Monday, May 7, 2007

The Decider's Diary

Well, my numbers are down to 28%, not that I care about polls. I'm the Decider! That's my job and it's hard work! I am having an identity crisis, sorta. See, I'm wondering if I should be the Decider, the Action Officer, or the Commander Guy. My base wants "Strong Man" or "Dictator," but those might be a little harsh. Let me know what you think... and I'll do what I want to do anyway (heh, heh -- just a little jab for any Defeatocrats reading this).

I still have to figure out who'll be my War Czar (hey, that's not bad -- maybe I can be the Czar Czar?!). That guy with the big, empty head... Gingrich... thinks red tape in Washington is the biggest obstacle to winning in Iraq. I quote, "The problem is not broad strategy and policy, it's that the bureaucracy is so inefficient..." End of quotation. That Newtie, he's a card! Heh, heh.

Did you see me and Laura on "American Idol?" That got us a lot of points with the twins. I don't watch it anymore now that Sanjaya fella is gone. I liked him and his funny hairdos! I overheard Mitch McConnell telling Lindsay Graham that he wanted to make Sanjaya his bitch. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure it's wholesome fun even though it sounds kinda weird!

Well, I gotta get ready for the Queen tonight, take a bath, be on my best behavior. I hear she was a little offended that last time I saw her over in England when I tried out a "pull my finger" joke on her. I can't believe she hadn't heard of those jokes before! Anyway, I told her that was my Weapon of Mass Destruction! Heh, heh! Then she pulled a Poppy and vomited! Oh well, at least my base understands me!

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