Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dems Enter Silly Season

Exhibit A: Desperate to get traction, Sens. Obama and Dodd took a remark of former President Clinton's and tried to parlay it into a campaign kerfuffle. Clinton, who was clearly referring to Rethugs' and the MSM nimrods' impact on the 2000 and 2004 elections said he "had the feeling that at the end of that last debate we were about to get into cutesy-land again... We saw what happened the last seven years when we made decisions in elections based on trivial matters. When we listened to people make snide comments about whether Vice President Gore was too stiff [eg., MoDo, Tweety]. And when they made dishonest claims about the things that he said about all he'd done in his life [ditto]. When that scandalous Swift-boat ad was run against Senator Kerry." Obama's campaign tried to turn this into Clinton purportedly attacking his wife's rivals, while Dodd echoed the same theme. Good God, if these pissant tactics come back as Rethug tv ads in 2008, we will know which short-sighted pols we can blame.

Exhibit B: Rep. Dennis "Teeny Weeny" Kucinich introduced an 18-page, rambling resolution on the House floor yesterday calling for the impeachment of Dead Eye Dick. While that's the least punishment we can think of for Dead Eye (something involving waterboarding and electric wires comes to mind), Kucinich knows his own party's leadership has said impeachment was off the table and wouldn't be considered. Thus, Teeny Weeny knew full well his move was only for the purpose of garnering a few minutes of desperately-needed air time for his nearly imperceptible campaign. Who would benefit from such a fruitless waste of the House's time? Hmm.. let's see who supported Teeny Weeny in his effort... why it's the Rethugs, who would have liked nothing better than to have a silly debate in front of the cameras and then get their talking points out saying, "See how the Democrats have been captured by the moonbats? They're wasting time on this when they could be doing the people's business."

Exhibits A and B show what happens when ambition and poor judgment rule over the good of the party, and the country.

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