Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Guide To Rethug Voter Suppression

Voter suppression is denying a legitimate citizen his or her right to vote. In recent elections, this has been a Rethuglican tactic to minimize votes in Democratic precincts, and it ranges from distributing fake "voter information" in minority neighborhoods (Virginia) to purging voter registration lists for people whose homes have been foreclosed (Michigan). It's deeply un-American and anti-democratic to deny citizens rights that were guaranteed under the Constitution and paid for by our troops in wars. It's funny how you're not hearing about this in our stellar mainstream media as much as the phony ACORN drama.

Talking Points Memo has a guide to current attempts by Rethugs to deny registered voters their right to vote. This is not about ACORN canvassers turning in registrations for "Mickey Mouse" or "Fred's Tavern" (see our post of October 22), because "Mickey Mouse" won't be showing up to actually vote. This is about what happens when legitimate voters try to cast their votes and are denied. It's chilling, and it's one more reason not to be intimidated by these cynical thugs, who are going down to defeat on Nov. 4.

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