Saturday, May 31, 2008

What, Me Worry?

One of the Decider's pipe dreams was to establish a permanent strategic "relationship" with Iraq, which most observers interpreted as military bases and a heavy-handed relationship over the Iraqi government and people. However, Dumbya's best laid plans for such a future relationship, much like those for the original occupation, seem, uh, half-baked. The Shiite majority in Iraq is showing its opposition in the form of large street demonstrations. As such a strategic pact nears completion, expect the demonstrations to grow and new violence to erupt.

Also, having a Western power - - a predominantly Christian one at that - - establish a permanent presence in the heart of the Arab world would seem to be just the action that al Qaeda would love to exploit for recruiting throughout the Muslim world.

Is January 2009 here yet?

(photo: Abu ben-Bushie, great Middle Eastern strategic thinker, and future ruler of Iraq)

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