Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rethug Blues

A new poll by Associated Press indicates that by a slim margin voters want the Democrats to retain control of Congress:
"The tenuous 45 percent to 40 percent preference for a Democratic Congress reverses the finding a month ago on the same question: 44 percent for Republicans and 41 percent for Democrats. The new readout came as the economy continued showing signs of improvement and the tumultuous battle over the health care law that President Barack Obama finally signed in March faded into the background."
A cautionary note is that two thirds of the voters don't want their lawmakers re-elected, so the Dems will have to remind them of the President's mantra: the Rethuglicans drove the car into the ditch, did everything possible to keep it from being pulled out, and now they want the keys. All together now: NO!

Then there's this discouraging note for Rethugs, who seem to be racing each other for the most extremist rightwing positions that won't be acceptable to the general public. Keep catering to the tea baggers and you'll end up in hot water.

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