Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scooter & The Shooter: Suborning Perjury?

The National Journal's Murray Waas has an interesting analysis of a discussion between Scooter Libby and his former boss, Dead Eye Dick Cheney, that may lay the groundwork for a subornation of perjury charge against the VP. As Waas notes, when Libby trotted out his cover story about getting gossip about Plame from Tim Russert, "the vice president already had reason to know that Libby's account to him was untrue. . .yet Cheney did nothing to discurage Libby from telling that story to the FBI and the federal grand jury." There's more, and it's beginning to look like the Libby trial is just the beginning. Underlying question: why was Cheney so obsessed with discrediting Joseph Wilson's claim that Iraq was not seeking uranium cake from Niger? Likely answer: the claim would help unravel the Administration's deceit about Iraq's possession of WMD, etc. that led us to war.

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