Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rethuglican Treachery

Reports are swirling that the Rethuglican National Committee sent ads to the media on Monday morning - - before the failure of the bailout vote - - wrongly presuming the bill would pass the House. It didn't, of course, and the Rethug message in the ads was clearly "the Dems are at fault", wasting your taxpayer dollars. They assumed that the bill would pass with few Democratic dissenters (not true), and that most of the Rethug votes would oppose the bill (true, despite McLame's bragging that morning that he had "won" the day - - oops!). In other words, instead of trying to resolve the crisis that their laissez faire, cut-the-regulations financial policies had brought about, they chose to lay back and let the Dems try to explain why this had to pass, ugly as it was, to save the financial and credit markets.

Now the question is how deep and how long the coming severe recession will be. It shouldn't be about who is to blame.

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