Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Consequences of Broderism

With the WaPo editorial position being neocon and usually pro-Administration, it's nice to read the occasional op-ed piece by Harold Meyerson, or Eugene Robinson, or E.J. Dionne for relief. Dionne has a good take on the U.S. attorney scandal and the Bushies' attempt to derail it:

"The Washington conventional wisdom machine always defines "fairness" as a carefully calibrated point exactly between the positions of the two parties, no matter how outrageous one of the parties might be. By making ludicrous demands on Congress. . .Bush will encourage supposedly moderate voices to call for 'compromises' that are really administration victories."

Washington Press Corpse Dean David Broder, of course, subscribes to the "meet me in the middle" philosophy, which usually puts him just to the left of a Rethug precinct captain in Wyoming.

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