Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Milking Of 9/11

A California fundraiser for Rethuglican Presidential candidate Rudy "Dig My Dress" Giuliani is backtracking after planning an event asking that each attendee contribute $9.11. Classy. Abraham "D'oh" Sofaer, a former Reagan official, had the brainstorm. Of course, this is just one tacky example of the Giuliani campaign's attempt to convert his positive public image during and after 9/11 into political hay. Word is that as the primaries approach, a coalition of 9/11 victims and firefighters - - including the former Deputy Chief of the NYFD - - will be making appeals to the public not to support this jerk. A key problem: he dragged his feet for years failing to get the proper radio equipment to police and firefighters, and he insisted on locating the city's emergency command center in World Trade 7, against the repeated objections of his public safety leaders. That's the major reason why he was roaming the streets on 9/11: his command center was destroyed.

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