Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wooly's Struggle With The Gas Pump

We saw this account of former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul "Wooly" Wolfowitz's problem at a DC gas station. After filling up his BMW (natch), he failed to remove the nozzle of the gas pump from his tank, snapping the nozzle off of the hose as he started to pull away. Wooly stopped, closed the cap to his tank, and drove away without saying a damn thing to the gas station manager. (Through a representative, he claimed he stopped and talked to the gas station manager, but we know Wooly's reputation for fabricating things).

All of this reminds us of his lack of concern for the immense damage he and his fellow neocons caused our military and their families, Iraqi civilians, and our alliances. He initially "drove away" from the Pentagon to the World Bank, where he was forced out after giving his girlfriend, Shaha "Ha Ha" Riza a cushy job there. Keep driving, Wooly. You're a car wreck waiting to happen.

(photo: Wooly picks his brains)

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