Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Decider's Diario

Condi and me are just wrappin up our Latin America trip. We're visitin with El Presidente Calderon, who was elected just like me--by a bunch of cronies. Heh heh. Hang in there, Felipe!! Possession is... ten-ninths... 44/100 %... the law... uh... the Supreme Court is a wonderful thing!

Message: "We care." See, we care so much about our little Latin brothers that we want them to do more on their own. Tough love. Tough! We didn't cut their aid over the last 6 years, we redeployed it to surge elsewhere! Besides, I don't think it was very neighborly of them to fumigate after we visited one place (see below - ed.).

Condi and I were also checkin out the state of our extra -- what's the word?-- extradition treaties down there. We know Dead Eye is already measurin the drapes for his suite in Dubai. We just wanted to get goin on our Plan B, too.

Poppy gave us a little scare on Sunday! Truth is, he don't know his own limitations -- hurling on the Jap prime minister, jumpin out of a plane after hip replacement, now playin golf in Palm Springs in 94 degree heat. Heh heh, man's got more testosterone than sense!

It seems nobody misses me in Washington. It's like they don't know I'm away. See, Turd Blossom thought this trip would help change the subject, as he puts it. Now, him and 'Berto are in deep guacamole over them U.S. Attorney firings. At this rate, my legacy will have to rely 100% on my glorious success in Iraq. Well, so be it!

My brain's sore from all this writin, so I'll just say Hasta la vista, baby!!

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