Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Georgia Loves Yellow Elephants

The Senate runoff election in Georgia was won by the despicable Saxby "Sucks Be" Chambliss, over Democratic state senator Jim Martin. That makes two Vietnam veterans that the five-draft-deferment Sucks Be has beaten, the first being former Sen. Max Cleland who lost three limbs in Vietnam. In one of the dirtiest campaigns of 2002, Sucks Be ran TV ads accusing Cleland of being unpatriotic for opposing union-busting in the newly formed Department of Homeland Security. That was even too much for Sens. McCain and Hagel, who denounced Sucks Be.

Bonus: If you want to be truly grossed out, check out Sucks Be's Thanksgiving message, where he gropes his granddaughter toward the end of the ad. Rethug values.

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Brian said...

"Vote for my big daddy"?!?