Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"What Does Hillary Want?"

That's the question Sen. Clinton posed to her faithful in her New York speech last night after the final primaries.

Many Democrats were hoping that she would give a magnanimous, graceful speech, conceding that Sen. Obama had garnered enough delegates to win the nomination and that it was time to pull the party back together behind him. It would be an important first step to unifying the party, and to removing some suspicion about her own motives. Did she? No, she wants her supporters to flood her website with e-mails telling her what she should do. Riiiight.

Most of the reviews of her speech saw it as an arrogant denial of Obama's win: "terrific, but utterly ungracious," according to Time. Dana Lithwick wrote, "I guess we should give her credit for the fact that her supporters now look sufficiently angry to set small brushfires." Dana Milbank hit the nail on the head with his article in the Washington Post: "In Defeat, Clinton Graciously Pretends to Win." CNN commentator Jeff Toobin spoke of "the deranged narcisism of the Clintons" who don't know when to leave the stage.

So what does Hillary want? She doesn't appear to want to give Sen. Obama any help, and has put him in a box with her leaked willingness to be his running mate. There's open talk of her placing her career - - and her hubby's rehabilitation - - ahead of the interests of the Democratic Party, and it's harder to argue against that with each passing day.

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