Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lieberloser's Woes

The Huffington Post reports that McSame best friend forever Sen. Joe Lieberloser (Likud - CT) is far less popular among Jewish voters than Sen. Barack Obama. Lieberloser is viewed favorably by only 37 percent, versus 60 percent for Obama, while 48 percent view Lieberloser unfavorably, versus 34 percent for Obama.

Speaking of Lieberloser, he's scheduled to address Pastor John "Hater" Hagee's "Christian Zionist" wank-fest this week. The pastor is the guy who called the Catholic Church a "whore" and said that God caused Hitler to launch the Holocaust so that Jews would establish Israel. Let's see how his poll numbers do after that appearance.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has more on Lieberloser's embrace of Hagee.

(photo: Lieberloser and McSame contemplate a passionate kiss)

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