Monday, May 12, 2008

McSame's Election Game

Rethuglican nominee-to-be Sen. John "I'm Not Bush" McSame's purported election strategy is analyzed in Time's on-line edition. One of the elements will be to claim the high road while staying on the low road, i.e., calling for a "respectful campaign" while having surrogates fling poo at the Democratic candidate. We all know Jeremiah "Wrong" Wright will be pushed front and center by the Rethugs, but McSame has his own crazy minister problems with John "Catholic Church Is a Whore" Hagee among the most famous. His associates also include a number of unsavory lobbyists (Burma's generals anyone?) that tarnish his claim to being anti-Washington business-as-usual.

Luckily for him, McSame can count on the barbeque-loving media (his self-described "base") to give him passes and to provide loving accounts of what a maverick he is, despite voting with the Bush Assministration 95% of the time.

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