Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doug Schoen, Concern Troll Wanker

If you were in a deep hole, "pollster" Doug Schoen's advice would undoubtedly be "Keep on digging!!" That pretty much sums up the advice the former advisor to Bubba Clinton is offering Hill's campaign in this dopey op/ed in today's WaPo. Schoen, the "estranged" partner of Uberass Mark Penn in the p.r. firm Penn, Schoen, and Berland, is an acolyte of the Penn/Rove scorched earth, stay negative, win-at-any-cost playbook. TPM has a scathing analysis of Schoen's op/ed and modus operandi. Memo to Schoen: check out the polls reported on page A6 of the same paper your op/ed appears in to see how well her negative campaigning has been going. (Schoen, we might add, is thought to be in league with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the independent party movement of this past fall/winter, so he has nothing to lose and something to gain by telling Democrats to "keep digging.")

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