Sunday, October 30, 2011

Observations On The "Occupy" Movement

Laurence Lewis has a timely and perceptive post at the Daily Kos on the importance of the "Occupy" / 99% movement employing non-violent, civil disobedience tactics going forward. Here's a key passage:
"There is strength in resistance, but the greatest strength is in non-violent resistance. There also is the greatest opportunity for long-range success. At this stage, it's very much about perceptions. For this movement to have any chance at long-range success, this movement must progressively draw in more and more of the non-activist middle Americans who are for now mostly observing. And that means continuing to present to those mostly observing an ethos of determination, responsibility and non-violence. Let the tactics of those opposed to the Occupy movement reveal them. Let there be a clear contrast. This cannot be but a passing moment or a passing phase. It will take time and determination. And more."
The hallmark of the civil rights movement was in non-violent civil disobedience, even when faced with racist sheriffs departments employing fire hoses and clubs. The contrast in behavior was stark, and eventually aroused America's sympathy and support. The movement can't afford to be pictured as a series of anti-World Trade Organization-type riots by nihilists and vandals, which is what the one-percenters are trying to achieve.

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