Friday, August 22, 2008

Timetables? Oh Yeah, Those Timetables

The NY Times reports that a draft agreement has been reached that would remove our troops from Iraqi cities by June 2009 and from the rest of Iraq by 2011. Just recently, the Bushit Assministration and McSame were saying that setting a timetable for withdrawal was tantamount to calling for "defeat." That was before Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki broke ranks and said Sen. Obama's timetable of 16 months was about right. Then, McSame questioned Sen. Obama's loyalty by saying that he'd rather win a campaign than "victory" in Iraq. So while it looks like this game is up for McSame, undoubtedly he'll keep yammering about the surge and how wise he was. But how wise was he to approve a diversion of our forces to invade Iraq on a wild goose chase when the job against al Qaeda remains unfinished in an increasingly dangerous Afghanistan?

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