Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why Do The Neocons Hate The Troops?

Glenn Greenwald has a great takedown of the neoconservative cowards who push for expanded war in Iraq and a new war in Iran, without having to put their lives at risk by serving in the military. Fred Kagan, and the Kagan Klan, Wee Willie Kristol, and others are now fighting against a proposal by Sen. Jim Webb, a Marine veteran and father of a soldier serving in Iraq, to allow sufficient "dwell time" for soldiers returning from Iraq to be with their families before being redeployed. What's Fred Kagan's solution to giving the troops more down time at home? "Win the war we're fighting." Of course the "we" doesn't include this brave chickenhawk and his neocon associates, who have always viewed wars from afar, fought by others' spouses and children.

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