Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Murder, Inc.

Yesterday's Federal indictments of five Blackwater security employees for manslaughter in connection with the killing of Iraqi civilians in 2007 should be a first step in holding this rogue outfit and their Bushit Assministration handlers to account. Unfortunately, that may not happen, at least not soon. Reading the linked account of the slaughter in Baghdad's Nisoor Square is gut-wrenching: children and people shot with their arms raised.

The head of Blackwater Worldwide, the smug and wealthy Bush contributor Eric Prince, believes his company is well-protected, since his mercenaries were immune from prosecution by Iraqi courts (a condition that will change January 1). But chinks in Prince's armor may be developing: a sixth employee is cooperating with Federal officials, and may provide evidence needed to bring an out-of-control private army and its leaders to justice.

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