Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Conquering Hero Returns

Our globetrotting Dead Eye Dick Cheney is back from a less than auspicious trip abroad, during which he flailed opponents of the Iraq war, in particular Speaker Pelosi. He was going about his merry business of slandering, when things turned sour in Afghanistan with the bombing at Bagram Air Base. Sidney Blumenthal has a revealing article which suggests that the Taliban may have had a little help from Pakistan's intelligence services in targeting Cheney. The bombing also revealed how much ground the Taliban and al Qaeda have gained in Afghanistan in recent years, thus also puncturing Cheney's conceit that Iraq is the "front line" in the war on terror. Not any more. (Photo: the Onion)

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Brian said...

Why God, why couldn't you cause at least one piece of shrapnel to hit him? Jesus, Allah, whoever, don't miss next time.