Thursday, January 11, 2007

Right and Wrong: "Defeatocrats" or "Rebunglecans"?

Well, the right-wing asshats have coalesced around a "new way forward." No, not Bush's "new" Iraq strategery (although they certainly have done that). We're referring to the wingnuts' predictable ploy of painting Democratic opposition to the escalation in Iraq as "defeatism." Chickenhawk Field Marshal Hannity (Enema of the State) is pushing this line particularly hard.

Setting aside the fact that a growing number of Congressional Republicans are also lining up against the escalation, let's step back and remember who and what may have led to our, shall we say, lack of success in Iraq? Could it have been the arrogance and incompetence of Bush and his neo-conservative stalwarts in prosecuting a war of choice based on false premises? Could it have been the lack of critical oversight by a Republican Congress, and the failure to hold the Administration accountable for its catastrophic decisions over the past four years? All the while, the right-wing numbnut chorus was cheering them on, cheerfully lableing all who questioned them soft on terrorism and defeatist.

So, before the assorted asshats and lying Chickenhawk Field Marshals try to turn Iraq into a defeat fostered by Democrats, let's refresh the collective memory and remember whose incompetence, arrogance, willing blindness, and abiding party-uber-alles hackery brought us to this miserable, tragic pass: "Rebunglecans."

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