Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chimpy Throws Down the Gauntlet

Presidunce Bust threw down the gauntlet to Democrats tonight, simultaneously attempting to spin the confrontation over allowing his top aides to testify under oath as pure partisanship (the Dems) vs. high minded principle (the Bust protecting executive privilege and Turdblossom). Why shouldn't the Dems trust the word of Bust's Brain, the chief political operative and architect of the politics of division (2000- present)? What possible grounds do the Dems have not to believe the White House, 'Berto, and Rethugs in general? What cynicism! What partisanship! Who's responsible for this?! Round up the usual suspects!

Hackwhackers wonders if Bust and the veracity-challenged minions around him ever wish they had credibility enough to fill a gnat's navel. It would have come in handy now.

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