Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post Debate Results

The verdict from viewers on last night's Presidential debate/townhall meeting shows Sen. Obama clearly won. Some numbers:

-- Obama won the debate by a margin of 54 to 30;

-- As to who seemed to show the most leadership, Obama won 54 to 43;

-- Obama won on who can best handle the economy, 59 to 37.

The last number is particularly significant, because voters have the economic crisis as their number one issue, and McNasty is increasingly viewed as connected with the problem and not the solution.

There was also a moment when McNasty referred to Sen. Obama as "that one," pointing to but not looking at Obama. Commentators at MSNBC and CNN brought that incident up, saying that it was a significant blunder by McNasty, who needs undecided independents that are turned off by that kind of behavior.

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