, and car makers have close factories. Most such employers face loan payments and other fixed costs, so they’re cutting jobs to save money.
As job losses mount, some economists say the nation’s unemployment rate could approach 13% by May. By comparison, the highest jobless rate during the Great Recession, which ended in 2009, was 10%(our emphasis)
We sincerely hope the pain that's being felt by so many of our fellow Americans is short- lived. Some of the measures Democrats insisted on including in the just- passed Senate coronavirus relief bill may cushion some of the blow (the expanded and more generous unemployment benefits, the direct payments, and the assistance to small businesses that employ so many and have been disproportionately hurt).  The bill will be taken up in the House of Representatives and is expected to pass quickly.

Minus the AWOL "wartime president," we're all in this together.  Help out your neighbors as much as you can.  Be kind and generous to those who are hurting.

BONUS:  Here's how unprecedented this surge is, in graph form (click to enlarge) --

BONUS II:  But, hey, the motherf*ckers over on Wall Street are loving it today!

BONUS III:   Multi- millionaire Treasury Secretary and former foreclosure king Steve "Missing A Vowel" Mnuchin says no worries, unemployment numbers aren't "relevant."

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vid Of The Day -- Time To Go

We need much more of this, and spread on all media.  Don't let Trump shape the narrative.

Today's Cartoons

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(Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News)

(Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee)
(Drew Sheneman, The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ)

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(John Branch,

(Robert Ariail,

(Mike Thompson, USA Today)

(Matt Davies, Newsday)

(Steve Benson,

(Kevin Kallaugher, Counterpoint)

(Tim Campbell, Washington Post Writers Group)

(Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

(Dave Whamond,

(Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune)