Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tweety, Mothertucker are MSNBC's Bottomfeeders

Seems Tweety has let his "Slimeball", er "Hardball" producer, Tammy Haddad, go. Tweety's show is #3 out of 4 primetime MSNBC programs (our man Keith Olbermann is #1, followed by Dan Abrams, then Tweety, and last but certainly least Mothertucker Carlson. Maybe the cheap suits at MSNBC will figure out that the sleazy, snarky duo are not exactly what the MSNBC audience is looking for (after all, there already is a Fox Opinion Network to serve as the GOP's cable media outlet). Please, please drop these two vile growths on your network's heinie!

Note to the dolts at CNN: the above also goes for the execrable Glenn Beck, who is also so low in the primetime ratings he barely rates a mention. For the sake of what little dignity and honor you have left...

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