Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Polls

On the eve of Sen. Clinton's expected romp in West Virginia, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll has some interesting data. Democrats have a 21 point margin over Republicans as the party best equipped to handle the nation's problems (another early test of that will be in the Mississippi First Congressional District special election today - Davis vs. Childers - to see if the Republicans can hold onto a heavily Republican district). Nationally, Democrats prefer Obama as their nominee by 12 points over Clinton. In match-ups with McBush, Obama is ahead by 51-44 percent (a margin the Post writer calls "slim" - ha!), while Clinton/McBush are in a virtual tie (49/46).

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Anonymous said...

well, hack, my home state is mississippi, and i can assure you they are ready for a HUGE change. let's keep our fingers crossed and i think good things will happen!