Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rethug Sex Blotter - Part 72,349

We promise we're not overlooking cases of Democratic politico hypocrisy, peccadillos, and outright crimes. It's just that, well, it seems that Rethug pols have a monopoly on the market these days. The latest example? State Del. Robert A. McKee, long-time Rethug delegate from Western Maryland who seems to have a thang for child porn, even though he's sponsored legislation to protect minors from sexual predators (unlike himself, no doubt). Following a police search of his residence, McKee resigned his position in the Maryland House. McKee, 58, also worked for 29 years in the child mentorship program in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Washington County, MD, most recently as its executive director. Following the well-worn path of those seeking to mitigate the harsh hand of the law, McKee has announced he's "entered treatment" and is calling for the "prayers of my family and friends." We will charitably offer the same advice we've offered to numerous other Rethugs who've been found wanting in the morals arena (sex division): don't bend over to pick up the soap in the prison showers!

(Photo: McKee with (need we say it?) porno 'stache.)

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