Saturday, November 21, 2020

Salting The Earth, Trump-Style, Cont'd.

Aside from crippling the incoming Biden Administration's transition efforts, bitter demagogue and sociopath Donald "Mango Mussolini" Trump and his corrupt enablers have been "salting the earth" to make the next President's life as difficult as possible, especially regarding the pandemic. From the abrupt, Taliban-friendly troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, to clawing back COVID-19 relief funds from the Federal Reserve, to opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, Trump's despicable actions are driven by his anger at the election results.

Now, with the connivance of the corrupt and despicable Republican Senate leader Moscow Mitch McConnell, Trump is pushing through last-minute judicial appointments that will bolster the rightward tilt of the Federal judiciary. Since the election that handed Trump a decisive defeat, six Federal District Court judges have been confirmed, and two Circuit Court of Appeals judges are pending, including one to backfill rushed-through Amy Coney Barrett's seat on the Seventh Circuit. True to form, McConnell and Trump are violating 123 years of precedent of not filling Federal Court vacancies in the lame duck period after an incumbent President has lost the election. If you want a sure sign that Trump and his Senate enablers know he lost the election, just watch their cynical moves over the next 60 days to sabotage President-elect Biden.

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