Friday, March 9, 2007

What A Difference Two Days Make

Wingnut ubercommandante Michelle Malkin wrote in her blog on March 6
"Should CPAC organizers be embarrassed if the rumors about (Matt Sanchez's) alleged porn star past are true? Well, yes. Next time, they should do more extensive background research before handing out an honor with Jean Kirkpatrick's name on it."

Then, Malkin on March 8:
"Well the rumors are true. But it is neither CPAC nor Cpl. Sanchez who should feel embarrassed."

OK, so CPAC should have been embarrassed then, but not now? The difference being that wingnuts are trying to spin this debacle as an antidote to the truly embarrassing personal smear of former Sen. John Edwards by (m)Ann Coulter at last week's CPAC cult gathering. Never apologize, never explain, never let facts get in the way of the reich wing message.

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