Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Too Many Hustles?

There's a report from NBC News in Chicago that Jesse Jackson, Sr. has retained legal counsel in the Blagojevich scandal. The U.S. attorney's criminal complaint identified a "Candidate #5" that seemed to fit the description of Jackson's son, congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., and indicated that an "emissary" had promised Blagojevich money in return for "Candidate #5" getting the Obama's soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat. Would we be surprised if Jesse Sr., called a racial shakedown artist by his detractors, was the emissary or the person behind the emissary? Sadly, not so much, especially now that he's lawyered up. This would be particularly ironic, since last July, Jackson, Sr. was overheard saying he wanted to "cut (Obama's) nuts off" for "talking down to black people" -- meaning probably Jackson himself.

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