Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wolfie for Mayor!

It's nice to know that the Rethuglicans look after their own. Congressman Walter Jones has suggested that Paul "Socks" Wolfowitz be appointed as a mayor in Iraq, now that he's looking for work. What better way to recognize Socks' contribution as an architect of the Iraq war than to let him help "fix" the problems there? He could roam the streets of Baghdad and reassure the citizens that the surge is working, while ducking live fire. Or confront the Mahdi army with his steely gaze before they blindfold him. Or establish the Iraqi Likud Party, along with Richard Perle. Or shack up with another A-rab lady, now that he and his old girlfriend, Shaha "Ha Ha" Riza, have split. Wolfie for Mayor! That's the ticket!

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