Sunday, November 25, 2007

Troubles In Rethug City

The Huffington Post has a couple of amusing items to pass along. First, Fred "Foghorn" Thompson got in a snit on Fux News Sunday when some negative commentary from wingnuts Fred Barnes and Charles Krap-hammer was shown. He knows that Fux is squarely in Rudy Toot Tooty's corner, and will skew their programs to help the Mayor of 9/11. Foghorn was, to say the least, indignant and let the smarmy Chris Wallace know it. Heh heh, love it.

The second item reports that Fux fave Rudy is having trouble drawing crowds in New Hampshire, where he has been focusing his efforts. NBC reports that a couple of dozen supporters showed up for a rally in Manchester - - "Kucinich-size crowds" - -and that the mainstream media is beginning to notice. Again, heh heh, love it.

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