Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wingnuts Bemoan Obama's Victory

As to be expected, the hard right blogosphere is in furious spinning mode after Tuesday's decisive win by President-elect Obama (that has a nice ring to it). The 101st Fighting Keyboarders are brushing the Cheetos dust off their fingers, asking their moms not to disturb them in the basement, and getting ready for 4 years of battle with the Godless Socialist enemy by stockpiling Mountain Dew.

Honest appraisals of why American voters turned against the Rethug brand are for wussies, they believe. They know why. The Rethugs weren't viciously right wing enough; some cross-burnings and a treason trial or two would have helped. Get a load of some of the "commentary" that's been offered by the wingnuts, and you'll understand that they need to be kept as far away from civil society as possible.

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