Friday, July 27, 2007


Sidney Blumenthal's current article in Salon details the unfolding strategy of the Bush Assministration and its wingnut media Wurlitzer to blame its failures in Iraq on "backstabbers" at home. Leading the charge for the Assministration is Dumbya himself, ably assisted by President Cheney. The current campaign to portray the Iraq insurgency as fully controlled by al Qaeda in Iraq is one of the themes being used in this strategy. Thus, the recent Edelman letter to Sen. Clinton equating dissent from Dumbya to aiding the enemy, and the smears that war critics are against the troops. All of this, despite the fact that for 5 years, Dumbya got virtually everything he asked Congress for, even the Congress in the past 7 months controlled by Democrats. National Intelligence Estimates tell us that his misadventure in Iraq has weakened the U.S.'s battle against al Qaeda, not strengthened it. Dumbya turned his attention from Afghanistan, and swung his fist at the hornet's nest of Iraq to settle a score left over from his Daddy's term. But he's not to blame for his failure. Not this one, and none of the failures in his past.

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