Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We're into our fourth day of the faux outrage over Gen. Wesley Clark's response to a loaded question by CBS' Bob Schieffer that flying a jet and getting shot down doesn't qualify you for the Presidency. He had prefaced that response by profusely praising McSame's patriotism and service as a Navy pilot, but the mainstream media had its soundbite and they've twisted it but good.

Davis Rees has a good take on qualifications for various positions in today's Huffington Post. We'd suggest that most of the mainstream media is underqualified for the jobs that they do if they can't see that what General Clark said didn't "call into question the military service" of McSame. Clark, a highly decorated Vietnam vet himself, would be the last person to do so. But it's to the economic advantage of the media to stir up "controversy" in every comment, and to magnify "gaffes". The American public deserves better.

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