Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Debatable Performances

You won't be surprised to know that we didn't watch last night's Rethuglican candidate poo-fling. Others less fortunate had that difficult task. Here's what we gleaned from numerous accounts. Managing to stay awake, "Hair" Perry did his best imitation of a straight-shootin' cowpoke who wasn't going to let that oily Yankee cultist "Mittens" Romney get away with the nomination. Their sparring back and forth was a new feature, and hopefully one that will be repeated over and over in the coming months with increasing bitterness.

The other thugs seemed to blend into the background, although Crazy Eyes Bachmann's tunic-like outfit made her look ready for the rapture, and Poot Gingrich doesn't have to say anything to come across as mean and nasty. Yesterday's frontrunner, "Herb" Cain couldn't come up with a coherent thought, especially when talking about his bizarre tax plan. His thought that we should exchange terrorists for hostages should burn his pepperoni with the raging base. And speaking of the raging base, the audience cheered when Cain said that the unemployed were to blame for their situation. It's good for the American people to see the billowing hatred on the far right as displayed by the debate audiences.

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